Colin Kaepernick Says Adoptive Parents Are Racist

Colin Kaepernick Says Adoptive Parents Are Racist

Colin Kaepernick Says Adoptive Parents Are Racist

Colin Kaepernick has a book out. A graphic novel aimed at teens. It’s his story and his “truth” about growing up as a child of privilege.

Yes, Colin was very lucky to have been adopted as his birth mother gave him up when he was just five weeks old. While not much is known, it’s pretty evident that she made the difficult choice to give him up because she wouldn’t have been able to care for him properly. Thus, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick adopted him. 

In a gushing ESPN article before he launched his movement against the NFL, Kaepernick’s parents told of their joy at bringing him home.

His father, who was a business executive at a cheese company for much of his career, said: ‘It all went really smoothly.

‘I know it’s not usually that smooth with adoptions, but it was.

‘Colin never had any adoption issues at all.

NONE of that matters to Colin. He has his “truth” and he’s going to run with it with all his might. You see, there are several problems with how Colin was raised, according to his “truth.” First, how DARE they give him guidance??!! 

The graphic novel tells the story of Kaepernick’s journey from high school into his storied athletic career that heavily centers around his lack of choice in his future. His parents, particularly, tried to steer him in a direction they thought was best, which led to several fights between them and their adopted son.

What an ungrateful snot. Parents like the Kaepernicks want the best for their child. They will give the child love, support, food, clothing, and yes ADVICE and GUIDANCE about what paths to take. Yet Colin looks back and says he had no choice in his future?? So his parents MADE him go into football? His parents shut down any other college, study, or career choices? Really? The same parents who encouraged him, drove him to practices, bought him his football gear, helped with fundraisers and team meals… THEY were the problem all this time? Wow. 

If you watched the video, you’d find out that his grievances against his parents are more insidious than previously thought. You see, because his parents said things and dissed his choice of a haircut, they are racist. Yep. Racist. 

“I know my parents love me,” Kaepernick said. “But there was still very problematic things that I went through. I think it was important to show that no this can happen in your own home and how we move forward collectively. While addressing the racism that is being perpetuated.”


The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback wanted the same hairstyle as his boyhood role model, former NBA star Allen Iverson, which was cornrows. The book depicts his mother saying, “He’s getting what rolls [sic]?”

“‘Oh, your hair’s not professional. Oh, you look like a little thug,’” Kaepernick said.

After Diaz asked, “Your mom said that to you?” he confirmed that she did.

“Those become spaces where it’s like, ‘Ok, how do I navigate this situation now?’ But it also has informed why I have my hair long today,” Kaepernick said.

Oh you rude thoughtless cretin. You label your parents racist because they didn’t like the hair style you wanted to choose? Believe you me, every parent worth their salt has a thing or two to say about their child’s choices regarding clothing, hair styles, and more. Furthermore, no matter how popular Allen Iverson was at the time, corn rows were more of a gang appellation so I agree with his mother, Colin would’ve looked like a thug. 

Colin Kaepernick, BECAUSE of his adoptive parents, was given and now has a life of extreme privilege. A life he very possibly wouldn’t have had if he’d grown up with his birth mother. Yet, what does he do in order to check all the boxes with his new crowd of anti-cop, anti-white friends? Throw his parents, specifically his mother, under the bus. 

Colin Kaepernick once wore pig socks to practice to demonstrate his animosity against law enforcement. Well folks, guess who the real pig is here? 

Feature Photo Credit: Photo of Colin Nike billboard via Flickr, cropped and modified

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  • Lloyd says:

    Colon is a dirtbag of the first order. Those who listen to him or support him are fools!

  • NTSOG says:

    Is he related to Prince Harry? They’re both self-indulgent, attention-seeking nasty brats.

  • Bruce says:

    And what sort of civilization pays obscene amounts of money to allegedly grown men to chase a ball around a paddock, and indulge in gratuitous violence to one another?

    Character building?

    Yeah! RIGHT!

  • Cameron says:

    Take pride in your Blackness, take pride in your culture

    Oh, you mean the culture that abandoned you and a White (Sorry but if Black has to be capitalized, so does White) family had to step up and give you a loving home? Pretty shitty culture.

  • Liz says:

    Grievance addiction always validates.
    Parent doesn’t like your hair style? Racism!
    Boss doesn’t like your outfit? Racism!
    Any personal shortcomings for whatever reason?
    “It’s not your fault it was Racism!”
    Often it’s a twofer for women (“Sexism!” plus “Racism!”)
    My sister in law has grievance addiction.
    Finally got a job after months and was glad until the boss told her she was inappropriately dressed.
    She launched an EO complaint immediately.

  • GWB says:

    a business executive at a cheese company for much of his career
    That is so funny to me. It’s so perfectly normal, but we don’t normally think of a “cheese company”. Except maybe in Speedy Gonzales cartoons. But it is so normal, and that makes me smile.

    His parents, particularly, tried to steer him in a direction they thought was best, which led to several fights between them and their adopted son.
    Which, again, is SO normal. A vast number of American kids have this fight with their parents. And usually the parents are the ones trying to be normal – the kid wants to become a mountain climber (which pays very little), or an astronaut (but doesn’t want to learn math and science), or a movie star (which is pretty uncommon). But Colon Colin thinks his life was so extraordinarily impacted by this that he couldn’t succeed in life because of it.

    Take pride in your Blackness, take pride in your culture
    Only if your culture has values in which you can take pride. But, sure, don’t try to abandon it completely – take at face value where your ancestry has brought you. Then build on your own work and your own foundations.

    inspires young people to “seize their power”
    One of the biggest problem in our culture right now is that young people think they have a right to “seize their power” instead of shutting up, buckling down and working hard, and earning their power. And maybe gaining some actual wisdom along the way.

    Colin would’ve looked like a thug.
    Yep. Though, ironically, it’s his actions that make him look like a thug now, regardless of his choice of ethnic hairstyle.

    was given and now has a life of extreme privilege
    I would disagree. He was given opportunity. He was given <tools. That word “privilege” is too laden with toxic freight.

  • Peter says:

    The mother — and father — effectively abandoned Colin only to have him insist that he can not abandon “their” culture. Colin abandoned the culture that raised and elevated him. Barack Obama abandoned his white mother’s culture after his father abandoned him. Skin color is not culture, nor is biology.

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