Biden Called Out Ukraine for Corruption, Forgetting His Own Ukrainian Corruption

Biden Called Out Ukraine for Corruption, Forgetting His Own Ukrainian Corruption

Biden Called Out Ukraine for Corruption, Forgetting His Own Ukrainian Corruption

President Joe Biden stood before a podium at the G7 conference calling out Ukraine for its corruption.  He suggests Ukraine should not be admitted to NATO until they have rooted out corruption. Yes, he really did say that.

“It depends on whether they meet the criteria. The fact is, they still have to clean up corruption. The fact is, they have to meet other criteria to get into the action plan. And so school’s out on that question. It remains to be seen…”

Come on, man! Are you serious?

Joe either has a set of steel stones to stand up to the globe and make such a statement or his handlers put him up to it and he has no idea what he just said. Either way, Americans should have just shot coffee out their noses. For Joe Biden to call out Ukraine for corruption is positively galling–and this is our President.

Let’s peel this onion. Let’s go back to 2019 and Hunter Biden, Joe’s son. In a huge nutshell, Hunter impregnated a stripper. Most of 2019, Hunter spent denying knowing the stripper, denying the baby, and refusing to pay child support. Turn to the last page of that baby mama drama, DNA said baby is his. Court said to pay up, he said he was broke, and had no financials to show because he was broke.

As we all know by now, when words are coming out of Hunter’s mouth, they are lies. Turns out he wasn’t broke. He was making “as much as $50,000 per month” serving on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian energy company, Burisma.

Stripper was being paid by a company located at Hunter’s Hollywood Hills address. Weird huh? He says he didn’t know her, has no money (Hollywood Hills?), and can’t pay her even though he has a history of paying her.

Realizing DNA doesn’t lie, Hunter refused to turn over his financials after being ordered to pay child support. Hunter not only refused, he dug in his heels and was dragged into court and almost faced contempt of court charges. It was then that the world started to understand the reason. If Hunter gives up his financials, then we all get to see the corrupt foreign money streaming into his bank account.

“From May 2014, Burisma Holdings Ltd. was paying Hunter $83,333 a month to sit on its board… In 2016, Hunter’s total income from Burisma was $999,996. In 2017 it dropped to $665,000, and then $498,000 in 2018.”

While dramatic and seedy, how is this corrupt? Does anyone think Hunter is smart enough to be on an international board and be valuable enough to be paid that kind of money? Have you seen the laptop photos? We’ll get to what he did with a laptop and a load of money in a minute. This isn’t about Hunter’s corruption, but Joe’s.

“Joe Biden has acknowledged on camera that in spring 2016, when he was vice president and spearheading the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy, he successfully pressured Ukraine to fire top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. At the time, Shokin was investigating the notoriously corrupt Burisma Holdings — where Hunter’s role was especially lucrative. The vice president threatened to withhold $1 billion in critical U.S. aid if Shokin was not fired.”

Joe got the Ukrainian prosecutor fired. The same prosecutor who was investigating corrupt Burisma and Hunter. Ooopsie doodles. Wouldn’t you love to know what that guy knows?

When Hunter’s financials came out, Joe’s Ukrainian corruption was on display for the world to see.

It gets better. Hunter got his smarts from his dad. It shows. He takes his laptop to get repaired, fails to pick it up, repair guy gets an eyeful of all kinds of garbage on the laptop and calls on the FBI. The FBI is still sitting on it. Repair guy shares the contents of those who would listen which we all know wasn’t mainstream media.

While we all got an eyeful of the drugs, porn, debauchery and lascivious behavior Hunter is capable of when given boatloads of cash from the Ukrainians, one juicy detail was overlooked.

“The former stripper who bore Hunter Biden’s out-of-wedlock child — and who he claims that he has no memory of meeting — was on his consulting firm’s payroll during her pregnancy, text messages retrieved from his laptop reveal…[Hunter] made sure she was booted off the company insurance plan months after she gave birth, according to the texts.”

If it was found out Hunter had income, then the source of income would be found out, and the Hunter-Joe pay-to-play game would be revealed. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States is corrupt and compromised and just called out Ukraine for corruption. He’s also guilty of having a complete boob for a son.

Ric Grenell said it best as he watched Joe Biden at the G7 summit.

“President Joe Biden is ‘very weak’ and the ‘Europeans are doing a very good job of playing him’ at the G-7 summit and the meeting of the North Atlantic Trade Organization, former ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell [said] Monday.”

When Biden called out Ukraine for corruption you can bet China, Russia and Ukraine got a good laugh. Considering Joe’s corrupt history with Ukraine, it’s either laughable or cringe worthy.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Humility says:

    Biden has all the proof of Ukrainian corruption he needs in order to profit from their corruption.

  • Bevo Francis says:

    Once again a sick politician (joe, hunter and others) who have violated their oath of office will never, ever be held to account and pay the consequences.

  • John W Dorman says:

    I’m guessing that the stripper did little or no work, which would make the payment to her tax evasion, since Hunter’s firm was getting a business deduction (salary and wages) to pay his bimbo. I’m sure the IRS will get right on this, just like the DOJ will get right on the kickback…errr…referral fee that Hunter and his partner paid to get the Burisma job.

    • Scott says:

      Don’t forget him lying on the 4473 form, and his brothers wife / slam piece throwing it in the trash near a school… I’m sure BATFE is on top of that one too.

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