Whiteness Studies: 1865-2020 Dems Haven’t Changed

Whiteness Studies: 1865-2020 Dems Haven’t Changed

Whiteness Studies: 1865-2020 Dems Haven’t Changed

Someone at the Smithsonian finally realized the graphic Aspects of Whiteness sure looked like it could have been written by David Duke and removed it. However, they still left up the rest of the conversation about “whiteness”. So the idea of black folk as slow children who must be coddled remains.

Mighty white of them, eh?


*Seattle wants to fire white cops
*National Association of Basketball Coaches want the SAT and ACT eliminated for their players
*The California Faculty Association, a union for faculty in the California State University system, is calling for free tuition for black and indigenous students.
*At Western Washington University, the Black Student Union is demanding a segregated space for black folk only.
*Washington Post believes merit counts in choosing basketball players, but not orchestra musicians.

Data collected from 500 American orchestras for a 2016 study by the League of American Orchestras paints a starkly white picture when it comes to diversity in classical organizations.

It’s here I would like to point out that orchestras fill those seats, and determine chair rankings, with blind auditions. It could be a purple transpecies gnome playing sax with its feet behind that screen and the judges would have no clue. Not good enough for our Whiteness racists, of course.

Whiteness, it appears, includes the belief that the parent(s) of juvenile black bodies are incapable of insisting their children learn a musical instrument.

An aside: My own children and grandchildren have taken lessons and participated in school bands since grade school. That included me doing the hard work of schlepping them to rehearsals and performances and nagging them about practice. How racist of me to believe that a melanin-enriched parent is just as capable of me, with just as much individual agency, of making the same choice.

From 1865 to 2020, Democrats haven’t changed much. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.

George Wallace smiles.

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  • John C. says:

    The stereotype of blacks as lazy comes from the same source as the stereotype of lazy poor rural whites in the South, and for that matter of rural Mexicans. They were seen as sitting lazily on their porches, or in the case of Mexicans, sitting against a wall and napping. What was not seen was the reason: it was hot. These people rested, even taking naps, during the hottest part of the day, so as to avoid heatstroke in the days before electric fans and air conditioners. In the cooler parts of the day, they worked; then they were harder to see. Stereotypes almost always have a kernel of truth to them, but that truth is not necessarily what people think.

  • GWB says:

    The site’s intent and purpose are to foster and cultivate conversations that are respectful and constructive and provide increased understanding. (emphasis added)
    They are intended to promote the progressive religion (intersectionalist denomination). They are intended to indoctrinate in the Church of Woke. It’s not parley you’re seeking, it’s proselytization. It’s not education, it’s evangelism.

    free tuition for black and indigenous students
    Cool. As long as they take it out of your salary.

    demanding a segregated space for black folk only
    Give ’em their own water fountains and diners. Oh, and their own seating on the bus.

    a starkly white picture
    Well, hell, you wouldn’t want to be appropriatin’ our culture, now, would ya?

    with blind auditions
    What?! Color-blindness is RACISSSS!!!

    That included me doing the hard work of schlepping them to rehearsals and performances and nagging them about practice.
    One thing I will admit: it also costs money. And that, combined with the time and travel investments, can put it out of reach of poor kids in some places. Yes, we had charities for it when I was in band. But it still makes it more difficult.
    But, no, music classes – band, orchestra, choir – certainly don’t discriminate.

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  • Stephen Karlson says:

    The part about the blind auditions that cracks me up is that the original point of blind auditions was to MITIGATE the implicit biases of the juries listening to the players.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Welcome to the era of Compassionate Racism. It’s the same old white supremacist beliefs, but now with extra concern and added caring.

  • Russ Wood says:

    Are they implying that Hendrik Verwoerd, the architect of South Africa’s apartheid, was not wrong or evil – but just too early?

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