FLOTUS And Fauci, Angels Of Harlem

FLOTUS And Fauci, Angels Of Harlem

FLOTUS And Fauci, Angels Of Harlem

It’s not every day a COVID-19 vaccination site gets a visit from two doctors (cough), but this New York church, doubling as a vaccination site, was lucky enough (cough again) to be in the presence of FLOTUS, Jill Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday afternoon.

The dynamic duo arrived Abyssinian Baptist Church late yesterday afternoon to make a push to the community to get vaccinated. This church is one of several city houses of worship doubling as inoculation sites in recent months. FLOTUS donned her color-coordinated mask of choice and Fauci, despite wanting to keep a low profile and not wanting to be on TV, said a few words because, well, we know Dr. Anthony Fauci wants and loves to be on TV.

We’re going to end this outbreak with absolute certainty and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination. And that’s why I’m so impressed by being here and so honored to be here.”-Dr. Anthony Fauci

That’s funny, Tony. And it’s very unfortunate that this outbreak landed on our shores in the first place, isn’t it, Dr. Fauci?

Yes, it’s also unfortunate that we lost so many people. But, go ahead, Dr. Fauci. Act like you’re honored to be in Harlem with FLOTUS encouraging the community to “do the right thing”. I suppose I do not have any sympathy for the “poor Anthony Fauci crowd. His book just got pulled from Amazon. It’s no accident he shows up in the public eye a few days afterwards. The showboating doctor has to do something to remain a household name. A vaccination site at a church in Harlem? Sure. Why not? We’re sure he could generate some “modest collaboration” with the New York community in “doing the right thing”. Last I heard and looked, there is nothing modest about Anthony Fauci. After all, FLOTUS DID introduce him as “the man, the myth, the legend”.

Yep. We’re sure lots of e-mails to and from this man, once probed and uncovered, will indeed be legendary, Dr. Jill.

The angels of Harlem, FLOTUS and Fauci, remained onsite for about 40 minutes while about 15 people received their COVID-19 vaccines, to include 92 year-old, Annette Gausney, who was getting the shot at the urging of her grandson, Shareif Jones. FLOTUS and Fauci are the golden saints, wearing their (useless) masks whilst shaking hands! (On a side note: good. Can we get back to handshakes now? Because those elbow-bumps are lame.)

FLOTUS even offered her hand to one 14 year-old boy who was getting the jab. He answered with an emphatic “no”. Biden called him a “tough one”.

You’re 14 so you’re exactly who we’re going for. We definitely want [people] 12 and over to get vaccinated.”-Jill Biden

Jill Biden encouraged the “faith community” to get the word out about being vaccinated, and the pair turned away from the cameras. Of course they did not entertain questions from the press afterwards. Why the hell would they do that? Trust the science, wear your mask even though it is now okay to shake and hold hands, get your two jabs in the arm. Be good American citizens, shut up and don’t ask any questions.

FLOTUS and Fauci, masked warriors of the COVID-19 pandemic and cheerleaders for vaccines left unscathed with their security detail as protestors outside of Abyssinian Baptist Church railed against Fauci, slamming his handling of the pandemic and calling for his arrest.

He’s not wrong.

Gain-of-function research: the serial passaging of microorganisms to increase their transmissibility, virulence, immunogenicity, and host tropism by applying selective pressure to a culture.”-Michael Greenwood, M.Sc., Medical Life Sciences News

Why so much funding towards this particular research, Dr. Fauci? But we suppose this is okay, right doc? I mean, you’ve had these relationships with these scientists for years. Trust the Chinese. Trust us, he says. And we wait. FLOTUS and Fauci may be the Angels of Harlem by day but we hope the devil lies in the details of days to come.

Photo Credit: Marco Verch/FlickR/Creative Commons/CC BY 2.0/Cropped

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