Elizabeth Warren Won’t Be Lectured By McConnell On Fairness

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Be Lectured By McConnell On Fairness

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Be Lectured By McConnell On Fairness

Oh my stars and garters! Senator Elizabeth Warren has proclaimed that she won’t be lectured by Minority (Forever) Leader Mitch McConnell on fairness when it comes to student loan debt. Lizzie got her Pow Wow dress wrinkled because McConnell said that the student loan scheme announced by Joe Biden was a “wildly unfair redistribution” towards those at the top. Fauxcahontas opens her gob and spews ugly. This time is no exception.

Creepy Joe announced his unConstitutional redistribution plot with no pay fors. As Deanna wrote yesterday, the Administration is dodging questions about where the money comes from, classic. Republicans are apoplectic. Democrats in tough races are curled up in the fetal position. For Elizabeth Warren, this is a drum she has been beating for a long time. If you don’t remember Liz insulting the hard working Dad in 2020, you can watch it here. I am probably gonna write this more than once, but Warren doesn’t understand economics or human behavior.

I am not at all fond of the forever Minority Leader McConnell, but he did call out the unfairness of the plan, according to The Hill:

He said the median American with student loans has a much higher income than the median American overall, and experts who have studied loan forgiveness have found that its benefit mostly goes to higher-earning individuals.

“President Biden’s inflation is crushing working families, and his answer is to give away even more government money to elites with higher salaries,” the GOP leader said. “Democrats are literally using working Americans’ money to try to buy themselves some enthusiasm from their political base.”

Buying votes is not a new plan for Democrats.

Warren got her feathers ruffled and send out this tweet:

Nope, Warren doesn’t understand economics or human behavior. Cause and effect, Elizabeth. What happened between 1720 1964 when Mitch graduated from the University of Kentucky and now? The Federal government got involved. That’s why Harvard didn’t have to dip into its prodigious endowment to pay Warren $400K. Then, Elizabeth Warren went on MSNBC and dared the “Harvard Boys” (Senator Tom Cotton) to “Bring it on!” Let’s watch and then we’ll discuss:

First, host Alex Wagner brings up a Cotton tweet:

After Hogan says that Democrats are the party of education, Warren starts reeling off statistics about Pell Grants and says 42% of those who took out loans don’t have a college diploma. Excuse me. Isn’t that a place to start? Predatory colleges! If a 19 year old just got his Class A Commercial Driver’s License and asked a bank for a $90K loan for a used 2018 Peterbilt 579. She would get turned down…flat. No collateral. Same kid takes out loans for college for a gender studies degree, no problem. Education is important. I hope to never stop learning or taking classes, but useful education that provides jobs and services is best.

Yes, Tom Cotton did go to Harvard. I don’t know if he had loans or not but he ain’t asking for a handout and he did at least two deployments in the Global War on Terror. Did the grifter Warren ever write a check for her life? Don’t bother, we know. And, as for scratching it out at state colleges, hubs and I both did that. I waitressed. Husband worked on the pipeline and moved boxes for UPS. Didn’t hurt either one of us. The fact that I was a C student didn’t hurt my career either. I could produce. That’s more important than straight A’s.

Next, Elizabeth Warren says that no one knows anyone who isn’t struggling to pay student loan debt. I don’t know anyone personally. Three of my doctor neighbors served in the military for years to cover their medical school costs. Another neighbor went into Pediatric Gastroenterology because that got him here from Syria and paid his medical school. Personal drive makes you hungry. My neighbors drive older Ford trucks. AOC, on the other hand, drives a Tesla and kvetches about her student loans.

Then, Lizzie really torques me off. She says loan forgiveness will help the economy and uses the soldiers coming back from World War II and the GI bill to prove her argument. Oh no she din’t. These men and women got their education after being through the Hell of war. They were motivated, serious and old enough to appreciate it. How dare she? Today’s soy boys haven’t been through much more than the Starbucks drive through.

Liz concludes with the “Republicans got nothing” and “Let the Harvard boys try”. Pretty rich from a woman who lied about her racial heritage to get a cushy six figure job at Harvard.

Why won’t these twats shut up and go away? Gah!

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  • Cameron says:

    Poor Pokahonky. Still flailing around and trying to be relevant. Get the feds out of the college loan business, force the colleges to forgive the debt and watch tuition fall to the point anyone can afford it.

  • Leon0112 says:

    Let’s tax university endowments 20% per year to pay for it.

  • jamkev says:

    She’s just looking for attention. Feels the need to be, in some strange way, relevant in this farce. On to important stuff: McConnell needs to decide which side he is on going into the November mid-terms. He botched his message concerning the upcoming mid-term Senate elections. If he can’t get behind the GOP candidates because they don’t meet his standards- whatever they may be these days- then he needs to hang it up. Mitch is a sly dog, but he’s loosing his touch. Personally, I believe he fears having to work with Trump for four years worse than he fears out of control inflation, job losses, and a wrecked economy.

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