DeSantis Rips Biden Over Covid Lecture

DeSantis Rips Biden Over Covid Lecture

DeSantis Rips Biden Over Covid Lecture

Governor Ron DeSantis was on fire yesterday. In a five minute speech he eviscerated Joe Biden’s little lecture from the day before.

“Some governors aren’t willing to do the right thing to beat this pandemic, and they should allow businesses and universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it,” Biden said, without referencing the two men by name.

“I say to these governors … if you’re not going to help, at least get out of the way.”

Asked later if DeSantis and Abbott were making calls that harmed their citizens, Biden said: “I believe the results of their decisions are not good for their constituents.”

If you only read or watch the Democrat media complex, then you’d think every single person in Florida and Texas is dying of Covid. Except they aren’t. In Florida the case rate is at approximately 18% right now. The percentage of deaths across the population is at 1.5% and there are over 11 MILLION people in the state that are fully vaccinated, with 85% of the senior population vaccinated. 

So, for Joe to passive aggressively attack Florida and Texas when this data is readily available tells me one thing. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are living rent free in the heads of everyone in the Biden Administration (Joe’s is empty so there’s that).

Joe lectured the two Republican governors because A. They’ve dared to push back against the Biden Administration, and B. They are a threat to his power grabs and everyone knows it. 

Needless to say, Ron DeSantis wasn’t playing that game. 

Oh CNN, you do you. DeSantis wasn’t mocking Joe Biden, he was bluntly telling the man to DO HIS DAMNED JOB. 

Ron DeSantis has been honest with Florida citizens, he protected those in nursing homes, a stark contrast to Andrew Cuomo, has been promoting vaccines, set up multiple testing and vaccine sites across the state, AND lets Florida citizens make their OWN choices without government intrusion or fear-mongering. 

Specifically speaking about Biden’s push for mask and vaccine mandates, such as what New York City has imposed, DeSantis said the following:

“He wants that, but yet if you want to vote, he thinks it’s too much of a burden to show a picture ID when you’re voting,” the governor went on. “So no voter ID, but you have to show your medical papers just to be able to live an everyday life? Give me a break.”

DeSantis added that America faces a choice between being a “free society, or we can have a biomedical security state. And I can tell you, Florida, we’re a free state.”

The new mask and vaccine mandate in New York City keeps kids 12 and under out of restaurants, out of museums, away from seeing Broadway or Off-Broadway shows, and more. The mask and vaccine mandates there are a punishment and a way to shame those who haven’t or cannot get vaccinated. 

 DeSantis ripped Joe Biden for lecturing Florida on Covid cases while keeping the border wide open. The border is SO wide open that CBP and ICE are completely overwhelmed. The border is SO open that Catholic Charities is busing illegal immigrants to cities of their choice, without even being tested or vaccinated. And now there are new tent cities on the Texas border.

Yet Joe Biden and the Administration want us to ignore those issues and would rather pick a fight with Ron DeSantis.

But if you believe the Democrat media and gropy Joe, Florida is at the top of the list! Gosh darn those facts!

THIS specifically is how EVERY Governor should be acting on behalf of the citizens of their state. 

But let me tell you this, if you’re coming after the rights of parents in Florida, I’m standing in your way, I’m not going to let you get away with it.

If you’re trying to deny kids a proper in -person education, I’m going to stand in your way and I’m going to stand up for the kids in Florida. If you’re trying to restrict people, impose mandates, if you’re trying to ruin their jobs and their livelihoods and their small business, if you are trying to lock people down, I am standing in your way and I’m standing for the people of Florida. So why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure. And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you. Thank you.

I stood up and cheered when he said that. He is exactly right. The Biden Administration is harming this country. They are creating national security threats by keeping our border open.

They are definitely responsible for the vaccine hesitancy across the United States purely because the Biden Administration, the CDC, and the Fauci troll have been sending out mixed messages on a daily basis. 

Ron DeSantis has been doing his best to combat that, which is why the Biden crew keeps targeting him and trying to shame Florida. And, as we’ve now seen, their little attack lecture is backfiring …BIGLY.

Feature Photo Credit: Ron DeSantis by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • ROP says:

    WOW ! Way to go governor I wish our governor ( Milk Toast ) would stand up for the people they are supposed to
    represent not oppresse ! and dictate, and terrorize.

    Every one of them should be required to take a class with these governors on HOW TO DO WHATS BEST FOR YOUR EMPLOYERS and AMERICA ( that’s US, by the way ) .

  • ROP says:

    How many died from pre existing conditions ? Also Florida has a higher percentage of elderly, yet has the lowest rate. If the Biased government run FDA and CDC authorized invectrim death would be 0.000003, oh! wait its already at that, But the democrat’s want lots of dead people to push there agenda .

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