Mayor De Blasio Joins Democrat Presidential Race

Mayor De Blasio Joins Democrat Presidential Race

Mayor De Blasio Joins Democrat Presidential Race

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce his candidacy for the 2020 Democrat Presidential Nomination on Good Morning America this morning. Although it seems farcical, he really will be the 24th person to announce. It’s tempting to make jokes about crowded fields and clown cars. This man is no joke.

The Washington Post took the serious route in announcing the de Blasio candidacy:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, the twice-elected chief executive of the nation’s largest city, will announce on Thursday that he is joining the Democratic field of presidential candidates, according to two people involved in his campaign preparations.

De Blasio is expected to make a public announcement during an appearance Thursday morning on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” He plans to travel to Iowa and South Carolina this week for a series of introductory campaign events.

The entry of another liberal lawmaker in the crowded Democratic field provides another option for the wing of the primary electorate that seeks to counter the era of President Trump with policies that are more aggressive and disruptive than those of President Barack Obama.

The New York Post, known for being glib, took a cynical approach:

New York’s own Mayor Bill de Blasio will make it official Thursday, announcing his candidacy for president. Of the United States.

If you’re not laughing, then you don’t know Bill de Blasio like we know Bill de Blasio.

As the hometown paper and preferred foil, let us explain why Democrats across America shouldn’t waste time or money on this guy.

He is both incompetent and crooked; oblivious and arrogant. He won his current job in a fluke election back in 2013, yet ever since has seemed certain that he’s destined to be a major national figure — despite falling on his face time after time.

Warren Wilhelm de Blasio does fall on his face, a lot. Two years ago, named him one of the three worst mayors in the country (Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis were the other two.) Two days ago, de Blasio thought it would be ever so clever to announce the NYC Green New Deal inside Trump Tower. This is a twofer, right. Show the world how woke he is with his NYC Green New Deal and troll Trump. Hilarity ensued when the Trump supporters rode down the elevator and crashed the party. Watch the video evidence:

Now, that was a funny video. The sheen on de Blasio’s face could have been flop sweat too.

It’s hard to figure out what de Blasio brings to the party. According to his biography, de Blasio has either worked for political campaigns or held government appointments since college. He worked on David Dinkins’ Mayoral Campaign, Congressman Charlie Rangel’s re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s shoe-in Senate Campaign. He was appointed a regional director for Housing and Urban Development during the Bill Clinton President. He was also on the NYC school board and served as Public Advocate.

I cannot understand how he got to be NYC mayor and to win re-election for that matter.

Bill de Blasio is a committed Socialist. He is married to a black woman, who is a former lesbian, and he has bi-racial children. In the Social Justice Sweepstakes can that beat Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a gay, married, veteran or Senator Elizabeth Warren who is a beer-swilling, 1/1024 Native American, lawyer? I know, I laughed too.

Looks like we are gonna need a bigger clown for the 2020 Democrat Presidential Race.

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  • Theo Moore says:

    “No one has ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” I would love for that to be proven wrong but when I pay attention to our college campus crowd I am not optimistic.

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