Democrats Won’t Budge On Border Security Funds

Democrats Won’t Budge On Border Security Funds

Democrats Won’t Budge On Border Security Funds

To forewarn you, this isn’t my typical drive by snark. I am done and over these dreadful people. And, by dreadful people I mean Democrats. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. I have decided on my own that Democrats are terrorists. President Trump should not negotiate with Democrats. Democrats won’t budge on border security and Democrats won’t even listen to Homeland Security.

While Nancy Pelosi was sunning herself on Kona and Chuck Schumer was dealing with the fallout from his unpaid internship ad, Donald Trump was sitting in the Oval Office with no one to talk to but the machine gunners. He was waiting by the phone and the phone never rang. Then, he invited eight Congressional leaders to come negotiate today and four of them (Democrats, natch) came out after the meeting and insulted him. The reported:

Trump complained that he had been “lonely” at the White House during the holiday break, having skipped his getaway to Mar-a-Lago in Florida. He claimed his only companions were the “machine gunners,” referring to security personnel, and “they don’t wave, they don’t smile.” He also criticized Pelosi for visiting Hawaii.

At least Trump kept a sense of humor. The Democrats won’t give this President anything to smile about when he reads and hears what they said after the meeting:

Democrats said they asked Trump directly during Wednesday’s private meeting held in the Situation Room why he wouldn’t consider their package of bills. One measure would open most of the shuttered government departments at funding levels already agreed to by all sides. The other would provide temporary funding for Homeland Security, through Feb. 8, allowing talks to continue over border security.

“I said, Mr. President, Give me one good reason why you should continue your shutdown,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said afterward. “He could not give a good answer.”

Or Chuck, he didn’t give you the answer that you wanted to hear? That’s more likely. Trump pointed out the problems with border security:

Making his case ahead of the afternoon session with Democratic and Republican leaders, he said the current border is “like a sieve” and noted the tear gas “flying” overnight to deter arrivals.

“If they knew they couldn’t come through, they wouldn’t even start,” Trump said at the meeting, joined by Cabinet secretaries and top advisers, including Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

I don’t know about y’all, but that New Year’s Eve rock throwing event looked like a small skirmish by enemy forces to me. One agent got hit in the face according to reports. Thankfully, he had on his helmet and had his face shield down. The Democrats don’t care about the lives of our Border Patrol Agents. And speaking of the Border Patrol and Homeland Security:

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said there’s no need to prolong the shutdown and he was disappointed the talks did not produce a resolution. He complained that Democrats interrupted Homeland Security officials who were trying to describe a dire situation at the border.

Read that last sentence again:

He complained that Democrats interrupted Homeland Security officials who were trying to describe a dire situation at the border.

The Democrats don’t want to hear from Homeland Security because they don’t give a big, fat fig. And, then once and future Speaker Pelosi had the crust to come out of the White House and wrap herself in her oath of office:

Don’t go there girlfriend. And, did you get a look at Steny Hoyer’s face? Boyfriend is so mad he was nearly shaking. He looked like he was about to have a stroke.

The Democrats don’t want to give Donald Trump a win on anything. They come out and insult him and, by extension, you and me and anyone who wants legal migration that would be of benefit to the country.

Democrats are terrorists who hate the average American. When they return to the White House on Friday to negotiate, President Donald Trump should say two words, “Hard pass.” End of negotiations.

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  • mac says:

    You are right. Democrats are terrorists and traitors who hate this country and all it stands for.

  • Whitehall says:

    Your key point is that for the Democrat Party to insult Trump over border security is to insult those Americans who want and demand an end to open borders.
    When one political faction deliberately insults and shows contempt for another faction, the majority in this case, mere political solutions are not likely to be found.
    This is the path to civil and political violence.

  • J. S. Bridges says:

    If, in fact, the Demoncraps can’t somehow figure out a way to “make a deal” – they’d better figure out some way to face the overall fact of losing roughly-25% of the Big-Gubment bureaucrapcy for a very, very long time.

    They’re NOT going to budge Trump – and they ARE going to take the blame for the Shutdown, and its consequences and “fall-out”, no matter how hard they try to hang it all on the President – Americans know, full-well, who’s refusing to deal with reality, here…

    They’re also in the process of pushing more and more people into a corner from which can only come a great deal of very nasty things for themselves – as well as every Democrat, Never-Trumper and every other sort of Leftist pin-head in America…

  • Even though you have expressed an incontrovertible truth…even though there is not one jot or tittle of contrary evidence…even though the Left has been viciously demonizing anyone to the right of Fidel Castro for decades…your characterization of Democrats as terrorists will be used against you.

    They will cry “have you no decency?” They will question your motives, say you’re “setting the stage for violence.” You, not those whose culpability in rendering the U.S. vulnerable to invasion is self-evident, will be the target of the fusillades.

    I’m not trying to dissuade you or get you to change your rhetoric, Miss Williams. I just want you to know that you will be attacked, and that you should be ready. God bless and keep you.

  • Mongo says:

    Democrats know that the border security wall is an effective way to protect American citizens and their children.
    That is precisely the reason they are so stubbornly opposed to funding it.
    $3.7billion isn’t even a rounding error yet Democrats are shutting down government over it.

  • Mahon says:

    The Democrats will always give you a dollar tomorrow for a hamburger today – and then tomorrow never comes. GHW Bush agreed at Andrews AFB to break his no-new-taxes pledge in exchange for serious spending restraint; once the Dems had what they wanted they just laughed at him. Trump cannot agree to fund now and negotiate later because there will never be a later with these people.

  • Carol Reed says:

    My deceased Dad was a retired high – ranking Air Force officer. He said, “There is a clause in our Constitution, once the population of NON AMERICANS reaches 2/3 of the US population, the Constitution can be VOIDED.” That’s why there was such an urgency the last US Census to count every Mexican living in the US. Make sense now??? Open borders, illegals flowing in, democrats fighting against border security === voiding the Constitution === NWO.

    • Blaze says:

      Carol Reed: can you let me know where exactly that clause is? I’ve looked and read and reread and can’t find anything either in the Amendments or anywhere else in the Constitution something approximating this reference….
      Could you help me out?

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