Exxon Bans LGBTQ Pride Flag And Snowflakes Fall

Exxon Bans LGBTQ Pride Flag And Snowflakes Fall

Exxon Bans LGBTQ Pride Flag And Snowflakes Fall

June will be upon us before we know it but it seems Exxon will not be displaying the LGBTQ Pride colors outside its Houston-based headquarters.

According to this, Exxon Mobil Corp decided NOT to fly the Pride flag from its corporate flagpole and this decision has some workers very triggered and upset.

Can you? I mean, can any of us actually afford gas right now?

Don’t want the LGBTQ Pride flag flying outside of your organization? Your kids’ school? Don’t want it tandem to the American Flag on a flagpole? YOU are the problem…you bigot, you Nazi. Exxon is just part of the problem of corporate greed and bigotry, they say. Exxon hates minorities and this gesture only displays how much Exxon hates gay people, apparently.

But it isn’t just the Pride flag that Exxon has banned from flying outside of its headquarters. Exxon has banned all flags of a external political position/orientation in this name of neutrality. I mean, by logical reasoning, if the LGBTQ Pride flag is permitted outside of a corporate building, then why not put up a Gadsden flag? It’s just a question. Imagine the epic meltdowns.

(The) updated flag protocol is intended to clarify the use of the ExxonMobil branded company flag and not intended to diminish our commitment to diversity and support for employee resource groups.”-Tracey Gunnlaugsson, vice president of human resources at Exxon Mobil

The effort, according to one Exxon employee, was “neutrality“. Sounds fair. Sounds sensible. After all, look at what posturing and positioning has done for Disney? Hint: it did not do them any favors, that’s for damn sure.

But it seems as if the LGBTQ community is still majorly upset that Exxon made the decision to not fly their colors in June. It doesn’t matter Exxon offers benefits and discrimination protections to members of the LGBTQ community who work for the corporation.

But protections, accommodations, acknowledgement, compensation and in some cases, special treatment are not good enough. It is no longer good enough to offer unconditional acceptance. Changing the way one uses the English language and tripping over pronouns is not good enough. Letting guys who decide to be women on a whim into restrooms and locker rooms and being forced into silence and not complaining about it is not good enough. Letting men, who claim to be women, WIN and not saying anything for fear of being labeled a “close-minded”, sore-loser is not good enough.

In fact, one must bow to this ideology. The irony is the left does not want Conservatives shoving guns and religion in their faces but they see absolutely nothing wrong with shoving a rainbow flag in the faces of those who may not agree with the ideology or their lifestyle. Being LGBTQ is a lifestyle choice. Should employers discriminate against this choice? Not at all. Should they show neutrality in not showing any special treatment of the LGBTQ community and other groups? You bet.

Despite Exxon’s attempt at neutrality, there will still be those who are angered the company refuses to pledge allegiance to ROYGBIV in June. It could be a turn for the better and hopefully, there will be some awakening after the long, COVID slumber. The corporate sector was not the only sector that has been impacted. Many a classroom across the U.S. has seen the disappearance of our true colors. In fact, some students and educators have been pledging allegiance to the wrong flag for almost two years:

This is teaching our children. She put our nation’s flag in a closet and out-of-sight because it gave her the “creeps”. I’d like to send her and her ugly (and quite cliche for her type), hipster, oversized glasses to a country where they will drag her around by her damn nose ring. Another spoiled, rotten child.

Before you fly a rainbow flag all year, you should first dig out Old Glory. Last I checked, the Red, White and Blue also gives people hope. Ask any immigrant who has come here to flee oppression, racism, discrimination or religious persecution. There are also still some countries that do not tolerate alternative, non-traditional lifestyles and some of these individuals have come here to live their lives free of condemnation. You could also ask any Ukrainian who may be fleeing their country with their families after losing everything to be safe on our soil. I’m sure they see hope when they see our flag.

What this all comes down to is self-worth. We have cultivated a bunch of triggered, insecure, little babies who need a trophy and now a flag for everything to acknowledge their existence and how awesome they are. We have bred a culture of individuals who need constant affirmation and have come to expect it from others regardless of whether they have earned their respect or not. It’s okay, precious, delicate little flowers. The Red, White and Blue will cover you, too. Dust her off and pull her out of the closet you put her in when you came out of it.

Photo Credit: Paul2520, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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  • SenecaGriggs says:

    As Scripture says, “Pride cometh before a fall.” Her video was meant to show how bright and clever she was; it actually showed how foolish and prideful she was. Chickens/Roost

  • Scott says:

    Does anyone need more proof that these mentally ill individuals don’t want equal rights, but rather special rights? This is what happens when you normalize and encourage mental illness instead of treating it.

  • Lewis says:

    The thing that really roasts me, makes me boiling mad still, is that this beautiful rainbow has been co-opted straight from God. I see real glorious rainbows often from my porch and love the thought of the promise. God used a rainbow to promise never again would he send overwhelming water.

    I’m so glad to see the response from these parents and the school, but I think that is an old clip. I recall seeing it before. Still works against her, and them, though, doesn’t it? This time someone noticed and she’s headed to unemployment!

    God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
    No more water,
    Fire next time!

  • 370H55V says:

    Good for ExxonMobil to show some backbone on this issue at least.

    It would have been nice if they had shown some backbone, rather than cave to the re-election to the board of directors the three renegade “Engine No. 1” members put in place last year by the votes of leftwing capitalist shareholders BlackRock, Vanguard, CALPERS, and others of their ilk. I suppose they had to cave in order to keep even more of these green saboteurs from wrecking the company completely.

  • Rockie Knight says:

    I will be finding an Exxon station to get my gas more often, then….assuming they don’t cave.

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