Feminism: Why The West Is Silent On Iran

Feminism: Why The West Is Silent On Iran

Feminism: Why The West Is Silent On Iran

We will attempt, once again today, to illustrate how feminism in the West has lost its way. Today, we look back on this very day in 1983, where 10 women from the ages of 17 to 57 years old were hung in an Iranian prison.

Why were they given such a horrific death sentence? Because these women were members of The Bahai Faith. They were told to renounce their religion or die. The Washington Examiner‘s Joseph D’Souza, provided an interesting commentary on the silence this past weekend:

Iranian women face daily threats of violence. More than 50 girls schools across Iran have suffered from apparent poisonings. Just last week, Iran put on trial the brave female reporters who visited Mahsa Amini in prison and told the whole world what the regime had done to her.

Women in the West have rightly asserted their own dignity and rights for decades. Can those same women not raise their voices louder in support of Iranian women and their quest for the same rights and dignity?

They must forcefully call on their governments not only to speak up but to take action on behalf of Iranian women. Tweets are not enough. They don’t create justice, tolerance, harmony, and human rights.”-Joseph D’Souza, The Washington Examiner

Was The Morality Police disbanded or is it still alive and well in Iran? Take a look:

Women are still protesting in Iran. The violence is still happening. According to this from PBS, The Iranian government has detained over 20,000 protesters and killed more than 500, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group that has been tracking the movement. Since November, a string of suspected poisonings has taken place at more than 50 girls’ schools across the country. Iran has also since banned women who refuse to wear the hijab from health and education services.

But in our “educated” country, our Land of Opportunity, our brand of “feminism” looks different. The plight of Iranian women and women in other, oppressive cultures is largely ignored. Why? Because Western feminists are a bunch of narcissistic twits who can’t be bothered to face the inconvenient truths of what is happening in the world around them.

Feminism in America looks different. Our “champions” of feminism have their priorities, you see. American feminists are, indeed, “fighting the good fight”. They idolize Margaret Sanger and RBG. After all, it is very important that they have the opportunity to pursue their careers in acting or modeling without having to put their bodies through the oppressive havoc of a pregnancy. This is equally important if they are in the middle of college and pursuing a useless Gender Studies degree. They must have the opportunity to self love and kill off their unwanted children after a one-night stand with a deadbeat. It is very important and imperative to the advancement of Feminism for them to tell their stories of “hardship” and then of “freedom”.

Yes, feminism in America looks different. The “champions” fight for equal pay on the big screen. They’re worth it, you see. And the ones that have the microphones and the podiums, who chose to have their children, will talk about their rights to transition these children who question their gender identities at a tender, young age. They are fierce advocates for this and will fight our “oppressive” system to make sure this (dysfunction) keeps happening. This is the “real world”, according to our elite feminists. They can’t be bothered to think about Iranian women being denied healthcare and education or being hung in prisons. The fight is here on our soil.

Yes, feminism in America looks different. Feminists will post the pride-progress-trans-pride stickers proudly on their Subarus and in their classrooms. They will happily step aside and let a guy in a dress take their position in the workplace. They will let said man in a dress use their restroom and be sub-par at his job performance for fear of repercussions should they complain. He, the trans-woman, is the marginalized person, they will say. They will say these guys in dresses are “women”, too. They will recite platitudes upon platitudes and believe this foolery. They will let predators into school restrooms and locker rooms with other young women. Why? Because senile old men who they cast their vote for will tell them that this is gospel truth; that this is necessary “progress”. They will call other women hateful, bigots who oppose allowing predators in locker rooms or who do the unthinkable-tell these delusional women that the guy in a dress indeed has a penis.

Ultimately, we must take hope in the human spirit. Human dignity can never be suppressed indefinitely. One way or another, the Iranian regime as it is currently constituted will fail unless there is reform.

When it does, it will be women who played a crucial role in their liberation. Those women should not feel alone. To the extent they wish to be consistent with their own values, and the judgment of history, women in the West must stand by their Iranian peers in their quest for justice.”-Joseph D’Souza, The Washington Examiner

Th self-absorbed narcissism of American Feminism is apparent. These highly-educated women stick with their “tribe” of women with the same, exact view of the world. They believe Christian, Conservative men and the women who love guys like this, are everything that is wrong with America. They will alienate any woman who dares to interrogate their reality. They will draw in to their coloring-book, knitting circles and their gardening groups and their book clubs with women of like minds in an attempt to silence the horrific opposition. They will muse on their ideologies and why they are the superior ones whilst ignorantly sipping the Chardonnay in their white suburbia and straightening out their rainbow-colored lawn signs that tell their neighbors “we are indeed better than you”.

Other women not in the West, to include Iran, will continue to suffer and ultimately, die. And right now, American feminists are so wrapped up in lies. They couldn’t care less.

Photo Credit: mohamed mohamed mahmoud hassan, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain Dedication/Cropped

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  • Scott says:

    Because islam, like transgenders is a preferred “victim” to women…

  • John M Casteel says:

    I think there’s another reason, Lisa. Most feminists are cowards. They’re afraid to show any resistance to looney lefty trash ideas like transgenderism. Can’t be called a bigot now, can they? Anyone who was active in the Title IX fight and also supports the diminishment of women through the trans fiasco is either dumb as a flatworm or truly insane. That is, if they even bother to think about it.

    • Scott says:

      I believe the term is “useful idiots”… Now if I could just remember who coined that term, and what his politics were…..

  • Drew458 says:

    Self-centered indeed. Better for them to play the victim card forever, crying that they deserve the next slice of pie when they already have nearly all of it – a larger pie than their mothers who fought for actual equality and opportunity could ever imagine – than to look at the wider world, to raise their eyes and minds beyond their immediate and close horizons, and take a stand for the other women in the world who have no pie at all. Women who can be beaten, tortured, and killed for even talking about pie.

    One of the worst parts about the Iranian situation is that the women there were once nearly just like them, until the Shah fell and the darkness of fundamental Islam fell on that nation. A truly repressive patriarchy, violent and inflexible. That was only 44 years ago.

    Think it’s much better for women under the Taliban in Afghanistan? Or anywhere “honor killings” are accepted? Or genital mutilation? Or arranged marriages? It isn’t.

    Gosh, remember just a few years ago when everyone was all up in arms about genital mutilation being forced on girls and young women? Now we have “gender affirming medical care” which is as bad or worse. The difference? The new term is done by “choice”, the choice being made by a minor too young to reason, after the impressionable child is brainwashed into believing the twisted narrative, often taught that narrative by their own mothers as well as the school system. So instead of fighting the original evil, they’ve embraced the concept and brought it home in spades.

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