CNN Anchor Claims Coronavirus Part Of Trump’s War On Truth

CNN Anchor Claims Coronavirus Part Of Trump’s War On Truth

CNN Anchor Claims Coronavirus Part Of Trump’s War On Truth

CNN anchor Brian Stelter claims that President Donald Trump has been conducting a “war on truth” and the latest battle in this war is the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. In Stelter’s (TDS) addled brain, Trump is attacking the media as part of this war. While searching for a vaccine against this latest epidemic threat, I hope doctors will find an inoculation for TDS.

In case you missed the Trump press conference on the Coronavirus, our Nina did a great wrap-up that you can read here. The fact that the President named Vice-President Mike Pence to spearhead the Covid-19 fight would seem to show Trump’s great faith in Pence’s ability. This is lost on those afflicted with TDS. They want someone appointed as a Czar. They love Czars. Pence, as a Governor, led his state’s fight against the Ebola virus. He has experience in this area.

Which brings us to CNN anchor Brian Stelter. His piece “Analysis: Trump’s war on truth takes a dangerous turn as he attacks the media’s coronavirus coverage” is proof of his severe mental illness. Media types could give the Hollywood crowd a run for their money in the egotistic, self-absorbed category. Stelter opens his article with an overly broad statement that assumes everyone already agrees with him:

Since the dawn of the Trump presidency, countless experts have warned that the president’s lack of credibility would imperil the country in the event of an emergency.

With the worsening coronavirus outbreak, those fears may be coming true.

These “countless experts” are probably all in the brain of CNN boss Jeff Zucker, who has long been obsessed with Trump. You are only permitted to speak on the network if you sing Zucker’s song.

Before the press conference even started Stelter’s TDS flared because Trump misspelled “Coronavirus” in a Tweet:

The CNN anchor wrote:

He misspelled coronavirus and the typo is still visible on his Twitter profile more than eight hours later.
But misspelling the name of the virus is the least of the government’s problems. President Trump has systematically undermined trust in the media and other institutions that play important roles in public health emergencies. He has explicitly said not to trust sources that he doesn’t personally approve.

Oh, so sorry, Brian. There are those of us who have long distrusted the media. As a matter of fact, it might be argued that casting a gimlet eye at big media, big government and big corporations is a sign of a rational, mature brain. But, you want us to be spoon-fed your information and swallow it without question.

It’s not just the media that Trump has tried to denigrate in Stelter’s world. It’s “SCIENCE”:

He has engaged in what several columnists have called a “war on expertise.” Scientists have been among those adversely affected. Last December an investigation by The New York Times concluded that science is “under attack” by Trump appointees.
“Trump’s disdain for science and his cuts to science and public health programs have subverted preparedness for emergencies like the coronavirus,” said Michiko Kakutani, the famous literary critic and author of “The Death of Truth.”

Maybe Brian and Michiko need to get out of the Upper West Side of NYC for an hour or two.

If Brian had watched the Trump press conference on Covid-19, he would have seen real scientists with real knowledge of “SCIENCE”.

Here is the press conference in full:

Dr. Anthony Fauci has a real “SCIENCE” biography. Dr. Anne Schuchat, also has a pretty impressive career.

Brian Stelter is upset because he hates Trump. He would have been happy if Trump had set his own hair on fire and started running around screaming. Trump was measured and mature in his press conference. The markets are taking a hit, but our fundamentals are good. Remember, the stock market is not the economy. Wash your hands, stay home if you are sick, and cough into your elbow.

And, Brian, if there is a lack of credibility, you might want to look in the mirror.

Featured Image: CNN’s Brian Stelter at SXSW by Stale Grut/CC2.0

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