Debbie Schlussel is still off her rocker

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Debbie Schlussel is still off her rocker

How familiar are you all with Debbie Schlussel? She’s a fairly well-known blogger, but she’s mostly known for being a loon who has been stalking and harassing Emily Zanotti for over four years now. She’s now fully degenerated into attacking pretty much everyone in the conservative blogosphere who dares defend whoever happens to be on her shit list at the moment.

Over at Right Wing News, John Hawkins explains her spiral into dementia:

First off, let me just note that it’s objectively not true that Emily Zanotti has ever praised death or torture threats, hates Jews, stalked Debbie, got fired from a job over what Debbie said, or apologized for doing those things. As I mentioned earlier, Emily did apologize, but for the reasons mentioned above, not for the reasons Schlussel stated.

I’d also like to note that claiming Emily is obsessed with Debbie Schlussel is like claiming John Lennon was obsessed with Mark David Chapman. Aside from apologizing to Debbie for offending her, to the best of my knowledge, Emily has not contacted Debbie or mentioned Debbie on the web in four years other than in a non-archived post (I don’t think there’s a way to link it) from 2008, which was little more than a fairly tame re-statement of the facts in response to the article I wrote two years ago.

Of course, if you’ll notice in Debbie’s twitter feed there, she’s accusing a whole hell of a lot of conservatives of hating Jews including Emily, Tabitha Hale, Melissa Clouthier, Infidelesto, Brigitte Gabriel, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, and Michael Medved.

Also, you may note that pursuing a four year vendetta over an unflattering blog post doesn’t constitute obsession in Debbie’s world, but denying that you or your friends are anti-Semities on Twitter does. Again, enjoy your stay in Debbie Schlussel’s world. The good news is that the nuts are free, but the bad news is that the paranoia level is cranked all the way up to X-Files level.

How insane is Debbie Schlussel when it comes to Emily Zanotti? She searches out the blogosphere for any post, any at all, that mentions Emily in a positive manner. She then proceeds to troll the hell out of the comment sections, blasting pretty much anyone and everyone who has the audacity to not think that Emily is a vicious murderous Jew-hater (which, of course, she is not). This has happened to posts I’ve written several times, and I know I am not the only blogger to have been forced to peer into the depths of Debbie Schlussel’s insanity. Now, she’s like the boy who cried wolf, accusing every conservative who criticizes her of anti-semitism. As John pointed out, showcasing her stream of lunacy on her twitter feed last night (that’s some entertaining stuff, go read it), she’s now attacking Melissa Clouthier (a close friend of mine and someone I know is not an anti-semite), Tabitha Hale, and several others — including Dennis Prager and Michael Medved. She’s even accusing Mark Levin of supporting Hezbollah! My God, someone has seriously gone off the deep end. Most, if not all, of the bloggers she’s accusing of anti-semitism have been ardent defenders of Israel, myself included. I’ve received some of the worst hate mail in my life because I had the nerve to defend Israel over the Gaza flotilla incident, but I’m sure that as soon as I post this I’ll get slapped with the anti-semite label, too.

Debbie has now sent John a cease-and-desist and is making threats to try to have his website taken down. But, as John pointed out, everything he wrote on his blog was true to the best of his knowledge. His opinions about her personality and her sanity are just that — his opinions. Schlussel is claiming that it is John and Emily who are obsessed with her… before proceeding to call Emily John’s “anti-Semitic lunatic stalker friend”. Debbie Schlussel calling someone else a lunatic — now that is rich. She claims that she’s going to “release the hornets” on all of John’s friends now… because I’m sure the entire conservative blogosphere quakes with fear over the thought of Debbie Schlussel writing mean things about them.

So, what have we learned today, kids? Debbie Schlussel has gone seriously off the deep end. She’s right there with Charles Johnson in the insanity pool. She can bitch and moan all she wants about how all of us are just so obsessed with her, but the reality is a little different. If Debbie Schlussel were to fade away into obscurity tomorrow, no one would ever write about her again. No one in the blogosphere would miss her, no one in the blogosphere would care. The only reason this keeps going on is because Debbie Schlussel keeps it going, probably in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. If she really doesn’t want people telling it the way it is regarding who she is and what she’s like, then the answer is simple. Go away. No one is forcing her to live in the blogosphere limelight.

