Heidi Heitkamp, Cindy McCain: Let’s Kiss, Make Up, Unite With Biden

Heidi Heitkamp, Cindy McCain: Let’s Kiss, Make Up, Unite With Biden

Heidi Heitkamp, Cindy McCain: Let’s Kiss, Make Up, Unite With Biden

Cindy McCain, widow of senator John McCain, along with former senator Heidi Heitkamp—fired by voters in 2018 and now a leftist-media contributor—would like us all to sit down, shut up, and sing a round of kumbaya like the ignorant toddlers they think we are. Yes, they want us all to accept the election nearly half of America believes was stolen—based not on a fake conspiracy, but on Biden’s miraculous bucking of historic metrics—and come together in support of Biden, whom they refer to as the “president-elect” even though election disputes are still ongoing and the Electoral College has not yet convened.

And to top that off, the pair of bipartisan poo-flingers chose not an unbiased news platform from which to chastise we, the unwashed masses, but rather the king of division and Fake News itself: CNN.

So let’s break down Cindy and Heidi’s “we’ve got to unite, people!” op-ed published by the Communist News Network, shall we?

There are always hard feelings at the end of a campaign; we are both too familiar with that. However, even after contentious races, like the 2000 contest that went to the Supreme Court, the American people have ultimately been able to acknowledge the outcome and proceed with the business of the country.”

Hard feelings. Really, Cindy and Heidi? Well, if either of you had any intellectual honesty, you’d recognize that what you call “hard feelings,” 74-plus-million of us call righteous anger over what we see as obvious election stealing, and we’re sure as hell not going to sit by and let it happen without putting up a massive wall of resistance in defense of our republic. I thought you guys liked “resistance.”

Which brings me to this tripe:

… respect the results of the election. There are no credible claims of voter fraud, and leading election security officials have been clear that there is no evidence of the 2020 election being compromised.”

They go on to cite the Georgia Secretary of State as proof of their assertion, the same man—along with the feckless Governor Kemp—who’s gone out of his way to stand in the way of forensic audits to prove that Biden actually won the state of Georgia.

Uh, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO, Cindy and Heidi?

Or heard about this? Or this? Or this?

And these two mental midgets have apparently been asleep under a tree somewhere, because very few in the uni-party establishment and on the radical left have accepted the results of the 2016 election. Have either of you heard the term “ObamaGate?” Or how about the 24/7,  four-years-long demonization of our duly-elected POTUS, as well as his tens of millions of supporters by the very network that your brain-dead op-ed was published?

Oh, look. Here’s your chosen network doing just that:

I mean, who wouldn’t forgive and forget those that dehumanized us for years, right? Dehumanization that fanned violence via Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the terrorist wings of Joe Biden’s party, and whom his staffers and Kamala Harris herself bailed out of jail.

Pardon me if I find that akin to dhimmitude under radical Islam.

And then there’s this gem:

Second, respect those who voted differently. We are not naïve about how difficult it will be to move past the divisiveness fomented by President Trump, nor are we arguing that abhorrent beliefs on issues like race must simply be accepted. However, no matter who you voted for, more than 70 million Americans made a different choice. If we are to heal and progress as a nation, these voters cannot all be simply written off.”

If that’s not passive-aggressive gas-lighting, I don’t know what is. Firstly: It was, and is, the Obama/Biden pair who have, for twelve years, fanned division in an effort to divide and conquer, and who are now using the Covid scamdemic in a vast, and intentional, effort to control and subdue the masses. And secondly, President Trump grew his base by more than 11 million voters, including historic numbers of black, Hispanic, and women voters, while your chosen party grew its numbers of…wait for it…white, affluent voters like yourselves, all while using that terrorist wing I mentioned to bludgeon into submission the very people whose loyalty you demand. Excuse me, but it’s the two of you who need to take a long look in the mirror on just who the race-pimps and bigots truly are.

And finally:

…we must respect the need to move forward. The great gift of our democracy has been that we can disagree on significant issues and still live in peace. In the face of a pandemic that has already claimed more than 280,000 of our neighbors, we need a functional government, not a Congress wracked by polarization. Win-at-all costs politics has caused us to rack up a staggering national debt, punt on badly needed reforms and erode the independence of the judiciary. In this moment, our leaders must find a way to have honest disagreements while governing constructively.”

Oh, where do I begin?

Firstly, Cindy and Heidi, we’re not a democracy; we’re a constitutional republic, and your party, with help from the establishment wing of the GOP, is threatening it as we speak, including packing the SCOTUS should the left take control of the Senate in January (and yes, I used the word “take” intentionally, because cheaters gonna cheat).

Secondly, here’s a reminder on who amassed the largest portion of the mountain of debt crushing Americans. Psst: you both voted for one of the culprits, the guy who refuses to say whether or not he’ll wage a full frontal assault on that judiciary you’re so concerned with.

Thirdly, we haven’t lived “in peace” since Hillary Clinton got her 2016 ass handed to her, Cindy and Heidi. From the Russian Collision hoax, to the bogus impeachment, to weaponizing the China Virus, your chosen tribe has made sure of that. And if you’d bother to venture out of your bubbles on occasion, you’d see things like this, where Antifa and Black Lives Matter have for years physically assaulted anyone to the right of Chairman Mao:

So you’ll excuse me, ladies, if I don’t buy your holier-than-thou insults to the intelligence of myself and the legions of Donald Trump’s base. And no, I don’t want a return to “normalcy” where the left stomps all over us while demanding conformity and dehumanizing anyone who dares push back. Because we’ve seen this movie before, under every illegitimate, and radical, political regime in history. And we also know what comes next should your guy and his Antifa-embracing side-ho somehow make their way into our White House. No, we’ll be damned if we group-hug what you’re selling, because swamp rats like you two epitomize everything that’s wrong with America. And none of those who know this election was stolen from the true winner are ever going to forget it.

To quote your favorite, violent radicals: no justice; no peace.

So grab your seat-belts, “ladies.” Because if this fraud stands, you’re about to experience a hefty dose of the very same bitter medicine you and your ilk have doled out for four long years.


Feature Image Credit: Gage Skidmore,  Housing Assistance Council via Flikr, Flikr and Flikr; CC-BY SA 2.0 licenses; images cropped and altered

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