Biden Budget: Tax The Rich And No Funding For The Border

Biden Budget: Tax The Rich And No Funding For The Border

Biden Budget: Tax The Rich And No Funding For The Border

Biden’s new budget proposal launched yesterday afternoon, and it is a doozy. Let’s tax the rich! As for the border funding, here’s a pittance for your troubles. The Biden budget is full of gimmes and promises. 

But the White House budget highlights just how far apart the parties are. The president’s budget calls for significantly increasing spending by about $2 trillion over the next decade — just as Republicans contemplate pushing for trillions in cuts to health care and other domestic programs to reduce deficits.

Oh, but we are supposed to cheer madly that this budget, while INCREASING spending by $2 trillion will magically CUT spending elsewhere to the tune of $3 trillion. Ok, let’s do the math here. Spend two trillion, but save three trillion. Uh huh… I’d call that a wash. That’s without drilling into the budget to find out how much money will be there for all the Biden favorite climate change projects involving wind, solar, and electric vehicles! I can’t wait to see how the CBO scores this mess. 

Especially when you consider that Biden and crew are quadrupling down on their tax the rich while attempting to promise anyone making less than $400 thousand won’t be penalized one bit. Not a joke. 

Headlining the president’s proposal is a plan to undo former President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts for the wealthy, bringing the top tax rate to its 1990s level of 39.6%. The rate would apply to single filers earning more than $400,000 a year and married couples making $450,000 or more. That rate doesn’t apply to those individuals’ entire earned income but is charged on income over those amounts.

The top tax rate was once as high as 70%, when Ronald Reagan took office. During his presidency, he got the rate lowered to 50%, and then to 28%. In the 1990s, the top rate was hiked up to 39.6%, the threshold Biden said in his budget message he was “restoring.”

Oh, there are tons of problems with that. Does anyone REALLY believe that raising the tax rate won’t affect anyone down the line? Does anyone really think the IRS will carve out a code specifically to charge on income that is over the earning threshold of $400,000?

I didn’t think so. Especially given there is ALSO a proposal in the Biden budget to increase Medicare taxes on the same folks making $400K or more. 

Not only that, but there are the promises of free healthcare and childcare. The problem with that is, WHO pays for all this free shit? Oh, guess what, our tax dollars pay for all of it. So yes, Joey B, that’s a tax hike even if it isn’t a direct one. 

The budget will increase business taxes up to 28%. How will they handle those tax increase? They will raise prices. Just as inflation has driven prices to a 40+ year high, a corporate tax increase means higher prices, stagnant salaries, and hiring freezes. 

You don’t want to know what the Biden budget plans for the oil and gas industry…

As for the border? Joey B’s Biden Budget doesn’t give one good goddamn about the border. Last year, the CPB had a specific amount listed in the budget proposal. This year there is nothing listed. NOTHING. 

Together, CBP and ICE would receive $25 billion under Biden’s budget, which the White House said was a modest $800 million increase over current funding levels “when controlling for border management amounts.” That would be just a 3.2% increase in funding for the border security agencies, despite the number of migrants crossing into the U.S. reaching the highest level in history last year.

Biden’s budget proposes hiring 350 new Border Patrol agents. However, CBP data showed the agency had a shortage of 1,000 officers last year, and the number of people pouring over the southern border has only climbed since then.

As we and so many others have reported, the number of people pouring across the border is at an unprecedented high. And that doesn’t include all the got aways and the ones who really snuck in under the radar. Then, let’s add the truckloads of fentanyl coming into this country via the border and we have a serious national security problem on our hands. 

So, what does the Biden Administration do?? Shaft the CPB, and the Border Patrol specifically by giving them NO funding and essentially NO resources or ability to hire people to fill the gaps. 350 agents when there’s a need for a 1000 or more will do nothing to solve our horrendous border issues. 

The border cities don’t have and aren’t being given the resources to deal with the massive influx of illegals. Yuma, Arizona’s only hospital is so strained to the max with the influx of illegals that they are sending Americans hours down the road to Tucson, Phoenix or elsewhere to receive care. 

The fact that our border patrol is getting nothing in the budget should tell you all you need to know about how the Biden Administration views the border crisis. They. Don’t. Care.

You thought Biden’s Build Back Better and Inflation Reduction Act legislation was bad. This is worse and if we let it pass, we’ll have only ourselves to blame. 

Feature Photo Credit: Tax burden via Hassan at Pixabay, cropped and modified

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  • Cameron says:

    Democrats honestly believe that we have a large group of millionaires that swim in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. And they also believe that if we tax them more, everything will magically be paid for.

    It’s a fascinating combination of religion and mental illness.

    • Liz says:

      The people who talk the loudest about communism don’t want to live under it.
      They are predators who use it as a means to wield power over useful idiots, to employ them as a bludgeon of the state. Once it is done the useful idiots are also eliminated. Being no longer useful, but still idiots. Nothing so effective as other communists for killing communists.

      • Cameron says:

        Which is fine as long as they don’t bring it to my country. I’m willing to export our communists to their nations.

  • Skillyboo says:

    I’m amazed at how little democrat voters know about economics, the term end user as it relates to its all of us, and how raising taxes on the rich means higher prices. I don’t understand quite a bit about economics but I do know that raising taxes always raises the price of things I buy. Guess I’m just an old dumb conservative and cannot, for the life of me, see the big picture.

  • Liz says:

    Democrats know nothing about foreign policy either.
    Anyone read about the deal China just brokered between Saudi and Iran, reopening diplomatic relations?
    Biden just keeps winning and winning! Might “win” us into a real war which is looking more and more likely.

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