CNN Wants To Hire Team To Manage “Misinformation”

CNN Wants To Hire Team To Manage “Misinformation”

CNN Wants To Hire Team To Manage “Misinformation”

Aspiring political science and liberal arts college majors, CNN is looking for you! Apparently, the major media outlet got a little jealous of Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth-breathing Facebook fact checkers, they want some to call their very own.

Which is why, according to this, Managing Editor for CNN Businesss, Alex Koppelman, made the public aware of new job postings at CNN very publicly on Twitter. Wait for it…CNN is looking to fill out the outlet’s “misinformation” department! Ahh yes, this is a would-be left-leaning journalist’s wet dream. To stroll the hallways of CNN and the likes of Potato Stelter and Jim Acosta:

You, too can be Jim Acosta! Brave journalist that he is!

I’m hiring 3 people for a new CNN team dedicated to covering misinformation. Thread about the team/jobs starts here. Please feel free to share far and wide, and if you’re interested, reach out or apply at the links.”-Alex Koppelman, CNN

What does “covering misinformation” mean, exactly? Glad you’ve asked. Koppelman clears it up for us:

CNN is starting a new team covering misinformation and we’re searching for reporters to be part of it. What does that mean exactly? Let’s put it this way: We’re looking for people to cover reality. That includes the uses and abuses and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that twisting is having on all of us, from schools closed over rumors about TikTok challenges to vaccine refusal to extremism and insurrection.”-Alex Koppelman

Actually, those TikTok challenges, Alex, were not rumors. Some were credible threats that had schools on lockdown with extra law-enforcement support. TikTok challenges are what happen when bored kids get locked down and kept out of school for over a year at a time in some geographical areas of our country, but I digress. And vaccine refusal because of misinformation? Or is it just the downplayed information that, according to the journalistic “experts” at CNN, is just not worthy of coverage. Myocarditis+vaccine refusal=misinformation. Roger that, sir.

But, in case you have a young, indoctrinated liberal in your life who salivates at this opportunity, here’s Koppelman’s bullet-point list of what CNN is looking for in an individual that “investigates misinformation”:

1. Follow the money: who’s behind the fake news? Where does it come from? Who are the advertisers?
2. Think about and cover the role played by mainstream outlets.
3. Think creatively about what should be part of this beat and how it should be covered.
4. Collaborate with a number of other teams at CNN.

Hmmm…follow the money, eh? Who’s behind the fake news? George? Mr. Soros? Are you out there? Just checking. And how, pray tell, would the “misinformation specialists” uncover any, um, “misinformation” if it were, say, concealed by a head news anchor and a key political figure who was brought up on sexual harassment charges?

Not sure how CNN decides what makes information, “misinformation”. Also not exactly sure what these “misinformation” reporters will deliver that will differ from any of the other tripe that is found on the network daily.

And while we’re on the subject of misinformation, let’s throw this little nugget out into the ether. CNN did just hire Rex “Hospitals should turn away unvaccinated COVID patients” Chapman yesterday as well. So, there’s that.

But Russia indeed interfered in the 2016 election. Not “fake news”, according to CNN. I mean, Hillary Clinton said so.

Do you feel like you have to jump down every rabbit hole you see? Do you get mad when you see liars taking advantage of people? Do you spend more time on the internet than anyone really should? This might be the job for you!”-Alex Koppelman

I love this: do you get mad when you see liars taking advantage go people? Really, I would laugh at this. But, seriously…

As a former journalism major, CNN, yes, I DO get mad when I see liars taking advantage of people. Every single day. And, CNN, you all have been large contributors in being the liars who take advantage of the American people. CNN and other news outlets have come into our families’ homes. They have been the main source of company for our elderly loved ones who have missed out on almost two years of their retirement “golden years” and their families. The get-togethers. The celebrations. The major milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries. All missed because of the spread unfair and unbalanced information and the opinions of those “authorities” given the platform to spread it. Their later years, instead of filled with joy and happiness, are plagued with images of people their age, in hospitals on ventilators. Scary, for sure. And when fear is not being spread, the political division fills in the gap turning what is left of any family get-together and the conversations around the dinner table into polarized conflict-tearing these families apart from the inside out. I know this because I am fighting this from happening with some of my loved ones right now. I tell them to turn you off. I tell them to get you out of their homes if they want some semblance of joy and peace in their later years.

Want to cover “reality”, CNN? Go have your flat-dwelling-spoiled-Columbia-rich-kid “misinformation sleuths” visit the families who are struggling because of this $hitshow of an economy. Go talk to kids who are suicidal because of pandemic lockdowns, losing friends, unable to participate in school, sports and extracurricular activities. Go tell your “reporters” to get their asses off the Internet and experience social interactions with real people in REAL LIFE in a 9-5 job in the midst of an employment shortage because of some of the LIES you have all spread. Have them talk to individuals who had elderly parents who died in hospitals and nursing homes while they were not able to be with them in their last hours because of mandates.

Go down those rabbit holes, CNN. I triple-dog dare you. May be too much for the future “misinformation” reporters to handle, though. My guess is that whomever they hire would be barely able to get out of a paper bag.

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  • Lloyd says:

    Didn’t it used to be the responsibility of journalists to confirm their information before printing it ? Now, it appears that CNN reporters have gotten so far from that that a special team of information/misinformation police is needed to guarantee truth in CNN reports. Question is…who will police the information police?? Don’t expect any improvement in CNN report veracity anytime soon.

    • Scott says:

      Lloyd, from reading your comment, it seems that you think these fools will be looking at the “information” CNN puts out… No Komrade, they’ll be looking at what everyone else is saying, and if it doesn’t match the propaganda they’ve been directed to spew, they’ll call it “misinformation”.. Not for one second will they consider verifying that the information that CNN is putting out is factual, that would be detrimental to the agenda.

  • Mark says:

    Couldn’t CNN just fire all of their commentators in order to most effectively eliminate “fake news?”

  • rbj1 says:

    CNN covers misinformation pretty well, 24/7/52 and has been for years.

    They haven’t covered reality since the Persian Gulf war.

  • Theodore Moore says:

    A bipartisan group of Senators has voted against Democrats naked power grab to end the filibuster and destroy the Senate.

  • fast richard says:

    Will they hire anyone who has ever had any contact with reality? Somehow, I doubt it.

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