Donald Trump Campaign Circus Gets New Act With Sarah Palin Endorsement

Donald Trump Campaign Circus Gets New Act With Sarah Palin Endorsement

Donald Trump Campaign Circus Gets New Act With Sarah Palin Endorsement

Well, the three-ring circus Trump campaign added another act today. Step right up ladies and gents…its Showtime!!

“I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president,” Ms. Palin said in a statement provided by his campaign.

That’s right. The grand announcement that Trump has been teasing the media about has hit the bandwidth with a big splash.


And of course, The Donald couldn’t be more thrilled!

“I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement,” Mr. Trump said in a statement trumpeting Mrs. Palin’s decision. “She is a friend, and a high-quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.”

Yes, she has a name that attracts a variety of fundraisers, and yes she supposedly still has cachet among tea party activists and evangelicals.

However, an endorsement DOES NOT a victory make.

Keep that last line in mind as you continue reading. In my opinion, if ANY voter bases his or her vote on ANY candidate solely because some cool famous person endorses a candidate; that voter does his or herself a grave disservice. Let me point out a couple of little reasons as to why this super duper endorsement may not be so super duper after all.

KING: You’re not going to march with the tea party? TRUMP: I don’t march with the tea party. But I’ll tell you what, they have a good point, because when you see the kind of money that this country is — to use a horrible expression, Larry, I know you’ve never heard this — but that this country is pissing away, I can understand where they’re coming from.

That was an interview that took place on April 15, 2009 when Tea Party rallies took place all over the country. A direct quote from a guy who, in the same interview defended the TARP bailouts and donated to Democrats such as Harry Reid. So, I’d suggest that voters thrilled with this latest news take about 30 steps back and really LOOK at what candidate Trump is saying now vs what businessman Trump has ALWAYS been doing. Meanwhile…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. The thing is, Sarah was a politician on the rise back in 2008. Her convention speech knocked it out of the park and her flattening of Joe Biden during the VP debate was a thing of beauty. However, in recent years she’s made a serious of moves that have been cause for many a head-scratching moment. And, in reality, her Sarah PAC candidate endorsements might’ve generated publicity for the candidates but were definitely short on promise. Add to those issues are the family problems which, like it or not, impact her ability to add a net positive to the Trump circus.

Track Palin
Track Palin

At the very moment she is endorsing Donald Trump, Track Palin is in serious trouble in Wasilla, Alaska. His arrest for domestic violence and weapons charges last night is problematic for him, for his mother, and for the Trump campaign.

OUCH. Meanwhile, according to the NY Times, Sarah’s endorsement of Trump will serve as a rallying cry to conservatives around the U.S. ??!!??

Ummm, yes. Very true. Then again, in interest of full disclosure, I’ve not been a fan of Trump’s from the get go.

Trump has been “going rogue” from the beginning. But a person that “goes rogue” and engages in Twitter tantrums at every turn DOES NOT a leader make. In fact, the only true positive that this circus has accomplished today is this:

Sarah Palin’s endorsement has already proven beneficial….to the Democrats. Can someone please stop this circus? I wanna get off!

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  • Penny says:

    Evidently, El Trumpo has offered Palin the VP slot…….remember the last time she was in the VP slot?!? From what I can tell, Palin is losing her fans right and left. She WAS the main cheerleader for Evangelicals, Conservatives and TEA Partiers, but it seems she’s turned her back on them to support a guy who is all wise cracks, snide remarks, silly faces, tantrums, and promises, promises, promises. But, he won’t get down to basics and actually tell us what his plans are, other than promises and wild schemes.

  • steve says:

    As always we can count on conservatives to put forth the “all or none,” sanctimonious argument that Trump really isn’t conservative or this or that. Yet Mr. Trump is far to the right on the most pressing issue we’re facing … illegal immigration and Muslim migrants flooding the U.S. If we don’t get a handle on that, every other issue will soon become meaningless if we get to the point that we don’t know if the local McDonalds is going to get blown up by some Muslim “refugee” while we and our family are getting a Big Mac.
    What I mean, in case it escapes anyone, by “all or none” is conservatives have an attitude that our candidate must be Christian conservative … staunch conservative on each and every issue or “we’re not voting for that guy! He’s not a “true” conservative.”
    We would do well to exercise the method of incrementally getting what we want. We could learn this from liberals. They’ve been doing it for decades … getting their way just a little at a time until the big victory, ie. Barack Obama winds up in the White House.
    If Cruz is your first choice, Trump has to be your second. Trump first … Cruz second.

  • Jodi says:

    Steve: Trump has a very lengthy history of being a yuuuge progressive, and a very short history of SAYING he’s “conservative.” I’m listening with both ears to what he’s saying, not what I think he’s saying, or what I HOPE he’s saying, and he says some very disturbing things. He never advocates for shrinking government, only better management of the beast. He attacks anyone who criticizes him (uh…sounds similar to the IRS’ suppression of free speech to me). He never invokes the constitution, you know that little thing he must swear to uphold if and when he’s ever sworn into office (I predict the next POTUS will be Joe Biden, btw, lord help us).

    We’ve heard this song before: Remember that one guy back in 2007 who made a bunch of noise about out of control spending, called GWB “unpatriotic” for his debt pile up, talked about Hope and Change (read: we’re gonna make America great again!) in vague terms and pretty words? Well, look where that got us.

    Donald Trump is not the only outsider candidate in this race. And he’s not even close to conservative. Heck, I’d even take a libertarian (no, I’m not an evangelical, nor am I looking for perfection, and I know lots of people just like myself), but he’s not that either; he’s a progressive. Let’s stop acting like he’s our only choice–like Obama’s ludicrous “we have to make a deal with Iran OR go to war! There’s NO other option, y’all!”–and take off the blinders. We have several alternative choices.

    With that said: Go, Carly.

    • steve says:

      Thank you for your most welcomed reply Jodi. The main point I wanted to make is (I too listen with both ears … at least I try) that there is one issue (geez, I hate sounding like a ‘single issue’ voter) in my view that “trumps” (no pun intended) all others and that’s the illegal alien and Muslim invasion problem. I know we have several alternative choices and actually a very good field of candidates. I just haven’t heard any of the others get close to what Trump proposes. I know it’s only talk for now. But what else do we have to go on about that topic? Yeah, I’ve read a whole lot of folks comments about how we already have an arrogant narcissist in the White House and why would we want another? My answer is that Obama’s arrogance is directed at the demise of America … maybe we could use someone just as arrogant whose goal just might be to help America?
      I do think conservatives will be making a serious mistake by refusing to vote for Trump if he happens to get the nomination. IMHO.

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