DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Quickly Backtracks On School Vaccine Mandate

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Quickly Backtracks On School Vaccine Mandate

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Quickly Backtracks On School Vaccine Mandate

If you are an unvaccinated child in the Washington D.C. area, Mayor Muriel Bowser had an announcement for you. Get vaccinated or don’t get taught at all.

During a press conference, Bowser, a Democrat, admitted there are no alternative options, including virtual learning, for students who cannot attend school due to the District’s vaccine mandate, meaning unvaccinated children will effectively be left without an education.

Over 40% of blacks ages 12-17 are not vaccinated, according to city data.

The Daily Signal asked Bowser what the plan was for unvaccinated students. Washington, D.C., public schools start Monday.

Bowser responded, “They can go to school on Monday. But they need to get their vaccinations … and their families will be alerted as to the dates.”

That’s right. Muriel Bowser doesn’t care about kids in her district getting an education. Nope. It’s get vaccinated or you get nothing. Not even a class via Zoom. 

When pressed on whether or not unvaccinated children would have to use virtual learning for their education if they were not compliant with the vaccine mandate, Bowser said, “We’re not offering remote learning for children, and families will need to comply with what is necessary to come to school.”

The Queen HAS SPOKEN. In this case, it’s pretty damned evident that Black Lives Do NOT Matter to Mayor Bowser and the Washington D.C. school district. 

This is heinous and it is wrong on every single level. As we’ve written extensively, most recently two days ago, our children were horrifically harmed by the lockdowns and the politically driven ill-advised fear-mongered response to the pandemic. 

This is a continuation of Covid failures that shouldn’t be happening right now. The D.C. school district has had two years to prepare to deal with all of this. Instead, what that district and the Mayor are doing is vilifying kids and forcing them into choices that they may not need to nor want to make.

Jonah in San Francisco, diagnosed with autism, became violent after hours of school screen time while the city closed the skate park he frequented; Alexis in Hawaii, a nonverbal child who regressed into diapers when deprived of in-person services; Khamla, who was removed from his family’s home over allegations of abuse and neglect. All predictable.

“It seemed like depraved indifference to children’s welfare,” Kamenetz writes in 2022. It did.

These were the stories that parents in Facebook groups and school board Zoom meetings were desperately telling their local bureaucrats and teachers unions as they fought to get schools opened. For their efforts, they were called heartless, ignorant, and elitist. The Department of Justice famously sent a memo pegging vociferous activism as worthy of investigation. I guess they got a little too loud.

A school board member in Alexandria, Virginia, whose tone was typical of the overwrought official response, asked parents: “Do you want your child to be alive, or do you want your child to be educated?” The Chicago Teachers Union tweeted (and later deleted) that the fight for school openings was “rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny,” even as parents rightly argued that school closures were widening all the gaps the same set claims to care about between white students and minorities, rich and poor. Those who had or made the resources and time to fight were reviled as privileged yoga moms who wanted their babysitters back.

What Muriel Bowser had decided, what that school district agreed to is absolutely depraved indifference to the welfare of all the children in that district. And no, don’t harp back at me about the Covid spread, super spreader, vaccinated vs unvaccinated crap. Our kids are the LEAST affected by this damned virus. Period. 

What’s as bad as Bowser’s depraved indifference? The kids this mandate affects. 

But Black Lives Matter! Well, only if Bowser can grandstand against Trump by painting BLM logos on Washington D.C. streets, or go partying at conventions, and declare political funerals as necessary during the lockdowns. But when it’s the kids in her district, particularly those who are black, who will be disenfranchised and receive zero education because of her unethical and depraved indifference to their future well-being? All bets are off. 

Well, the backlash certainly caught Bowser’s attention. There was a very quick change in the guidance. 

Now, the questions are as follows. For those students who don’t get vaccinated, will a remote learning option be put back into place? Furthermore, why did the D.C. school district remove the remote learning option in the first place? 

Bowser backtracked, and that’s a good thing for those kids who do plan to attend school on Monday, vaccinated or not. 

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  • Patti Jo says:

    Gee, how far back into my head can I roll my eyes in UNsurprise that Muriel Boxershorts suddenly did a 360 when it was reported that her stupid policies affected black and minority students the worse? And that the witch allowed NO exceptions to her policy until her true motives were revealed? Bee=yootch needs to go jump into the Potomac.

  • Zman says:

    If it were the white kids that had low jab numbers instead of black kids, would she have backtracked? My guess is no.

    Black people in general had more common sense than my white brethren during the plandemic — they have an institutional memory of the crimes committed by our government during the Tuskegee syphilis experiments.

  • Bucky says:

    There was a time in this country when educating a slave was a crime. Then after emancipation there was segregation and “separate but equal”. Civil rights activists fought, and some died, to give Blacks access to the same education as whites.

    Now we have the Black mayor of D.C. saying to Black kids “no school for you” unless you get the jab.

    Looks like Bowser is Brandon’s Oreo cookie.

  • Pyrthroes says:

    Muriel “Arf-Arf’s” plan for low-albedo kidlets beggars description; but then there’s Lori Lightfoot (“Lightweight”). Reprising Zero Hedge, 08/23/2022 (Tue): Of Chicago’s 478 stand-alone “traditional” schools, one-third (150) are less than half-full. Twenty are only 5% to 25% full, with abysmal, single-digit proficiency levels. For example, Manley HS enrolls just 64 students, 4.94% of 1,296 capacity. Of these, precisely two (2) are proficient in reading, and one (1) in math.

    Across Chicago, an equal proportion of just 44 of capacity 888 attend Douglas HS (a dingy dump) where not one student is proficient in either math or reading. Not to worry! Unionized “teachers” time-serving 20-hour weeks will award these illiterate, innumerate sadsacks meaningless GED certificates in 2023. Meantime, Chicago spends $28K per student, doubled from 2013.

    Quite possibly, Muriel “the Barker” is onto something: Why not extort exorbitant
    “education taxes,” then transfer ’em to grifting municipal slush-funds for distribution to happy-hooker types for campaign kickbacks? For many decades, that’s how DC has earned its title as the “Punjab Pearl,” its capital Lahore.

  • Bill M says:

    Gooder and harder.

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