Coronavirus Cruise Ship Hostages Plead For Trump’s Help

Coronavirus Cruise Ship Hostages Plead For Trump’s Help

Coronavirus Cruise Ship Hostages Plead For Trump’s Help

The masses are in a panic. The Coronavirus is coming for them. Walk into any grocery or superstore and the slots where the medical face masks would be are empty. But, the masses have it easy. A couple of young American honeymooners are being held hostage on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, off the coast of Japan, because there are 64 confirmed cases on board the ship. They are pleading for help from President Trump.

The Trump Administration has been doing a great job of managing the information about this newest iteration of the flu. Sitting here in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains, I don’t worry too much about this outbreak. I remember SARS and the bird flu. I am always prepared. Our Jodi has some excellent prepping advice in case you need a list. Read her post here.

Also, on the list of things that I NEVER care to do is get on a cruise ship. I would rather be locked in a kindergarten classroom with 25 little germ factories/children. The norovirus is famous for, ahem, running through cruise ships. That, and cruise ships are way too peopley.

Honeymooners Gaetano Cerullo and Milena Basso of Long Island, New York told Fox News yesterday and today that they need help from President Trump:

The two reported they were already experiencing trouble getting food and water on the ship, which Basso guestimated produces around 22,000 meals per day and has five dining halls.

“I don’t know how many people have been on a cruise, but you can eat a lot of food pretty fast. Once the quarantine happened, what we could eat basically went downhill,” said Cerullo.

“The first day when we asked for two bottles of water it took four hours and the next day we got two cups,” he added.

“We are kind of worried because we’ve still got two weeks on here assuming that works out in our favor and we still have to get onto American soil,” Cerullo explained. “And, if Donald Trump could help us in any way…”

“We need help. We are in a desperate, desperate state,” Basso pleaded.

Here is another interview they did with Inside Edition:

Thank God for booze. I say that all the time. I really do feel for the couple, sort of. Since the first interview the couple did, the number of Coronavirus patients has gone from 61 to 64. What do they expect President Trump to do? There are 400 Americans on the ship. Do they expect him to send Air Force One to carry them home and possibly infect the rest of us?

Our formerly intrepid honeymooners`aren’t on the only ship with issues. Royal Carribean’s Anthem of the Seas docked in Bayonne, New Jersey after Coronavirus cases were discovered on board. Here is how the New York Post reported the docking:

More than 4,000 passengers fled a Royal Caribbean liner in Bayonne, New Jersey, on Friday after their Caribbean cruise docked there amid a coronavirus scare — and four passengers were rushed to the hospital for testing.

The four suspect passengers were all Chinese nationals who had recently traveled from home. They included one who fell ill with a fever on board and later tested positive for influenza.

“More than 4000 passengers fled…”. Yipes, stripes. The word “fled” does not inspire confidence. Were they tested? Did they have a fever? Why not be quarantined on the ship for at least a day or two? This is how pandemics happen.

While our honeymooners wait for Super Trump to swoop in and save them, I have some bad news. Their quarantine is expected to end February 19. Unless…dun, dun, dun, another Coronavirus case develops. Then, the clock starts all over again.

I am going to add that to the 12,576 reasons I don’t like cruise ships or public transportation.

The rest of you should wash your hands and sneeze into your elbows.

“”Diamond Princess”” by SidPix is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  • Scott says:


    I saw that interview, and you’re a better person than I, because all I thought was “Whiny freaking millennial!s”… (add that to the fact that they probably voted against President Trump and are now asking for his help.. oooh the Irony!) As for the dining halls producing 22,000 meals a day, what exactly does that have to do, if you’ll pardon the expression, the price of tea in China??? They have stores to produce that many meals for a set number of days, not indefinitely you geniuses! Seeing as the term of quarantine is indefinite, pending new cases, they’re doing the sensible thing, cutting back / rationing, in order to extend their supplies… It’s almost like these people can’t do math / think critically… ooh wait…

  • GWB says:

    The US Navy has these HUGE resupply ships. A great move would be to send one (probably at least one stationed in Japan!) out there and resupply the ship by helicopter. It would be one of those “humanitarian gestures” that keep up our goodwill.

    Unless, of course, we sent them all the MREs no one picks up at the chow hall in Afghanistan……..

  • Citizen tom says:

    Scott stole my thunder. Darn it! Meals Refused by Ethiopians (MOR’s) would definitely make them more appreciative of that ship’s normal provisions.

    • Scott says:

      Sorry CT… if I’d wanted to date myself, i would have suggested they dig up some old (i’m sure there’s a warehouse of them) pork patty and beef patty MRE’s.. the original freeze dried “brillo pad” ones back in the mid 80’s.. those things were flat out inedible.. only by drowning them in Tabasco (stolen from the chow hall, they didn’t have the little bottles yet) could you choke them down…

  • Jack says:

    I dont know what you are whinny whining about. I love MREs. If anyone wants to mail me current issue unopened MREs. Contact me. They are awesome.

    • Scott says:

      There are definitely good ones, but vegetarian ones, and those evil freeze dried patties are not among them… My all time fav (long gone i believe) was chicken a la king!

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Back in the days of sail, a long quarantine for ships was fairly common- Mark Twain famously wasn’t officially allowed to land in Athens during his celebrated European trip.

    • GWB says:

      And, for the exact same reason!
      BTW, they should be glad they don’t have something like smallpox. The solution for that was to burn the ship with its cargo and everyone on it!

      I think there are a great many people who don’t really grasp how fragile our globalist world is, and how much it relies on aspects of civilization (like good hygiene, decent medical care, engineering, etc.) that some folks would have us toss away.

  • Jim says:

    “Back in the days of sail, a long quarantine for ships was fairly common – …”

    According to some expatriate Chinese people living in Australia as well as an ex-employee of the Australian Human Rights Commission excluding people coming from China at this time – predominantly Chinese of course – is racial discrimination pure and simple. Never mind that the virus represents a very severe health risk to healthy people, but even more so to those who have compromised immune systems, the very young and very old. Apparently the health of the majority is of less importance than signalling one’s own virtue in relation to a minority who may be carriers.

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Florida Man, full of meth, handing off his Bud to his buddies and asking them to observe him as he performs a spontaneous feat of physical daring hitherto unseen has put far far more thought into the long term consequences of his actions than the Lefts signaling their superior virtue.

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