“Free Love” always ends with “Violent Racists”

“Free Love” always ends with “Violent Racists”

Apparently my Dad was right. 

Way back when, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, he predicted that given the direction society was headed, this country would be morally and fiscally bankrupt within 50 years.  I believe his exact words were (as I rolled my eyes): “we’re going to hell in a hand basket”. 

I just thought he hated hippies and Jane Fonda. 

Now that he’s in his late 80’s and his previously semi-hippie daughter has outgrown her early preoccupation with Greenpeace, Eric Clapton, Patchouli and arguing with him, I asked my dad how he feels when he reads about the atrocities committed by mere children.

My dad:

“No damn parenting!  Their parents are too damn lazy and stupid to BE parents!  This all started with the hippies and “free love”….all these animals have grown up not knowing the first damn thing about discipline, work, respect, or caring about their fellow man!   There’s no shame anymore…these damn kids get away with it because this country is too damn afraid of them!  Hell… those kids are not the rare exception….they are everywhere, and they are allowed and encouraged by liberal thinking!”

I agree.

Turns out that there are many nasty by-products when little Zane and little Chloe are allowed to run wild and do as they please.  No, they don’t grow up more creative or productive. They don’t become artists or even happy.  The closest brush with their idea of success is filling out applications to be on a celebrity reality show.  They “hook-up” and they steal.  They are ignorant and yet imagine they are incredibly clever.  They grow up to be pretty much….dumb animals.  Operating only on sensory impulse and a wild and thoughtless desire to fill an aching emptiness with idolatry, sex, drugs, mayhem, violence, and murder. 

It also turns out this country is brimming with special snowflakes, aided and abetted by parents who have been too afraid, too lazy, too full of cultural rot and idolatry to raise good  men and women.  These “parents” themselves are children of other “parents” who adopted and followed a blossoming doctrine of doing what “feels” good; a faithless, confusing doctrine that has jumbled permissiveness, psycho-babble, selfishness, greed, and sloth.  With the nodding acceptance and encouragement of progressives and leftist liberals.  They are the spawn and grand-spawn of the “free love” crowd from the 1960’s. 

And it didn’t even take 50 years. 

And when animals are governed by liberal and leftist policy, it gets worse.  They are funded by socialist programs, thereby removing any incentive there may have been to actually work and be responsible.  They are mesmerized by the most racist leaders this country has ever had who join them in blaming others and excusing bad behavior with “social” programs.   They are never ostracized or shamed.  They are three, maybe four generations gone, gone, gone…products of a family tree producing rotted fruit. 

I am so overwhelmingly grateful that even though I went through a rebellious “stage”, my parents were tough, strong, and loving.  When I got through posturing in all my liberal Ken Kesey glory, I was essentially the same girl raised by consistent and devoted parents.  I grew up.  Hard work, that… but it’s real “self-actualization”. 

And I am sad and horrified that many young men and women will never recover from their own rebellion.  They continue to be hopelessly unaware, lazy, selfish; wallowing in the soup of liberal permissiveness and excuse.  They are even glorified.  They never grow up.  Because there parents were the same or worse.  How sad is that?  And what a waste.  And I lay it all down at the feet of rampant liberalism. 

Unless this country totally and completely rejects any and all leftist, liberal, progressive, or whatever you want to call the permissive and immature politics of the “special snowflakes”, we are cooked.  Right now, I’m still hopeful.  I personally have wonderful, mature, hard-working kids who are raising tiny versions of that.  And I know and know about, many more terrific young adults who are determined to take back our society and our country.  Regardless of how depressing and discouraging it is, when I think of how it could end up for my grandchildren….well….here I am….blogging for a conservative blog.   It’s a small thing, but I like to think it helps.   Every one of you reading this has a contribution to make.  Think about what yours could be. 

I don’t want my Dad to be totally right.  Because Eric Clapton is still awesome.

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  • rah says:

    Even Eric Clapton grew up, hon.

  • mike says:

    Nice post. I wonder what your Dad thinks will be the outcome of all that we see right now. Not just socially, but financially with the enormous debt growing incredibly fast and around the world with this global recession failing to employ enough. I’ve spoken with 80s guys who think it will take revolution of some sort to bring sense back to governance and society, if it is at all possible at this late hour.

  • RKae says:

    What a spot-on essay! I keep thinking of John Glenn’s line in “The Right Stuff”: “We need to keep our pants zipped and our wicks dry!”

    Only a love of controlled behavior can save us. So in other words, we’re doomed.

    Clapton’s OK, but he’s no Steve Howe!

  • Bob Weiniger says:

    It seems both our dads were right in the end! I’m forever grateful they didn’t ‘give up on us’, and just waited until our rebellious liberal phase burned itself out, and we were once again receptive to their great affection and wisdom. My father is now gone 13 years, and though I miss him every day, I know he would be inconsolably appalled to see what has become of American ‘society’ and the country he so loved.

  • donna whitlock says:

    Found your website- love it. We’re gonna turn this ship around !

  • Merle says:

    Great job!

    As far as a turnaround I’m beginning to wonder if it is possible without some SERIOUS events taking place. I hope it doesn’t, but I wonder if the (probable) pending economic collapse will count as a SHTF event & weed out those types who won’t contribute.

  • Laureen says:

    Right on, Catherine. As I read your post this morning, I thought of so many people that need to read this . . . sadly, they won’t see themselves if they did read it. It’s a special snowflake bubble.

  • Blue says:

    I can soooo relate. 🙂

  • michael says:

    Catherine – We are true peers in many ways, and I think there are many of us – though unfortunately not evenclose to a majority, even of our generation. Thank you for sharing and saying so well what many of us think, and how we arrived at this thinking as we “grew up”. Never give up hope that speaking-up and speaking-out will change minds, hearts and lives. Have faith that at least a few, whom you will probably never know of, will become better people because of your example and words.
    PS – Isn’t it amazing how much smarter our parents become as we age? Remember thinking, when I was a teenager, that it was amazing my parents had managed to live so long – considering how dumb they were. Oh, and my dad still thinks Clapton is one of those loud obnoxious screechers and, “not music”, no matter how The Master has matured and become more melodius.

  • What you need, comrade mugged-by-reality, is a good dose of The People’s Cube.  Political satire for the masses.  Because a state approved clown is the only clown allowed to yuck it up anymore.

  • F.D.R. in Hell says:

    World War Two helped turn around high unemployment in the 1940s.
    Let’s see what benefits World War Three brings.
    Meanwhile, “Let not your heart be troubled.” 😉

  • Eleanor in Hell says:

    Franklin, try contributing positive, why don’t you?
    For example:

    ** Father – Through A Child’s Eyes **

    5 years old: “My father knows everything.”

    10 years old: “My father knows quite a lot.”

    15 years old: “I know as much as my father does.”

    20 years old: “To tell the truth, my father does not know anything.”

    30 years old: “Nevertheless, my father knows something.”

    40 years old: “It would be fine if I consulted my father.”

    50 years old: “My father knows everything.”

    60 years old: “If only my father were alive and I could consult him about this and that. I should have appreciated him properly when he was alive.”

  • Jen says:

    Well, anyone have any comments about Miley Cyrus’ porno performance last night?
    I think Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s faces and those of their kids says it all.
    I would bet that after a day or so, the Hollywood libs will be defending her right to her artistry to the ends of the earth. After all, she is only trying to trump Gaga(Gaga’s father is quoted as saying , after attending a performance for the first time, ” I believe she does have a screw loose”)

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