NPR Touts Medieval Warrior as “Nonbinary”

NPR Touts Medieval Warrior as “Nonbinary”

NPR Touts Medieval Warrior as “Nonbinary”

Trying to read the tealeaves of the past without interpreting them from modern biases is hard enough without the current Wokeness that disregards sex in favor of rigidly defined gender roles. New DNA tests on a 1,000 year old warrior has NPR leaping to Woke conclusions about the past.

From the NPR article:

Analysis of ancient DNA found in Finland has unveiled a surprise a century later – the remains of an early medieval warrior thought to be female may have been nonbinary.

The new findings challenge previous ideas about gender roles and expression and suggest that nonbinary people were valued and respected members of their communities (snip)

The findings are a reminder that “biology does not directly dictate a person’s self-identity,” said Ulla Moilanen, the study’s lead author and an archaeologist at Finland’s University of Turku.

In case you are confused on how a DNA test determines self-identity, don’t be. DNA indicates sex (not subjective feelings) and this particular warrior is – per an admittedly small sample – a male with Klinefelter syndrome. This syndrome, where a XY male is born with an extra X chromosome (XXY). Effects are rarely evident until adulthood (e.g. fertility issues) and many males with KS are never diagnosed.

But this particular high-status warrior grave, discovered in 1968, has annoyed researchers for decades. It had both a sword and jewelry so there was the faction that declared it is proof of female warriors while others disputed that conclusion positing a double burial of both a man and woman.

Again, the NPR article leans heavily toward the nonbinary conclusion as settled science. Other articles give a fuller picture. Specifically, the DNA analysis is not reliable and the reasons behind the grave goods are not conclusive. Was this an actual nonbinary person or a respected man of a rich and powerful family?

And that’s the rub. Whether its NPR engaging in Woke cheerleading or even these researchers peppering their paper with faddish terms like male-bodied and female-bodied, we are still a blind person trying to describe an elephant after holding its tail.

There is a tendency of people to look on the past as some sort of brutal slog of Evil Patriarchy that forced people into unrelenting roles. I’ve certainly encountered that listening to 20-somethings sneer at the 1950s and 1960s as women living lives as little more than house slaves. However, from Joan of Arc to Abagail Adams, we can see that human relations and roles were not so rigidly defined.

None of that, too, excuses NPR’s and other wokesters’ hubris at tossing about the phrase nonbinary as an “Ah HAW!” moment to pwn the great unwashed who still understand that humans are sexually dimorphic and that sex does influence skills, talents, and interests. How many times must we point to the example of sports? The myth of wage gap?

Binary sex isn’t a Western invention nor a social construct. For the vast majority of history the roles of both men and women have had to heavily take into account not just strength and endurance differences but reproductive. Gender roles reflected those differences, but the boundaries have always been soft, regardless of the caricatures people hold of the past. NPR looks through a lens that declares anything or anyone outside of a narrowly defined gender role must be queer. Yet, tomboys are happy being girls and males who like to knit are perfectly happy as men.

Face it, reality isn’t Woke.

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  • GWB says:

    Was this an actual nonbinary person
    Someone with Klinefelter syndrome is NOT “non-binary”. They have a genetic malady. “Non-binary” is a made-up phrase from the progressive gender crazies. That genetic malady sometimes consists of actually having one set (or a partial set) of each gender’s sexual organs. These are the sorts of folks who can actually be made better by sex “re-assignment” surgery. They are NOT “non-binary”.

    (And, yes, I used ‘gender’ above to signify biological phenotype. Because it’s accurate, despite the progressive push to redefine it. If you think I’m wrong, I doubt you can change my mind.)

    • NTSOG says:

      “Someone with Klinefelter syndrome is NOT “non-binary”. They have a genetic malady.”

      In fact there are many people born with unusual genetic differences and/or defects who have ‘different’ sexual development and may be unable to reproduce. Had the woke fools bothered to do some research they would have found “Smith’s Recognizable Patterns of Human Malformation” which has been around for decades and describes all sorts of genetic ‘differences’ besides Kleinfelters Syndrome. When Mother Nature rolls the genetic dice She takes no prisoners. The descriptions of the different syndromes as well as the photos in the text are truly confronting, hence this is not a text for those who are easily upset.

  • Oh absolutely we all know that a female can’t be in battle unless she pretends to be a man. But that would be sexist so she has to be non-binary: a mental condition not known until a few years ago. There is absolutely NO way a DNA test can show anything other than a binary option. This is just the progressive communist left being women hating pigs again and it appears people fall for it.

  • DrSamHerman says:

    So they are making this conjecture based on one site alone?

    The oldest rule of research: a single data point doesn’t make a trend.

  • Herp McDerp says:

    … we are still a blind person trying to describe an elephant after holding its tail.

    In the opinion of NPR, “An elephant is warm and mushy.”

  • Peter Gent says:

    Re: “Face it, reality isn’t Woke.”
    How about adding “…Woke, but mentally flawed individuals certainly are.”

  • Paladin says:

    “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” 1984 — the GoTo Guide for modern Wokery

  • Rob Crawford says:

    Jewelry was portable wealth. A warrior was buried with loot — hardly a spectacular finding, or unexpected.

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