Believe it or not, Debbie, no one really cares about you. None of us are obsessed with you. And if you disappear into irrelevance, none of us will continue to write about you. The end.

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  • Elena says:

    There’s definitely a pathological Captain Ahab-type fixation going on toward those who cross her. I was bemused awhile back at her hysterical attacks on Sean Hannity, which I think started because he didn’t invite her on his show when he covered one of her pet issues. This is a sobering spectacle of raw vindictive rage. It’s sad, too. She really has a lot going for her.

  • Billy Ho says:

    Don’t forget the tirade she went on when Steven Crowder did a piece on the deteriation of Detroit. He got the anti-semite tag for that as well.

  • Phang says:

    I am pro-Israel, yet I don’t know who Debbie Schlussel is, nor do I care. Guess I must be a racist.

  • Jay Tea says:

    Sounds like we’ve found Charles Johnson’s soul mate…


  • Beth Donovan says:

    I was another one of Debbie’s victims – back about 5 or so years ago. She threatened to sue me and get me fired from my job -why? Because I wrote that I thought she was wrong about a brooch that was worn by the then head of ICE or something – may have been before it was ICE. (She was sure it was a “Mexican Eagle” – it was just an eagle, and the brooch was sold at the Smithsonian. She went nuts over a freaking piece of jewelry. Over a pin. This woman has been and is not right in the head. The more people who realize this and quit reading her, the sooner she will get off the internet.

    She harassed me and threatened me for weeks. I told her I was going to file a complaint with the Michigan Bar – it is illegal for a lawyer to throw threats of lawsuits around – and eventually, she quit.

    I know Emily, and I am furious that this stupid Schlussel woman is accusing her of being anti-semitic, etc. etc.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    Sounds like we’ve found Charles Johnson’s soul mate…


    Don’t let them mate. They may reproduce!

  • Cassy to receive a cease and desist email from Charles Johnson’s soul mate in 3…2….1….. 😀

  • Dave C says:

    See what happens to you after a one night stand with Bill Maher?

  • fozzy says:

    You don’t have to be a blogger to get some Shlussel hate. Just go to her website and slightly disagree with her in the comments. You’ll immediately get blasted.

    This is part of her response to someone who said that Carly Fiorina would be better than Barbara Boxer, “…you are the problem, and who the heck needs you? Thank G-d people like you weren’t around during WWII. You clearly have zero principles. Bye. DS” This to some reader that she knows nothing about.

  • Jewel's Jungle says:

    oh fer Pete’s sake. face/palm

    Schlussel appears to be more thin-skinned than Obama. Talk about disproportionate reactions.

  • Attila says:

    Why did you put up a link Debbie the fool?

    If you want to see what insane people on the web are up to, there is Huff Po and the Kos kids.

  • Adam says:

    Cassy, this psycho Debbie Schlussel chick is mentally ill. All she does is talk down on Muslims and accuses Muslims and anyone associated with Muslims (or as she calls it Muzzies) terrorists. Everyone that opposes her is “anti-semetic”. In one of her blogs, she had a video of an Israeli kid whom went to protest against a bunch of Arabs. One single Israeli kid. Not one of the Arabs threatened nor assaulted him, but yet at the end of her article she wrote “next time get a gun permit”. She’s tellin a 16 year old Jewish kid to bring a gun to a Pro-Gaza protest. They weren’t protesting in her homestate of Israel, they were voicing their freedom of speech in L.A. So she’s preaching hate crimes on AMERICAN soil.. I’m no genius but isn’t that terrorism on her part? Well i did report her to the Michigan Attorney General’s office. My father is a lawyer also. I have lots of back up to bring this fuckin skank down.

  • HeckOnWheels says:

    Elena Says:
    June 16th, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    There’s definitely a pathological Captain Ahab-type fixation going on toward those who cross her. I was bemused awhile back at her hysterical attacks on Sean Hannity, which I think started because he didn’t invite her on his show when he covered one of her pet issues. This is a sobering spectacle of raw vindictive rage. It’s sad, too. She really has a lot going for her.

    I think in this analogy, she acts like Ahab but looks like his nemesis.

  • I think it’s time to say something nice and wonderful about Emily Zanotti, don’t you?

    If more bloggers were to simply say something nice about Miss Zanotti, it would probably cause Debbie Schlussel to have a cow.

