Democrats Now Own Border Problems After Tanking Mayorkas Impeachment

Democrats Now Own Border Problems After Tanking Mayorkas Impeachment

Democrats Now Own Border Problems After Tanking Mayorkas Impeachment

Senate Democrats are now fully responsible for our border problem. The massive illegal immigration influx is all on them after they tanked the Mayorkas impeachment.

The Senate on Wednesday ended the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, making him the second Cabinet official in history to evade a conviction and removal from office — but the first to be acquitted without evidence being presented of alleged “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) convened the upper chamber in the early afternoon to swear in the 51 Democrats or independents who caucus with them and 49 Republicans as jurors, before offering a motion to dismiss the first of the charges without a trial.

The unprecedented move set off a series of objections from Republicans, with Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) proposing a motion to adjourn the proceedings until April 30 and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rising to oppose Schumer’s point of order that the first impeachment article was “unconstitutional.”

The whole process was a complete disgrace. You can read a solid recap of the proceedings here.

What’s notable about it all is Chuck Schumer, who was involved in several other impeachments now claiming without evidence presented, that Mayorkas is totally innocent. 

The Senate was supposed to hold a trial to determine if Mayorkas is guilty or innocent. But NOOOO… the Democrats are now on record claiming that he’s always been innocent thus examining the evidence by holding an actual impeachment trial was totally unnecessary and a complete waste of time. 

You know what’s notable about what Cortez Masto said? THIS. 

A man arrested over a crash that killed an adviser to Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto earlier this month illegally entered the US, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Elmer Rueda-Linares, 18, who was involved in an April 6 collision that killed Cortez Masto’s state senior advisor Kurt Englehart, was put on an “ICE hold” in Washoe County Jail, a DHS official confirmed to The Post.

There you have it. Cortez Masto, a Democrat from Nevada, is now on record saying the Mayorkas impeachment was a complete waste of time mere days after one of her top staffers was killed by an…illegal.

Yet, according to Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Democrats, this impeachment was frivolous. Open borders and well over 8 million illegals now wandering the country is a frivolous concern and we shouldn’t be wasting our time on holding Mayorkas’ feet to the fire.

That’s a 7000% INCREASE in the number of Chinese nationals trying to sneak into the United States. 

In other words, out of the 25,000 Chinese that tried to enter illegally and were caught by Border Patrol, maybe 800 were sent back. Excellent negotiations there Mayorkas. Much wow. 

Whether Mayorkas would’ve actually been impeached is now moot. Oh sure, given how he’s totally mishandled the border, and at Biden’s bidding has welcomed illegals right and left, he at the very least should’ve been fired the first year. But he wasn’t, and we are all living with the consequences. 

So much so that Denver just slashed its law enforcement budget by EIGHT MILLION in order to go help those poor “newcomers” (isn’t that such a quaint little description?) adjust to life in the United States. Chicago residents and politicians are fed up. 

“Here we are begging for more money when we don’t have money for the people here,” said 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale, a Democrat who opposed the proposal. “We don’t have money for after school programs. We don’t have money to help our kids get off the street. Yet, we would just blow money left and right. That’s a fundamental problem.”

In New York, illegals are being handed debit cards, running illicit open air markets, are bitching about their food and accommodations, and wondering why green cards haven’t magically appeared.

 The Senate Democrats, who voted in lockstep to tank the Mayorkas impeachment proceedings are now claiming that if Republicans had just passed the border bill, none of this would’ve been necessary. 

Except it was and it is. The Democrats have completely ignored the very real national security concerns of having a wide open border. We have child molesters, drug traffickers, and terrorists trying to get into this country. Biden’s policies with the assistance of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have and will continue to turn our borders into a nightmare.


So yes, instead of holding an impeachment, the Democrats tanked the proceedings. 

That tells me three things. 

A. The Democrats weren’t confident that they could prevail against the evidence. 

B. They are putting their leftist policies above the security and welfare of this Republic.

C. They don’t give a damn about our Constitution. 

Schmitt gave a scorching speech late yesterday about the Democrats setting our Constitution on fire. Read it all. 

The Democrats now fully own the border debacle. Any national security issues that arise from Biden’s open borders policy must be laid firmly and squarely on their heads. Democrats threw our Constitution and national security into the gutter solely to protect one of their own instead of protecting their constituents.

In other words, by making sure they didn’t have to vote to acquit the guy, they essentially voted to keep Mayorkas and Biden’s atrocious border policies in place. 

Hello Democrats? YOU BUILT THIS. OWN IT. 

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  • Bucky says:

    If, by some miracle, the GOP ever regains the Senate majority will they pay back the Dems or will they do the usual RINO thing? You all know the answer. The stupid party is as the stupid party does.

    • John Shepherd says:

      Trump supporters on the internet demanded the same move for his two impeachments. They are just the mirror image of the left.

      The Trump and Clinton impeachments were just for show and a waste of time.

  • John Shepherd says:

    Stop the dramatics. The Democrats owned the border crisis before the Senate tossed the case. That is why the impeachment in the first place.

  • A reader says:

    No, they don’t. You obviously need to go rewatch the Schoolhouse Rock episode/clip about how our Federal government works. Funding bills, which includes funding for addressing the border, has to pass through both houses. The Senate had a very strict bipartisan bill which gave Republicans a lot of the concessions they wanted and then Republicans tanked it. ( And BTW you have to compromise when you don’t have a large enough majority, which is true in both the House and Senate.)

    House Republican—who technically have a majority in the House— said they wouldn’t pass it, so because of how many votes are needed to pass bills, Democrats could not pass it without Republican support. Also, according to reporting, the bill was tanked because Trump didn’t want to give Biden a “win” on the border since that’s a big issue in his campaign and he told Republicans to not pass it. So by kowtowing to Trump, Republicans tanked the bill. Republican own this, full stop. You can’t blame Democrats if they only have a majority in the Senate and you need both the House AND the Senate to pass a bill.

    Face it, Republicans have egg on their faces for this and no matter how much you want to spin it, they own this.

    Also, the Mayorkis impeachment did not reach the level of standard to pass, particularly since he’s being hamstrung by not being given the tools and funding he needs to address the issue. It’s actually really hypocritical and ridiculous to even claim otherwise.

    Just about everyone not in your tiny media cult bubble knows this, so maybe put down the Kool-Aid, go outside, and face reality.

    • John Shepherd says:

      Dude, When Biden took office he said everybody come. He threw the border open and the hoards came. There is no additional funding required to secure the boader. You catch them send them back to Mexico.

    • Cameron says:

      Oh look; “A Reader” didn’t bother reading.

      The bill that the Republicans killed not only had more money to fund Ukraine than our own border, it made removing that funding an impeachable offense.

      You really need to stop being inferior. I promise you that your life will be happier.

      “the Mayorkas impeachment did not reach the level of standard to pass” Neither did the two attempts at impeaching Trump but you and your kind don’t care about the law. So I’m fine with them trying again.

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