Confirmed: Andrew Cuomo Is A Bad Person

Confirmed: Andrew Cuomo Is A Bad Person

Confirmed: Andrew Cuomo Is A Bad Person

The New York state assembly released their investigation findings today into former governor Andrew Cuomo.

I think Janice Dean said it best.

Anyone who has been even mildly paying attention to the media inflation of Andrew Cuomo, followed by his deflation, downfall, and resignation, will not be surprised at anything that the New York assembly report says. The only thing to be surprised about is that the assembly investigation was willing to put everything into writing. They must really, truly, loathe this guy.

First of all, the report concludes that yes, Andrew Cuomo was sexually harassing women right and left while he was governor. This, again, is no surprise, and is the charge that finally drove Cuomo out of office. However, putting it in the report really does seal Cuomo’s political coffin. Andrew Cuomo had been making noise about running for public office again, possibly as attorney general (an office he previously was elected to). This report should guarantee that Cuomo never puts his name on a ballot again – but, as we all know, the man is shameless.

However, the more important part of the report is the section that should bring criminal charges. This is about the deliberate concealment of nursing home deaths, and the use of his staff to write his self-promoting book.

In a 46-page report released on Monday, the Assembly Judiciary Committee also found that Mr. Cuomo used state workers and other public resources to write, publish and promote his memoir about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, a likely violation of state ethics laws.”

The inquiry also concluded that Mr. Cuomo “was not fully transparent regarding the number of nursing home residents who died as a result of Covid-19,” and its findings had led one committee member to say that there “would be a very reasonable inference” that there was some correlation between Mr. Cuomo’s $5.1 million book deal and his administration’s manipulation of nursing home death data.”

With regard to his book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic,” the report concluded that the governor “utilized the time of multiple state employees, as well as his own, to further his personal gain during a global pandemic.”

Mr. Cuomo has said that any work done on his book was completed on a volunteer basis, yet the report found that the work had taken place during normal work hours, “as a part of the regular course of work in the executive chamber.”

The report indicates that the work was not voluntary, and that one senior state official had complained to a colleague that work on the book had compromised that official’s ability to focus on the Covid crisis.”

Here we have the confirmation of how Andrew Cuomo pulled a get-rich-quick scheme in making state employees do his homework and write his book, which he then got $5.1 million for (which the ethics board retroactively revoked permission for just a week ago – a fat lot of good that does now, unless it bolsters the criminal investigation that is supposedly happening), and confirmation that those nursing home deaths were going to be a problem in selling that book. Cuomo’s solution? Hide the numbers. AND HE HELPED DO JUST THAT.

Cuomo ordered the Department of Health (DOH) to produce the report to combat criticism of his March 25 directive ordering New York nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients, the State Assembly Judiciary Committee said in its report summarizing findings from its eight-month impeachment investigation of the former Democratic governor. Officials knew as they drafted the report that approximately 10,000 nursing home residents had died from the virus at the time, but the final version of the report only disclosed approximately 6,500 deaths, a figure that reflected only the residents who were physically present at a nursing home at the time of their death, the report said.”

“Throughout the drafting process, the former Governor reviewed and edited the draft DOH Report on multiple occasions, and made edits to strengthen the defense of the March 25 Directive,” the report stated.”

“The evidence obtained in our investigation indicates that the former Governor and his senior staff were not fully transparent with the public regarding the number of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents,” the report added. “The Committee is cooperating with law enforcement with respect to these issues.”

What happens now? Well, the criminal investigation currently underway through the Albany district attorney’s office only deals with the sexual harassment cases. No particular office, as of yet, seems to be picking up and running with the book deal and nursing home cover-up charges, though the assembly report makes reference to their cooperation with law enforcement. Andrew Cuomo could be impeached in the state assembly, which would definitively block him from ever running for state office in New York again. Since the Democrat-controlled assembly was dragging their feet when Cuomo was still in office and these revelations were happening in real time, it’s unlikely that they find the nerve to do it now. (I would love to be proved wrong here.)

Is this the last we hear of Andrew Cuomo? I hope so, unless the headlines also contain the words “charged” or “convicted.” Cuomo deserves so much more scrutiny and accountability than he will likely ever receive in a court of law. However, for a malignant narcissist to suddenly have no more admirers, no more press coverage, no more power? It’s not enough, but it is a terrible punishment for the likes of Andrew Cuomo.

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