Chicago Teachers Union Throws Another Tantrum

Chicago Teachers Union Throws Another Tantrum

Chicago Teachers Union Throws Another Tantrum

The Chicago Teachers’ Union is in a fight to move students back to remote learning and is at odds with Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Public schools. The Teachers of the union have spoken. Take a look.

Chicago Public Schools caved and canceled schoo So, basically, the schools caved to the union once again. Why are Chicago teachers planning on staying home? Because, as the story goes, The City of Chicago and the school district “failed to adjust to Omicron and the growing threat of breakthrough infections.”

We are between a rock and a hard place — the rock being the pandemic, the hard place being an intractable, incompetent mayor.”-Stacy Davis Gates-Chicago Teacher’s Union Vice President (CTU)

Wait…what? Did the liberal left-learning CTU vice president just call Lori Lightfoot incompetent? She’s not wrong because Lightfoot is indeed a train wreck but oh, does the left love to eat their own!

It feels like Groundhog Day.”-Lori Lightfoot

Indeed it does, Lori.

Lightfoot had asked CTU to come to the “bargaining table” so the City of Chicago could share its plans for keeping schools open, citing that students have already lost out on so much over the past (almost) two years. In fact, CTU is going at Lightfoot hard:

Chicago Public Schools CEO, Pedro Martinez stated the district does not have the authority to “go remote” as this would be a decision that came down from Illinois governor, J.B. Pritzker.And what says the great Democratic governor of Illinois? Nothing. WTF cares about the kids in Chicago, right J.B.? Your kids go to private school. Who cares about sub-standard education? Or, as the story seems to unfold…hardly any education until January 18th.

Along with Lightfoot’s incompetence, CTU is citing the school district’s bungled effort to test tens of thousands of students over winter break where most of the roughly 150,000 mail-in P.C.R. tests given to students were never returned. I mean, seriously? Teachers cannot get kids to return their library books and they were expecting PCR tests to be returned in time for school to start after winter break? C’mon, man! What did these rocket scientists learn from this? That perhaps testing on-site is more effective, they say. Well, duh.

But despite the school district’s $100 million investment in improving building ventilation, and efforts to monitor air quality in each classroom, and a vaccination rate of over 90% of Chicago School District employees, and the CDC’s recommendations of test-to-stay programs, and the relatively low risk rate of complications in school-aged children who catch the dreaded Omicron, CTU still votes in favor of extending winter break on the taxpayers’ dime.

Chicago Public schools says these teachers will not be paid for the workday today. They wo;; come up with a “plan” later today after regrouping. Meanwhile, students and families wait in limbo.

Once again, it looks as if CTU is the biggest group of brats on the block. They’ve thrown tantrums and walked out on these kids pre-COVID hysteria in 2019. They have openly defied Chicago Public Schools’ opening plans back in 2021. Why, on earth, would 2022 yield anything different?

I’m worried about it for the kids and for the teachers and for families.”-Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers

Oh, you are, Ms. Weingarten? Children falling even more behind in basic academic skills. Mental health problems. Rising suicide attempts. Increasing gun violence. An increase in behavior problems. The sheer simplicity of a lack of a normal routine. When schools close, all of these factors become increasingly problematic. Your “concern” for kids, teachers and families locked kids out of school today.

The mess in Chicago is the perfect storm of Democrat policy and chaos and it is unfolding right before our very eyes. Disorganization at the community level in the schools, corruption at the union level, blaming at the city level, a lack of response or even concern, or so it seems, at the state level and complete cluelessness on the national policy level.

Having these very public head-butting sessions is really detrimental for, I think, Chicago Public Schools overall. People expect us to get over ourselves, to get over our really strong need to be absolutely right or to not be seen as giving into demands.”-Maria Hadden, Chicago City Council

You think? The irony? They all voted each other in and this is the mess we’ve got. Pray for our kids.

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  • JAW3 says:

    The CTU is Jesse Sharkey and he is a rotter. He does not care at all for children as much as he enjoys power. And if a union does not withhold it product to extract higher power for it’s leaders, what is it good for?

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