Cory Booker’s Immigration Plan Is Hogwash

Cory Booker’s Immigration Plan Is Hogwash

Cory Booker’s Immigration Plan Is Hogwash

Cory Booker’s immigration plan is total hogwash. His plan will open the floodgates even further and cause more problems that it will solve. But supposedly it’s a plan that will reflect our values and supposedly eliminate immigrant detention altogether.

“But we can’t wait for Congress to act, which is why, as president, Cory will start on Day One to end the abuses of the Trump Administration and use his executive authority to reform our immigration system by:

  • Treating immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers with dignity
  • Putting forward a new vision for modernizing immigration
  • Addressing the root causes of the migration and refugee crisis
  • Reaffirming our values by expanding protections for immigrants and rolling back the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies”

First of all, Congress has had PLENTY of opportunities to act! Time and again since last fall we’ve written about legislation proposed by the White House, legislation that the House absolutely refused to consider. The latest $4.6 billion package that Trump signed into law is one that most of the Democrats refused to consider. And several, including screeching harpy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, voted against the legislation.  Of course, that didn’t stop her from her temper tantrum grandstanding yesterday.

Secondly, Booker, who has blasted Trump for using Executive Orders, plans to be President Pen and Phone 2.0.

As for the rest of his proposals? It’s a doozy. He wants MORE people coming into this country – no questions asked. And, wants to do away with those heinous detention centers that are taking away human rights! Again, he voted against proposed legislation several times that would’ve upgraded those detention centers, provided for more lawyers, AND provided for additional medical personnel.

But his plan will FIX THAT!!

How many illegals showed up at our border in May? 144, 278. How many showed up on our border last October? 60,777.

How many families? 84, 542

How many children showed up with no relatives? 11,507

All of the above statistics come from CBP. They shed a bright light on what CBP is dealing with. An influx of families and unaccompanied children who have to be houses in facilities that were designed to deal with single adults.

Does Cory and AOC along with the rest of the Democrats consider that? Nope, not one bit. Their narrative is set and it is anti-Trump all the way.

Here’s another portion of his plan that is very problematic. 

“Appoint a Special Envoy at the State Department to lead Administration efforts and focus on the root causes of migration – corruption, violence, poverty, and climate change. Instead of slow-walking and proposing to cut the disbursement of crucial foreign aid funds to address the root causes of migration like the Trump Administration, Cory would commit to using foreign aid to address the root causes of migration and would appoint a Special Envoy to focus on and prioritize addressing the root causes of migration by:

  • Leading a comprehensive strategy to invest in democratic institutions and reduce corruption

  • Reducing violence and crime

  • Fighting poverty and supporting economic development

  • Recognizing the role of climate change and identifying strategies to mitigate its effects on migration.”

How will he pay for this? MOAR taxes!

Looking at the entirety of his plan, read it all here, it is nothing but a tax grab that will put a huge strain on our economy and is a national security risk on multiple levels.

Cory Booker’s plan is a load of hogwash the will solve nothing and cause more problems that we cannot afford.

Exactly. His cutesy immigration plan is one that panders to the narrative and ignores the law AND the realities of the harm that unchecked immigration will cause in this country.

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  • Mark Gist says:

    So Spartacus is going to stop the immigration crisis by reforming the rest of the world to make it a friendlier place. Talk about American imperialism!

  • JC says:

    Make banana republics fruitful again! (Walks off, singing ‘I’ma Chaquita Banana, and I’m here to say, I have come to help Good Neighbor Poli-say’)

  • John Sanford says:

    Leading a comprehensive strategy to invest in democratic institutions and reduce corruption

    Reducing violence and crime

    Fighting poverty and supporting economic development

    This schmuck couldn’t even accomplish that in 7 years as Mayor of Newark with his own handpicked slate of councilmen. Now he expects us to believe he can do it for the entire Third World? (btw, “fighting poverty” doesn’t mean squat. What did he actually ACCOMPLISH?)

  • rbj1 says:

    Corey, like Beto, is pandering for the illegal alien vote.

    Here’s a hint, they don’t get a vote. Unless you are favor of voter fraud.

    • Scott says:

      Ohh rbj1, they most definitely DO get the vote… in leftist run areas like commiefornia, shitcago, and elsewhere.. never you mind the illegality of it, that’s never bothered a dim, they invented voter fraud and criminal politicians..

  • talgus says:

    Spartacus seems to be personally using his Senator status to transport deported persons back into the US. making them felons and him????

  • NavyPO2 says:

    Beto apparently has a serious case of Jock Itch. I am not a doctor but he keeps on squirming around.

  • Lex McGuire says:

    Unfortunately in some states the illegal aliens vote. CA, for instance, registers them when they get a drivers license and does not permit the records to be checked. Washington state has flowed suite as did Oregon. I hope the FBI is set up to get them during the next presidential election. Dems do not want a citizenship question because they are concerned that it could disrupt the illegal voting.
    Why do you think that the Dems are so concerned with the illegal alien vote if they were not voting? It would not be logical.

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