Charlie Gard Given Permanent Resident Status By Congress, Will It Save Him? [VIDEO]

Charlie Gard Given Permanent Resident Status By Congress, Will It Save Him? [VIDEO]

Charlie Gard Given Permanent Resident Status By Congress, Will It Save Him? [VIDEO]

Next month, little Charlie Gard will be a year old. Will he be alive by then? No one knows. You see, this little boy was born with an inherited disease that basically depletes his DNA.

People all over the world are now watching what is happening with this little boy, the pain his parents are going through, and what the government and courts are not doing to help.

So much so, that Congress has gotten involved. 

Congress passed an amendment granting “permanent resident status to Charlie Gard and family so Charlie can get the medical treatment he needs,” Nebraska Republican Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska tweeted Tuesday.

Permanent U.S. residency for Gard would mean his parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, would not need permission from U.K. doctors to fly him to America for treatment.

From the beginning his parents have fought to get their little boy the care they want for him. They have had to take their battle past the doctors, past the administrators, and out in public going through multiple court battles.

The European Court of Human Rights was approached and decided the case wasn’t worth hearing. The Pope even weighed in.

What Charlie’s parents have wanted for MONTHS is to get their little boy to a doctor here in the United States for a second opinion. Folks, here in the U.S. – while Obamacare is very problematic – we STILL have the freedom to get a second opinion! Charlie’s parents don’t. Even though well over $1 million dollars in private funds were raised to medically transport little Charlie to the United States; the hospital and the British Government blocked them.

So finally, as a last resort, the parents asked for the doctor to fly to England to see their son and make a determination. Even THEN, the court had to weigh in and decide if it was ok or not.

Great news right?

Think about those words ‘WILL ALLOW’ for a minute folks. If a patient or the parent of a patient decides to try for a second opinion, it should be granted right? Under socialized medicine its everyone BUT the parents and/or patient who get to decide if a second opinion is warranted or not. The patient nor the parents get a say, only the doctors and courts do.

What’s even worse is that the attorney appointed to act on Charlie’s behalf has her own agenda, and it’s not a pretty one. She backs assisted suicide whole heartedly.

Will Charlie’s new permanent legal resident status help save him? That is unknown. Will the British government get out of the way and let Charlie’s parents bring him to the U.S. for treatment? That too is unknown. In fact, while Charlie’s parents even bring him to the U.S? Would Charlie, survive the trip? So many questions with no real answers.

However, for all here who are getting care for one reason or another, or have a child facing medical issues of any kind, we need to remember something.

Agreed. The doctors and the hospital have blocked a child’s parents from getting a second opinion, citing the medical dangers of transport. Ok, so could the hospital have ok’d a second opinion months earlier? Very possibly. This from Melanie Phillips is a compelling read regarding Charlie’s case.

    1. When he gave evidence to the High Court in April Mr. Gard said this: “He’s not got a quality of life. I’m not going to stand here and say he’s fine. He’s not got a quality of life but that’s not what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for a chance to give him the treatment that he needs to possibly improve.”
    1. 6. As to the disagreements, one is a difference of opinion about the risks, benefits and ethics of providing four compound nucleoside treatment for Charlie after a time when his brain had become profoundly affected by his genetic disease. The other has been a more fundamental and unbridgeable divide of principle.

This is an extremely difficult case regarding a child, his parents, doctors, medicine, and the courts. Quite frankly, there are no winners here.

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  • Scott says:

    Two things on display here, besides the love of parents for their child…
    1. Socialized medicine, while it sounds like a good thing, it’s evil, and puts medical decisions in the hands of everyone but the pt. family and DR.. the only ones actually qualified to make them
    2. This is the difference between a subject and a citizen! Please everyone remember this when someone says they need to take away your rights to protect you… It doesn’t matter if you have or plan to exercise whatever right it is, it matters that you CAN!

  • parker says:

    I second Scott’s comment. Despite her flaws, Palin was right, government health care always involves death panels. The parents raised private donations to come to the USA and pay for a last hope treatment for their child. When a bureaucracy gets to decide such matters that bureaucracy needs to be destroyed.

    Repeal messiahcare. Go back to the 1950 health care system.

  • twolaneflash says:

    Too bad Congress has no compassion for the 300 million Americans whose healthcare system they have destroyed. All this Virtue Signaling by the Corrupt Congress Critters is nauseating, because there’s not a smidgen of virtue in the whole bunch. No more vile and disgusting group of humans can be found in the entire country. I have nothing but cold contempt for them.

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