Dems Have Proven That Trump Is The Adult In The Room

Dems Have Proven That Trump Is The Adult In The Room

Dems Have Proven That Trump Is The Adult In The Room

How many times have we heard a politician, opinion blatherskite, news reader or random friend say that “so and so leaving” means that there is no longer an adult in the room with President Donald J. Trump. In the last week or so, that has been blown out of the water. We, those of us with common sense, knew it was never true. Dems have proven now that Trump “IS” the adult in the room.

Nancy Pelosi was proud of how her charges behaved. And, the left says that Nancy is the adult in the room:

Nope. Just nope.

Michael Goodwin has a lovely column in the New York Post today in which he lays out the Democrats epic implosion. I am struggling here. Is it an implosion or the beautiful karma of being hoist on your own petard? Or, it could be the cosmic smackdown of this decade. Let’s dive in. From the article:

The evidence begins with Trump’s very good State of the Union speech, where he was alternately conciliatory toward Democrats and ruthless in contrasting his policies with theirs. Reckless in their rhetoric and resistance, Dems make themselves vulnerable to charges that they support open borders, socialism and infanticide.

And, it was a very good SOTU address. I usually switch to HGTV after fifteen minutes of any President’s SOTU and I stayed for the whole long speech.

It doesn’t help that a lasting image of the speech was the women-in-white brigade scowling throughout, rising enthusiastically only to celebrate the president’s recognition of them.

As optics went, that was a disaster of Titanic proportions. Joyless hags sitting on their hands and clapping only for themselves. Their white outfits drawing comparisons to not only the KKK but the National Socialist Women of Nazi Germany. The fan girls went totally squee for AOC’s cape blazer thing, as this Harpers Bizarre (intentional) article shows. It was all a stupid and childish stunt in which the Dems have proven that Trump is the adult in the room.

Then, there was Virginia. Formerly known as “Virginia is for Lovers”, but now is tagged as “Virginia is for Losers”:

Start with Virginia, where the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general — all Democrats — spent the week ducking calls to resign. Hypocrisy ran wild, with the AG among the first to call for the governor to quit over a blackface scandal, then being forced to admit he was guilty of the same offense as a teenager.

Meanwhile, the lieutenant governor was rocked by two sexual-assault allegations, with both women publicly identifying themselves and telling their stories.

Given the left’s casual use of the words “racist” and “rapist” to describe Trump, leftists everywhere felt heat to sacrifice the three Virginia officials, lest they forfeit the right to weaponize those words again.

For the record, not that it means anything to anybody but me, Trump did not say that he did grab women by their pussies, he said he could. Big difference. Please note. Thank you. People say bragging stuff all the time, men and women, blacks, whites, Asians, Pacific Islanders, gender confused, whatever. Once again, Dems have proven that Trump is the adult in the room.

Right up there with AOC and her amazing economic ineptitude is New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City’s Mayor Bill De Blasio:

Both the city and state governments have built a financial house of cards and are fast approaching an economic reckoning. Income-tax revenues are falling off a cliff, while hiring and spending continue to climb.

City spending has soared by some 25 percent since 2014, including a planned $3 billion hike this year — even as income-tax collections are declining by nearly $1 billion.

The state projects its income-tax collections will decline by $2.3 billion, or about 4 percent, just as politicians begin their annual budget binge. Already the state plans to spend $176 billion, an increase of nearly 4 percent.

Trump has a different style that doesn’t fit well in the white gloved, pearl wearing, blue noses we’ve spawned in the USA. I get that. But, Trump all day, every day and twice on Sunday, thank you very much. As opposed to the hypocritical, economics incompetent, national socialist, open border nimrod Democrats who have proven that Trump is the adult in the room.

Feature Photo: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Copyright Policy

Thank you Instapundit for the link.

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  • Mark says:

    How many people in that room can tell the difference between an adult and a onesie-wearing, cocoa-swilling perpetual adolescent?

  • Kathy says:

    President Trump not only gets things done, he usually gets correct things done. And that is what counts!

  • mac says:


    You hit this topic so hard, if it was a baseball it would have been a home run out of the old Yankee Stadium hit to the left center field stands. Well done!

  • MnemonicMike says:

    The Democrats haven’t gotten that many people together in a room wearing white suits since they promoted the KKK.

  • AG says:

    I love this site. but please correct the above as not to impugn the great Michael Goodwin.

    michael goodwin is not the husband of doris kerns goodwin – her husband was the late richard goodwin – he is famous for working as a presidential advisor to pres. kennedy and johnson.

    michael goodwin is a newspaper man for many years – he think he worked at the time at one iirc.

  • M J D says:

    Check your self, Michael Goodwin is not married to Doris Kearns, husband was Richard ( rip)

  • APR says:

    Also, I remember hearing him say in a tone of wonder that they will let you do anything if you are a rich celebrity. From personal observation (of women around rich celebrities; not that I am one!) I must say I have observed women acting that way too.
    But it was easy for the media to twist those words and then Democrats piled on and called him an admitted sexual assaulter…

    • Snidely Whiplash says:

      Thank you. Between you and Ms. Williams you’ve captured the real conversation. He was talking about some of the women in the celebrity business were gold diggers, groupies, and camp followers that would do anything to be close to a celebrity or rich person.

  • Bandit says:

    Dressing the same and sitting there with a big pout on their faces like 12 year olds – so grownup

  • Danimal28 says:

    ” But, Trump all day, every day and twice on Sunday, thank you very much.”

    Compared to almost everyone else in D.C. – especially most republicans – I concur wholeheartedly.

  • The Old Sarge says:

    “Is it an implosion or the beautiful karma of being hoist on your own petard? Or, it could be the cosmic smackdown of this decade. ”

    “Embrace the healing power of ‘and’.” — Glenn Reynolds


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  • Miriam says:

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump John Lewis Christmas Ad

    For the children and so funny.

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