Democrats Take Aim At Themselves

Democrats Take Aim At Themselves

Democrats Take Aim At Themselves

Barack Obama just warned his fellow Democrats about creating their own “circular firing squad.” Proving that his power within the party is severely diminished, the Democrats are ignoring him and taking aim at each other.

This also means that everyone else should be buying stock in popcorn, because this is some fine entertainment.

Nancy Pelosi took aim at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her clique on Sunday evening during a 60 Minutes interview and DAAAAAAAAAAAMN.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi characterized the more progressive wing of House Democrats led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, as “like, five people” that do not represent all progressives, including herself — adding that freshmen Democrats “know that we have to hold the center.”

Pelosi’s comments minimizing the influence of Ocasio-Cortez and other House progressives builds on her previous downplaying of their policy proposals, such as her criticism of Medicare-for-all and hesitation to endorse the Green New Deal.”

During an interview that aired Sunday on “60 Minutes,” CBS’s Lesley Stahl began a question to Pelosi, saying, “You have these wings — AOC, and her group on one side–”
“That’s, like, five people,” Pelosi replied.”

Stahl said that “the progressive group is more than five,” to which Pelosi responded, “Well, the progressive — I’m a progressive. Yeah.”

That particular slam should be savored like a fine wine. It’s clear that Grandma Nancy has lost her patience with the freshman class of so-called “democratic socialists” who are sucking all the air out of the room. She has tried ignoring them, she has tried excusing them, and she basically gave up narrative control to them. And yet AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib will not shut up. Is this the moment Nancy Pelosi lays the smackdown on these three in an attempt to wrest control back? Will the force that other Democrats have seen come back to bite the freshmen Congresswomen?

Lesley Stahl: How many of you are going to be willing to tell me how afraid you are of her?”

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster: She’s the first person in my life that has (LAUGH) scared the heck out of me. (LAUGH) I’m honestly– but I have so much respect for her. And it’s this combination of courage and grace.”

Lesley Stahl: But why were you afraid of her?”

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster: Trust me. You don’t wanna cross her. (LAUGH)”

Lesley Stahl: It’s what I heard.”

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster: There were times early on where we had to take difficult votes. (LAUGH) I’m kind of embarrassed. We would run to the ladies room after the vote.”

Lesley Stahl: You’d run and hide?”

Rep. Ann McLane Kuster: Yeah.”

Lesley Stahl: Some of them told us that they’re afraid of you.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Oh, no, they’re not.”

Lesley Stahl: And if they vote against you, if they don’t toe the line, that they run out the back–”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Oh, they do that, yeah.”

Lesley Stahl: –and they hide in phone booths, and they run–”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: But the men do that, too. That’s not just the women.”

What will give us a clue to how bad things really are will be the kind of response that AOC and crew decide to give out on Twitter. If they snap back, then you know that the Democrats are divided beyond Nancy Pelosi’s control. If they are quiet, then you know things are happening behind the scenes that include Nancy waving around her gigantic gavel. Regardless of the reaction, the fact that Pelosi is actually snarking on AOC and her fellow socialists on camera means that she has had it with them. It remains to be seen if she has the political stomach for the follow-through on that serve. The base may have run too far to the left even for Nancy Pelosi, as they are trying to all “stand with Ilhan.”

Bernie Sanders took a body slam this weekend as well. He published an open letter to the Clinton-associated Center for American Progress to basically say “I remember 2016; hands off the primary!”

Except Bernie screwed up quite badly when he attempted to defend Elizabeth Warren. Enter Cherokee writer Rebecca Nagle.

I felt that body blow from over here. Bernie fouled that ball right off his foot, and then Nagle drop-kicked him. That’s going to leave a mark. Think anyone else on the left will notice?

The Democrats are a hot mess. All they had to do to win in 2020 was unify and not be crazy. They can’t do it. They’re too busy trying to out-intersectionalize and taking shots at each other, and it’s making for quite a show. Please pass the popcorn.

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  • Johnny says:

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Jake says:

    “All they had to do to win in 2020 was unify and not be crazy. They can’t do it.”

    They don’t have to do it. All they really have to do is cheat like Eddie Guerrero while their Deep State unelected buddies in the DOJ look the other way. If they can just get a couple more states to sign on to that “popular vote winner gets our electoral votes” thing, they’re home free.

  • NateWhilk says:

    Trump has them almost panicking. Things can easily change before the election, but for now I’m just sitting back and enjoying this!

  • Doctor Mist says:

    The Republican primaries in 2016 were also chaotic and back-stabby. It didn’t keep a winner from emerging. I fear the Democrats have learned the lesson of that election – a media circus means lots of media, and a lot of competition means that survival of the fittest actually produces the fittest.

    How that manifests I do not know: maybe the Democratic voters decide Biden looks pretty good compared to the crazies, or maybe one of the crazies hits just the right sweet spot in their hearts and minds. But either way, it gets a lot of press and energizes the base.

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