Donations, Dirty Deeds and Willful Ignorance

Donations, Dirty Deeds and Willful Ignorance

Donations, Dirty Deeds and Willful Ignorance

There is no doubt that those like Jeffrey Epstein who run in elite circles can be overlooked for dirty deeds with donations. Epstein’s wealth and power had no impact on Democrats taking donations from him in the late 90’s, early 2000’s.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Epstein’s contributions was then-Senate hopeful Hillary Clinton, who received $20,000 from him in 1999 through her joint fundraising committee with the Democratic Party, according to Federal Election Commission filings. Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign also received $1,000 from Epstein in 1992.”-ABC News

Epstein also donated to John Kerry, whose (unnamed) spokesperson backpedaled on the inquiry:

Epstein was just one of hundreds of thousands who gave to the campaigns, not someone in our orbit. Safe to say he’s not in our Rolodex.”-Spokesperson for John Kerry

He’s not in your Rolodex?! Yes, by all means. Burn that Rolodex card and all evidence pointing to a sex offender and pedophile!

Among other recepients of Epstein’s donations? U.S. Virgin Islands, Democratic congresswoman, Stacey Plaskett.

Then there’s Chuck Schumer.

While these campaign accounts closed about 20 years ago, and even then the campaign never controlled the two political action committees (PACs), Senator Schumer is donating an equal sum to anti-sex trafficking and anti-violence against women groups.”-Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro

Yeah, of course he is. Because Epstein was called out onto the carpet. And then there’s this:

Chuck also got caught red-handed with donations from Harvey Weinstein. Do we sense a commonality here?

Epstein also donated to Richard Gephardt, Chris Dodd, and other high-profile politicians and committees.

Back in January, I watched Leaving Neverland, the tell-all documentary highlighting the lives of two men who were childhood friends/lovers of the late Michael Jackson. I watched in awe at these two moms who claimed they knew nothing about the alleged abuse that occurred at Jackson’s Neverland compound back when their sons were younger. Really? What mother in her right mind lets her preteen son have sleepovers with a grown man for weeks on end? What mother would not talk to their sons and ask about the events of the day or evening? It’s easy to claim ignorance when fame and dollar signs flash before the eyes. Willful ignorance.

To say that any of the political figures who were recipients of Epstein’s donations did not know of his tendencies is absurd. In fact, I am sure that his preferences were discussed many times at cocktail parties. To think that the “Lolita Express” did not come up in conversations is sheer, willful ignorance.

What floors me the most is the astronomical amount Epstein donated to former presidential hopeful (and I emphasize former), Hillary Clinton. This is a woman who knew her husband was flying Lolita to Epstein’s Orgy Island and took donations regardless. Where did she think ol’ Billy boy was going? On a freaking fishing trip?! Please! Willful ignorance.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, our current POTUS is not without his flaws. But these people? These people are the same people who argue for “humanity”. They argue for women’s rights and advocate for dignity of all women. To perceive that a woman was one of the biggest recipients of Epstein’s dirty money would be a shocker if it were anyone but Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Yet, women still mourn Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss. Women still bemoan their inequalities under our current administration. They see nothing wrong with the fact that their “chosen one” took THOUSANDS of dollars in donations from a known pedophile who exploited young girls! Willful ignorance. Dirty money talks; all else walks.

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