  • smg45acp says:

    I love Debbie Schlussel’s blog.
    I also read and admire Pat Buchanan, one of her mortal enemies.
    Debbie constantly brings out stories that other media and bloggers don’t cover or if they do cover them it’s weeks or months later.
    If you are going to be blogging expect to be attached.
    Deal with it, suck it up, it happens.
    If somebody isn’t attaching you, you probably are doing it wrong.
    There are a lot of half truths in Cassy’s blog and I am disappointed in her for that .
    For example, Debbie never called Levin an anti-Semite. She simply pointed out that he was in favor of Fred Thompson hiring a pro-Hezbollah campaign worked to help get the Muslim vote.
    This she felt, and I agree, that Levin was selling out his principles in order to try and win an election.
    Those that are not familiar with Schlussel need to read her blog for a month and then decide for themselves.

  • harkin says:

    I went over to her blog just to have a look. Trashing someone’s physical appearance isn’t enough, a nazi flag must be placed next to the photo. In the comments, no substance at all, just snide remarks about weight and clothes and no backup facts or links as to the accusations. Might as well be the facebook page for a jr high school clique leader.

  • Big Al says:

    smg45acp, perhaps you need to re-read Cassy’s blog. Your example is incorrect, as Cassy stated that Schlussel accused Levin of “supporting Hezbollah.”, not calling him an anti-Semite. Schlussel apparently on Twitter said in the last few days that Levin was pandering to Hezbollah. While there may be some question to what constitutes “support”, I think Cassy was accurate in what she wrote on this, and find no half truth here.

  • ck says:

    I went over to have a look at Debbie’s site, in fact I dropped in a # of times. This “woman” (if I must call her that) is a psycho. Comments condemning her behavior were expunged quickly. There were people pointing out to her that her behavior is unacceptable. That is not the behavior of a healthy adult mind. smg45acp is probably Debbie because nobody with any decency would defend what she has done and her blog is nothing but hate – hate for everyone. When you demonize people who don’t tow your line, your message, no matter how heartfelt is not worth the type. It is just dressed up hate mongering.

  • physics geek says:

    In my opinion, Debbie Schlussel is in need of serious medication and should never be trusted with sharp objects. Also, a special little shirt with wraparound sleeves would probably fit her just fine.

    See Debbie? I said “in my opinion”, which means you can take your legal threats and stick them up your ass, which means -in my opinion- that you would immediately contact your head.

  • physics geek says:

    Sorry about dirtying up your comments Cassy, but the insane – in my opinion- Debbuh deserves to be mercilessly mocked until the insane bag lady inside of her comes out.

    Kidding, of course: the insane bag lady is already on display.

  • Paul Zummo says:

    I think anyone who still reads her site and takes her seriously after her disgusting and cheap attack on you today themselves should check into the loony bin.

  • Paul Zummo says:

    For example, Debbie never called Levin an anti-Semite.

    It’s not exactly surprising that an illiterate moron would be a fan of Deb’s blog. Cassy herself didn’t say that Debbie called Levin an anti-Semite.

  • KimWW says:

    Well, I can certainly testify that Cassy is not obsessed with Debbie. I have been reading here for about 2 years (give or take) and I have never heard of her.

    Doesn’t look like I have missed anything of value.

  • salt1907 says:

    This all sounds very vague and inspecific. Whereas Debbie Schlussel’s posts are very specific – especially the history regarding Emily Zanotti. (I never heard of Cassy Fiano until Debbie mentioned here.) And linking Debbie to Charles Johnson is just factually wrong. Charles has become a flaming liberal. Debbie definitely is not.

  • Trosp says:

    smg45acp a drive-by?

  • ck says:

    Salt – drinking too much kool-aid there. Debbie’s posts are very specific about her hate – not about facts. She conveniently leaves those out because she has none. Debbie and Charles are linked as you pointed out – one is a flaming liberal that other one is just “flaming”. So, you see…..

  • Glenn says:

    Was just over at Debbie website, what a nut. Regardless if you agree or disagree with her, you can see the hate in her posts!

    I also think a couple of the posts in this thread are Debbie trolling!

