Disney: China Is Great, Parents Rights Are Bad

Disney: China Is Great, Parents Rights Are Bad

Disney: China Is Great, Parents Rights Are Bad

Disney would rather contribute to China and their genocide instead of supporting American parents rights. That was made clear by Disney’s actions this week.

First, at Disney’s annual shareholder meeting, one shareholder went very public over their concerns and distrust regarding Disney and China by presenting a resolution. 

The Walt Disney Company was confronted at its annual shareholder meeting Wednesday by an activist shareholder who accused the company of “complicity in China genocide,” claiming the entertainment giant was being hypocritical for pulling its business away from Russia over human rights abuses but turning a blind eye to atrocities committed in China.


Paul Chesser, director of the NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project, presented the resolution and spoke at the meeting, lambasting the company for allegedly claiming such a report would be a waste of resources while it invests heavily in China and dedicates millions to social justice initiatives elsewhere.

“They had the time and money to film ‘Mulan’ in the part of communist China with among the most disgusting and egregious human rights violations in the world – in Xinjiang,” Chesser said in his remarks, referencing the Chinese province where more than a million Uyghur Muslims have been detained in concentration camps and purportedly used as slave labor.

“Meanwhile, Disney executives say they will not release any new films in Russia due to Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine,” Chesser went on to say. “Since when do ESG principles mean you get to support genocidal regimes in Asia, but you must oppose colonial warmongering in Europe?”

Those are very excellent points. Disney can woke virtue signal all over the place when it comes to Russia. But when it’s China? Bow and ask how high they need to jump. 

Then, Disney CEO Bob Chapuk decided to lecture the Florida legislature and Ron DeSantis at that same shareholder meeting. He bought into the false narrative that opponents of the bill are peddling, and makes it VERY clear Disney is not a fan of Parents Rights. 

As I noted here, that legislation prohibits schools and teachers from TEACHING PreK-third grade children age inappropriate materials regarding sexuality, gender, etc. It further provides for parents to be fully apprised of both the curriculum and how their child is faring in school on all levels, including any issues the child might raise regarding their sexuality. 

Disney has made billions of their brand of providing movies and experiences catering to children. One would think that Disney would put PARENTS RIGHTS over that of woke narratives and China genocide. I don’t see that happening here, do you?

“I called Governor DeSantis this morning to express our disappointment and concern that if legislation becomes law, it could be used to unfairly target gay, lesbian, nonbinary and transgender kids and families,” the CEO said during Disney’s annual shareholder meeting.

“The governor heard our concerns and agreed to meet with me and LGBTQ+ members of our senior team in Florida to discuss ways to address them.”

China genocide should be ignored according to Disney. But keeping teachers from teaching/grooming young children between the ages of four and eight years old about gender and sexuality, that’s really bad according to Disney. 

It’s highly evident that, no matter the huge Disney footprint in Florida and the millions in campaign funds Disney donates every year, Ron DeSantis isn’t going to allow a “woke” corporation to dictate the terms. 


Governor DeSantis made that abundantly clear in a speech later the same day. 

School districts should not be engaged in teaching our young children about gender, sexuality, LGBTQXYZ…Period. The Florida legislature is taking the step to ensure that this atrocious kind of teaching and grooming is kept out of the schools. That’s a good thing as kids ten and under aren’t even remotely ready for any of that. They are just learning to tie their shoes and follow simple tasks! 

This is a prime example as to why this legislation and Parents Rights are of utmost importance! 

If you think it’s atrocious and wrong for a high school teacher to pull crap like this, consider the damage done to a first grader! 

Want to bet that many within the Disney corporation are completely on board with this organization’s stance against parents rights? 

Disney’s message is very clear. Ignore their support of China genocide while applauding their “wokeness” against Parents Rights. 

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