Democrats Have No Interest In Illegal Aliens

Democrats Have No Interest In Illegal Aliens

Democrats Have No Interest In Illegal Aliens

President Trump declares illegal aliens should be released into sanctuary cities and states. Democrats immediately melt into gobs of shrieking goo. What have we learned, boys and girls?

VG Nina Bookout has posted two excellent pieces on the rending of shirts here and the Democrats’ 180 degree turn from the usual kumbaya lecturing here. Booker is especially precious with suddenly finding that illegal, undocumented, unauthorized migrants just might pose a problem.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-mented) has been steadfast in refusing to meet with the families of victims of illegal aliens.

It would be nice to believe that the whipsawed reactions of Democrats in response to illegals is little more than hypocrisy. However, what you find is something both shallower and more insidious. Democrats don’t care about illegals as people. Illegals are raw material for the Leftist narrative. Illegals are the means to the greater ends of power.

They are the bloody flag Democrats can wave — oh, look at this poor Dreamer — using them to presume upon the usually charitable nature of American citizens. Free education, free food, free housing, free medical? “Why not?” cry Democrats, “Are you some kind of RAAAAACIST?”

I’ve worked in the law enforcement/judicial arena for twenty-one years in Southern California. I was born and raised here, too. The cavalier way the Democrats in Sacramento and in Washington D.C. treat American citizens, of any shade of melanin, in this state is appalling. The vast majority of us do not live in gated communities. We cannot afford to shop in places so exclusive that we’ll never be bothered by the vagrants or gangs or petty thieves who revolve through the justice system time and again, leaving more victims in their wake.

If nothing else, President Trump swept away another glamour hiding the true face of the Democrats. Mark it well and remember.

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