Democrats Desperately Declare Hunter’s Laptop Trivial And Half-Fake

Democrats Desperately Declare Hunter’s Laptop Trivial And Half-Fake

Democrats Desperately Declare Hunter’s Laptop Trivial And Half-Fake

Trivial! Half-Fake! Twitter executives were on the hot seat yesterday in front of Congress. Two very notable things came to light during that time. A. The execs did admit they were wrong on the censorship while trying to explain and excuse their actions at the time, and B. Democrats desperation was on full display.

 First, let’s take a quick look at the excuses that the Twitter executives offered. 

Their judgement was clouded and they were concerned: 

“Our judgment was colored by the experience of 2016 and by the very real Russian activities we saw play out that year,” said Yoel Roth, Twitter’s former global head of trust and security, who didn’t agree with the decision to suppress the story. “But this isn’t a case where I was right, and others were wrong: The decisions here aren’t straightforward, and hindsight is 20/20.”

Since Twitter was a private company, it was just fine to censor people and lock them down or boot them from the platform. Questions regarding their interactions with the FBI, CIA and other OGA’s made them squirm. 

And, it was a very slippery slope they were on regarding removing people or censoring people on their platform. 

YOU THINK?? Meanwhile the Democrats desperately attempted to describe the Hunter Biden laptop story as both trivial and half-fake. 

AOC threw one gem of a tantrum during her time at the microphone. 

Congressman Jamie Raskin described the pursuit as to WHY info and stories on the laptop were censored and suppressed on Twitter as “trivial.” 

Both also proclaimed the laptop information as not credible. Except that Hunter’s OWN LAWSUIT admits the laptop and it’s content are genuine. Furthermore, both the Washington Post and the New York Times reluctantly admitted last year that, yep, it’s all real. So AOC lied like a rug. 

In fact, anyone paying attention in October 2020, when we first posted the story, knew it was real. First, despite your lie that we published “without any corroboration, without any backup information,” we interviewed the laptop repairman who provided it, we spot-checked a selection of key emails with Hunter Biden’s movements, and we interviewed people who corresponded with Hunter and confirmed the messages.

Also- and this is important – Joe and Hunter NEVER denied the story. 

Oh, there was a smokescreen about how this “could be Russian disinformation,” but it was just that — a smokescreen. Democrats, the liberal media and Big Tech shot the messenger rather than deal with the truth: That emails show how Hunter Biden traded on his father’s name, and despite claiming he “never spoke” to Hunter about his business dealings, Joe met with some of his partners.

The White House threw a hissy fit. 

“The morning after President Biden delivered a State of the Union Address emphasizing the significant progress we’ve made as a nation to generate historic job and economic growth and the work still to be done to address Americans’ top priorities like tackling inflation, raising wages, and investing in manufacturing and infrastructure jobs, House Republicans are making it their top priority to stage a bizarre political stunt,” Ian Sams, a White House spokesperson, said in a statement.

I wonder, will anyone ask KJP about all of this at today’s press conference? 

Miranda Devine has been on this case from the very beginning. It was she who broke the story in October 2020. It was she along with the editors plus many others who battled Twitter for over two weeks when Twitter locked down the NY Post account. We were with them on this fight. Now, after yesterday’s hearing, Miranda had a LOT to say. 

Newly minted Congressman Daniel Goldman blustered that the entire NY POST story on October 14, 2020 was fake because the very first paragraph was fake. OH REALLY? 

Ukrainian prosecutor general Viktor Shokin was actively investigating Burisma when Biden had him fired in March 2016. Among the evidence is that on Feb 2, 2016, Shokin issued warrants to seize all “movable and immovable property” belonging to the owner of Burisma, Russian backed Ukrainian oligarch Nikolay Zlochevsky, including four large houses, two plots of land, and “a Rolls-Royce Phantom car,” as reported by the Kyiv Post, Interfax-Ukraine, and other contemporaneous media.

Shokin was retired at the time his corrupt predecessor Vitaly Yarema allegedly took a $7 million bribe in 2014 to save Zlochevsky from a British investigation by the UK’s Serious Fraud Office, much to the fury of the US state department.

Yarema was the prosecutor general Goldman asserted was fired at the behest of the British authorities, not Shokin.

Shokin was brought out of retirement in Feb. 2015 by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to do what the US was demanding: clean up corruption.

OOPSIE! In fact, as we have noted multiple times, Joe Biden is on record BRAGGING that he got Shokin fired! Gee, I wonder why?

In the end it was Congressman Byron Donalds who brought down the thunder on all the excuses submitted by the Twitter executives. 

Which also left the Democrats looking like the fools they are. They had to desperately try to convince everyone that the laptop wasn’t really real, it was trivial and half-fake. As if that makes it all ok that Twitter executives colluded with government agencies and actively censored the press and hundreds of Americans over that information and more. 

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  • Chris Rowan says:

    Amazing. Their arrogant mendacity is just amazing. But what will come of all this? Will anyone be held to account? Will the Big Guy suffer any punishment whatsoever? Will anyone in the FBI be fired? Will anyone at all be fined and imprisoned?

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