Kathy Griffin Is Back on a #SorryNotSorry Tour. Don’t Cheer All At Once.

Kathy Griffin Is Back on a #SorryNotSorry Tour. Don’t Cheer All At Once.

Kathy Griffin Is Back on a #SorryNotSorry Tour. Don’t Cheer All At Once.

Comedy plague Kathy Griffin is back, unfortunately. And in a recent interview in The Denver Post, she wants everyone to know who is at fault for her being blacklisted. Hint: it isn’t her.

Jim Carrey?! Now there’s a person of sound mind and body. Sure, Kathy, you should TOTES listen to Jim Carrey and take his career advice! A year after the Trump head controversy, Griffin has resurfaced with the “Laugh Your Head Off” tour and cites #MeToo for her outrage:

“Gloria Steinem once told me, ‘Every time you take the stage it’s an act of feminism.’ And I’m a 57-year-old, redhead, crazy comedian who some people think is a member of ISIS. I don’t even have their application form, and I don’t think I would have time to go to those training camps, knowing that (Attorney General) Jefferson Beauregard Sessions put me under a two-month federal investigation (after the photo). … It was widely believed by Trumpists that I had joined ISIS and cut off the president’s head.”-Kathy Griffin

An “act of feminism”? Griffin posed with a Trump mask covered in ketchup because of his “acts of misogyny”, she says. Couldn’t the same have been said for the likes of Bill Clinton? Where was his “ketchup head” back in the day? The interview rolls on, painfully, with Griffin boasting about being the phoenix rising from the ashes of her “plotted demise” by The White House (again, it wasn’t her fault she posed with a mock severed head of the President). She discussed how she used the controversy to her advantage, selling out venues that she “freaking fought for”. Kathy Griffin was targeted by the President and is a victim who felt she deserved the better theater shows and is “too good” for comedy club tours (so she says). Heck, Reykjavík, Iceland loves her. They’re going to name a tuna melt after her, she says. Griffin went on to defend the acts of fellow “comedienne”, Samantha Bee and sympathized with her because the big, scary President went after her, too as another “act of misogyny”. (Calling someone the “c” word isn’t, apparently.)

You can read the whole interview here. The story does not end here, however. Post interview, Griffin skewered Denver Post writer John Wenzel after this Tweet which has since been deleted:

“We are now at a place, regardless of politics, where @kathygriffin gets to come back but Bill Cosby, Al Franken, Louis C.K. etc. do not.”

There’s the misogyny again! The Tweet that sent the red-headed she devil into a spiral:

Wenzel since apologized to Griffin via Twitter but Griffin kept going:

And going:

Readers and Griffin fans (yes, she actually has them) went on to attack Wenzel who is, judging from his Tweets on other political matters, on the same side as Kathy Griffin (like all good journalists who value “free press” or something like that.) This is further proof of how the hard left crowd eats their own and that Kathy Griffin is a truly a loveless, Godless, hateful human being who sees the faults in others but cannot muster enough humility and dignity to see the error in her own approach. I think psychologists would diagnose this as something called narcissistic personality disorder.

I have worked with women like Kathy Griffin in the past. These women have no problem pushing their way up the ladder through shameless self-promotion but are constantly pointing fingers-“victimized” and “discriminated against” by men who are trying to “keep them down” when things just don’t go as planned. They would run their own mothers over if it meant having a shot at fame. These women are not true women. They are not sisters. These women are not in the fight to get the voices of the silent heard. They only want to hear themselves. If Griffin so cared about the “victimized” celebrities of the #MeToo movement or women who are discriminated against, marginalized, wouldn’t she, instead of whining about how much she and her (financially secure) “comedian” colleagues are being thrown under the bus, think to step up to the plate and help those who are in need? Do we hear any word of if and how Griffin is donating proceeds of her show sales to local women’s shelters? Nope. You see? Kathy Griffin has played the victim her whole life and she feels that she is owed the proceeds she earns from her shows because she has been through the hardship of almost being blacklisted. Nobody knows the trouble she has seen…

Victimhood, finger-pointing, self-promotion and feminism looks great on you and your cohorts, Kathy Griffin. Keep fighting the fight for yourself and you just might get that tuna melt named after you in Reykjavík, though, I think that would be a harsh insult to the poor, innocent fish who sacrificed its life for this particular sandwich.

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  • chris says:

    Griffin is an admitted clinically depressed person. Like all other depressed entertainers, they need to blame their depression and their bipolar mental illnesses on Trump instead of their brain biochemical imbalances. Here is a short list of other admitted persons suffering from mental illnesses. Cher, Jim Carrey, DeNiro, Fondas, Rosie OD, Michael Moore, Letterman, Colbert, Depp, M. Cyrus, Beyonce, C. Teigen, J. Legend, K. Washington, L. Dunham, J.K. Rowling, S. Silverman, J. Kimmel, Madonna Alec Baldwin, and A. Judd etc. All have said many hateful remarks about President Trump. All are self confessed mentally depressed and Democrats. Hmm do you have to be on anti depression drugs to be a Democrat?

  • The Hate Tank Keeps Rolling says:

    Goddamn that bitch be one fugly ass commie rat piece of shit.

  • Nicki says:

    Holy crap! That photo!

    I thought it was some tranny with the HIV.

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