Evictions and CDC’s New Limited, Targeted, Illegal Moratorium

Evictions and CDC’s New Limited, Targeted, Illegal Moratorium

Evictions and CDC’s New Limited, Targeted, Illegal Moratorium

As per usual, Do-Nothing-President Pudding Pop did what he is best at. Nothing. As of last week, the COVID-19 moratorium on evictions had expired. Thank God we have the CDC to jump to the rescue.

Those of you who know me by now, know my sarcasm. But yes, the CDC issued an extended moratorium on evictions yesterday. But only certain evictions. Why? “Evicting people could be detrimental to public health and would interfere with efforts to slow the pandemic.”

This moratorium is going to be different, though, they say. How? The halt on evictions will occur in areas most impacted by COVID-19. How is this determined? Reports from local cities and counties and hospitals, I am guessing. That’s if they can get their reporting data straight.

The emergence of the Delta Variant has led to a rapid acceleration of community transmission in the United States, putting more Americans at increased risk, especially if they are unvaccinated. This moratorium is the right thing to do to keep people in their homes and out of congregate settings where COVID-19 spreads. It is imperative that public health authorities act quickly to mitigate such an increase of evictions, which could increase the likelihood of new spikes in SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Such mass evictions and the attendant public health consequences would be very difficult to reverse.”-CDC Director, Dr. Michelle Walensky

So much for the vote to extend the eviction moratorium (legally) failed in Congress. What else will the CDC be able to get away with down the road? Let’s not even go there with mandatory shots in the arm. That’s already starting in New York City thanks to Mayor Bill DeBlasio. And while Cory Bush is crying tears of joy, Nancy Pelosi is breathing a sigh of extraordinary relief:

Wouldn’t want the homeless problem in Nancy’s California to get any worse now, would we? Since when has Nancy Pelosi cared one iota about people being on the street? Or about public health needs? I didn’t see her offering up room to store food in one of her $20,000 refrigerators to someone in need back when we locked down last summer. And it sure as hell didn’t seem like she cared much about public health when she ignored lockdown restrictions to get a much-needed dye-job, either.

Democrats worked tirelessly for this action, though. Dear God, I hope she chokes on her dentures.

You know who this moratorium does not protect? Landlords who worked tirelessy to maintain their rental properties, who have gone over a year without one cent of rent paid. Get a load of this:

We’re not talking wealthy, corporate real estate moguls here. We’re talking real families of the real world who have a rental property for supplemental income who are hemorrhaging cash to pay the mortgages on their main home and their rental(s), during a pandemic and during volatile economic times where they couldn’t get out from under their properties if they tried. And while our current administration is trying to pass “laws” created by the CDC (as absurd as that sounds) to halt evictions, our state governments are allegedly sitting on billions in rental aid, according to our President.

Biden called on state and local governments to disperse the Emergency Rental Assistance funding they received in February. So…where is this money? And who will benefit from this assistance? Good thing we have aon unconstitutional, illegal “law” protecting renters in place for another couple of months. This will not just protect honest-to-goodness people who have fallen upon hard times but, tragically, it will also protect those who have NO intentions of ever paying rent. All these scumbags have to do is move into an area where the “Delta Variant” is surging. Screw the landlords.

Joe Biden is the hero once again, according to some.

President Biden’s bold action and leadership in this moment of crisis will save lives and immeasurable suffering.”-National Low Income Housing Coalition President Diane Yentel

Oh, pass me the Pepto!

Bold action? He literally allowed the old moratorium to run out. If anything is bold, it is the sheer lack of legality of this extended moratorium. Even ol’ Joe said that this will not pass Constitutional muster when he consulted “legal scholars”. But he’s just going with it. Let the CDC’s moratorium make its way through the courts. Let the illegal moratorium stand for now, they’ll figure out a way to finagle things again by October 3. In fact, this was on President Biden’s mind all last weekend. Jen Psaki says so:

Is it possible for the federal government to create any more uncertainty for renters and rental home property owners in this country? Shame on me for assuming the moratorium would not be extended after the President announced he has no legal authority to do so, nor was Congress able to pass legislation to do so. Meanwhile, rental home property owners have lost billions of dollars they will never recover.”-David Howard, executive director of the National Rental Home Council

Seems the only person Democrats want to evict these days is Andrew Cuomo. Don’t worry. White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki says they’re still “looking at legal opinions and that process has not concluded”. Psst. Read between the lines of Queen Circle Back: it’s illegal. In the meantime, they’ll let the CDC’s illegal moratorium on evictions work its way through the courts. What’s another two months worth of unpaid rent for a landlord? They’ve got nothing but time.

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  • Steve S says:

    But wait, says critical thinking. Those areas have already been under eviction moratoriums and still have the delta spreading. So clearly the moratoriums weren’t stopping it. Oh yes, let’s do the same thing and expect a different result.

  • American Human says:

    The CDC does not have the legal authority to fine anyone for anything. This is what “faithfully execute the laws” is coming to mean, i.e. we’ll do it anyway and hope it takes a long time for a court somewhere to tell us to stop.

    Now THIS is something to impeach a president for.

    • GWB says:

      Impeach a President? Heck, it would require impeaching 85% of the legislature and at least 50% of the courts.

  • GWB says:

    The halt on evictions will occur in areas most impacted by COVID-19.
    And this makes it constitutionally acceptable, HOW?! The national gov’t is basically forbidden from even interfering in things not interstate-related. And the states are forbidden from interfering in contracts. And, on top of it all, it’s a taking AND it’s without due process! You don’t get to claim “intermediate scrutiny” or some other such ludicrous legality when you’re violating that many constitutional restrictions!

    putting more Americans at increased risk
    Not of death. Or even severe illness. “Risk” is now what we must avoid, even when it’s risk of merely having a virus in your body.

    to keep people in their homes
    Legally speaking it’s not “their” homes. It’s someone else’s building, in which they pay to live temporarily.

    Such mass evictions
    WTF? Where have there been ANY sort of “mass” evictions?! Or are they now using the gun-grabber definition of “mass”, where two or more are affected?
    This is enough to make you want to grab your pitchfork and torch.

    the leadership of @POTUS
    Oh, wow. BRB….
    I had to go laugh like a hyena for a bit at that one. I’m good now. BWAHAHAHAHA! No, really, I’m ok now.

    countless families
    That’s right, because you can’t count ZERO!

    carries steep criminal penalties
    How can they be criminal penalties when there’s no law being broken? Aside from it being outside the federal gov’t’s purview, it’s an executive order. You can’t send someone to jail or even fine them that steeply for being in violation of an agency order or an EO. I truly wish I still owned some rental property just so I could evict some people and dare them to come and get me.

    if evicted person dies
    Oh, FFS. What’s the time limit on their death? Because every evicted person is going to die. Does it have to be of Wuhan Flu? Or will it include things like drug overdose? What about those who die IN the rental property? Can you evict them? Or do you have to leave them around until the moratorium ends?

    according to our President
    And you believe that? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

    This is just one of the horrendous, unconstitutional, authoritarian moves made by our federal central gov’t in the days of the Wuhan Flu Panic (and yes, some of them were under Trump). Quite simply, our courts have failed in their duty, the legislature has abdicated theirs, and the executive has amassed way too much power, and the people have actually voted for it. I don’t see any way out of this that doesn’t involve fire.

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