Empty Stadiums: Has the “Woke” Left Killed the Entertainment Industry?

Empty Stadiums: Has the “Woke” Left Killed the Entertainment Industry?

Empty Stadiums: Has the “Woke” Left Killed the Entertainment Industry?

The entertainment industry in on death’s doorstep. With the exception of the 2019 Super Bowl (I couldn’t tell you who won), I haven’t watched professional football in years. It started with the Fidel Castro-worshiping Colin Kaepernick disrespecting our flag, and soon many other players followed suit, slamming the very country that allowed them all the opportunity to become highly-paid professional athletes.

So it was no surprise to me that three weeks after 2019’s opening day, I came across an article that discussed how NFL football stadiums continue to remain pretty empty. Like this one:

So then—being Monday evening, and on a night that in recent years had me planted in front on my tube for three-plus hours—I switched on my TV, wondering if the stadium hosting the Monday Night Football game was equally empty.

It was. At least at kickoff.

Looking out across the stadium, there was a sea of empty red and yellow seats where fans used to sit, cheering on their Redskins. Yes, THOSE Redskins, whose team name the oh-so-woke race-hustlers on the left have tried to strip them of for years. Perhaps they can thank Harry Reid for some of those empty seats:

I can’t tell you whether or not some of those seats filled because I didn’t watch long enough to count. Or care.

Nevertheless, the relatively-empty football stadiums are not an anomaly.

The Emmy Awards—which I believe were televised over the weekend; frankly, I couldn’t care less—reached an all-time low in viewership. As has, in recent years, much of the industry that mostly celebrates itself. People just aren’t flocking to the kinds of entertainment venues that they once did.

Which got me thinking: Why? I mean, besides this, from your favorite Hollywood, severed-head lunatic:

Well, there are lots of reasons. The easiest explanation being that people are short on time, and sometimes money, and thus can’t invest several hours (and several twenty-dollar-bills) into a sporting event, or into a boring awards show featuring tongue-bathing celebrities few of us have ever heard of.

But I think there’s more to it than that.

Sports fans tend to be patriotic. You see it when the national anthem is sung; you see it when the Blue Angels fly overhead during a Super Bowl; you see it when our veterans are honored. The annual collegiate Army-Navy game is the epitome of patriotism and one of the few I watch nearly every year. So when Kaepernick started kneeling and donning “pig socks” and spouting about a revolution—and the grotesquely overpaid, politically-correct NFL commissioner refused to put a stop to it—a large swathe of NFL fans took a collective hike. Many, like myself, haven’t returned. Couple that with teams employing alleged thugs like Antonio Brown, and you’ve got yourself a product people just aren’t buying much of. Ditto for the film and television industry. Exhibit A from this past weekend: any intellectually honest Fear the Walking Dead fan will tell you that the past two seasons have been weak-kneed socialist garbage featuring formally-formidable characters who now wouldn’t last five minutes in an actual apocalypse. I won’t spoil it for you if you missed it, but Sunday night’s episode had me hurling expletives a sailor would be proud of. I wouldn’t mourn FTWD should it go the way of that other resurrected zombie, Will and Grace, the two lead actors of which have repeatedly shown their disdain for anyone to the right of Chairman Mao.

Then there’s the utter contempt many NFL players and most of Hollywood have for people like me who are pro-life, small government, low regulation and taxation, who value freedom, and just basically mind our own business. They’ve made it perfectly clear that they find us “deplorable” “dregs” of society, and that our political persuasions make us not just political opposition, but an evil to be destroyed.

Which is why my pocketbook’s been closed to them for quite some time. And yet they stand around wondering why their profit margins have taken a nosedive.

This whole death knell makes me sad. What used to be a means of escapism from a stressful world has morphed into a politicized everything. I first noticed the change during the Obama years where just about every film I’d see had his mug placed somewhere amid the frames, and really for no legitimate reason. He was ever-present. And still is: he and his wife recently signed a production deal with Netflix, where the majority of its workforce’s political contributions go to Democrats. And its content increasingly reflects this.

While I peaked into the Monday Night Football game to verify that indeed the stadium was rather empty (did it stay that way? I dunno), I didn’t watch the game, nor will I be watching in the future, because I didn’t leave it; it left me. It’s no longer entertainment; it’s become yet another political arm the left beats us with. And the same goes with films, of which I love. My husband and I haven’t been to a theater in many months. Yes, we’ll go see Downton Abbey. But pretty much beyond that, I’ll be keeping my hard-earned dollars rather than forking them over to an industry whose majority dehumanizes me simply because I think differently than they, and who continues to produce politically-correct, uninspired dumpster dreck that I’ve zero interest in viewing.

So, yeah. The “woke” folk have killed the entertainment industry—or at the very least placed it on life support, which is necessary if one’s goal is to destroy American culture—with their overall hatred of both America and her people, and their constant self-righteous preaching at those they see as their moral inferiors. And isn’t that a sad commentary on an entertainment industry that bestows itself awards for its tolerance and inclusion?


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  • cirby says:

    I thing this is part of the reason you’re seeing more and more interest in alternate entertainment.

    Video games, by and large, still have a lot of content that’s aimed at old-school habits. Sure, there’s a bunch of left-wing noise, but that tends to be in big-budget stuff from the larger studios (or in specialty titles from small studios that doesn’t make much money).

    It also explains some of the interest in anime: the best content coming from Japan often features what we would consider to be “traditional” stories.

  • Paladin says:

    You couldn’t make Lawrence of Arabia today. Never mind, Slap Shot. Blazing Saddles? Fuggedaboutit.

    • SFC D says:

      Blazing Saddles should be required watching for high school seniors. There is no better showcase to learn about the absolute idiocy of stereotyping. Mel Brooks struck a blow for social justice with that film, by showing us all in the mirror and laughing at the human race. Exactly the same thing that Norman Lear did with “All in the Family”. They’re now offensive. I’m offended by their offense!

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    I think it depends upon the locale. Here in Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium was a sea of red for the Chiefs’ home opener last Sunday (which they won). Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was last year’s MVP, may eventually overtake Tom Brady as the GOAT, and the team has a good shot to go to the SuperBowl. Plus, Mahomes has a reputation for being a truly nice kid, and KC is a town which loves its teams. So the dearth of attendees isn’t everywhere.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    The only reason I had any interest in the Emmys this year is to see how “Chernobyl” did.
    Pretty good, considering that it’s outspokenly anti-Communist.

  • windbag says:

    NHL for me. I won’t watch the NFL.

    • Scott says:

      It’s getting as bad sadly, with my Flyers giving in the the SJZ howler monkeys, and removing the statue of Kate Smith… Liberalism and political correctness are mental disorders

  • ericbl says:

    Forget the NHL and start following Hockey!

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