  • Jaz McKay says:

    Debbie used to be a regular guest on my talk radio show. Then two years ago she found out that John Hawkins from Right Wing News was also a regular on my show. She blew her stack and refused to appear on my show ever again. I replaced her with Pam Geller. Pam is GREAT. And while some listeners used to complain about Debbie, her voice, extreme view points etc. They all seem to LOVE Pamela so I have to thank Crazy Debbie for improving my ratings by bugging out on her segments.

  • I have to say I feel so insignificant – Schlussel’s not attacking me speaks volumes of my anonymity in conservative circles.
    I must work harder to piss her off….

  • Dana says:

    when Debbie Schlussel attacked Ted Nugent I knew she was off her rocker. no pun intended

  • Christina says:

    Poor Debbie! Menopausal hormonal rage can be such a bitch! There is help Ms. Schlussel! Please seek it and you’ll be a happy, more balanced person.

  • Carol says:

    Don’t know this Debbie, never heard of her and who cares?

  • Thomas Lee says:

    I have defriended this fool.

    Thank me!

  • El Knowles says:

    Went to the website, and despite the hijinks reported here, couldn’t believe a. how boring it was and b. how long the bio. Lawd.

  • Jennifer says:

    Debbie Schlussel is a hysterical loon and there is a reason why she has never been married. I am Jewish and find her ranting about who is and who isn’t an anti Semite to be so offensives.

  • Patrick says:

    I went back in an objective tone and re-read the scathing out-right attack on “Z-nutty ” as she called her. I did see the tweet that DS DID say that Levin showed indirect support to Hezbolla by backing Thompson—(a bit of a stretch) but the words were accurate. Her blog posting was devoid of facts a was reduced to more name calling than anything else. If she would have pulled “a Limbaugh” and let her own contextual words speak for themselves…It would have been belivable. I used to like DS now I take what she says as more “Yellow Journalism” than anything else ( if you dont know what that was you never listened in High School American History Class)

  • Canard says:

    I posted on Schlussel’s blog telling her how immature it is to refer to Sean Hannity as Sean Vannity and Michelle Malkin as Michelle Fraudkin and I reminded her that in the same vein someone referred to her as Debbie Demento (in one of those how do you like that?) -well surprise, surprise, my post was deleted.

  • nandro says:

    Yes, its pretty clear Debbie Schlussel is mentally ill. That is exactly my professional impression, as a clinical psychologist, from reading her blog and other rants. She has a paranoid-delusional persecutory complex. There is almost nothing that she writes that is based in reason, logic, or a rational argument. One cannot read her and take her points seriously as they are essentially the ravings of a lunatic. She is batshit fucking crazy.

  • TO says:

    Debbie Schlussel is NUTS. (Read any three sentences she’s ever written for proof.) I’ve heard that she’s fighting her own mother in a lawsuit over her father’s estate. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it wouldn’t suprise me. And anyone who goes to Michigan’s Oakland County court website can look up to see how many times she’s been a defendant in a civil action, and how many apparently retaliatory actions she’s filed in return…

    Oh, Debbie…if you read this, feel free to issue your standard threat about finding out who I am and suing me. You’re a piece of crap. And your whole “anti-semite” accusation against anyone who doesn’t kiss your ass was old a long time ago. It’s not anti-Semitism that causes people to be nauseated by you. Honest, babe, it’s just you.

  • Lee says:

    Debbie scares me as much if not more than Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.

    I mean with Rush and Ann, I know their hateful and racist and etc. But with Debbie, what freaks me out with her is that she hates on her own political party almost as if she was on the other side.

    I mean it is clear she is a republican and all that but I have never ever seen a republican dis another republican, they only dis non-republicans, or more specifically, democrats (and democrats will dis democrats and turn on their own party assuming you could get democrats to unite for at least 10 minutes).

    And finding out from this website that she stalks and harasses people scares me even more since I commented on her blog disagreeing with her (well I agreed with her on the James Jones post but the other 2 posts I commented on I completely disagreed).

    She must be on the extreme right wing faction…and the way she defended rush limbaugh’s hateful antics was kind of an indication that she is way up there with the vocal extremists that basically have come to represent the republican party because well…republicans never turn on republicans.

  • roGER says:

    I love Debbie and her blog – she is the living breathing typing embodiment of ‘batshit crazy’ and a wonderful retort to those who accuse Muslims and the left of having a monopoly on hate-mongering and extremism.

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