Celebs Want Me to “Vote 4 Stuff”… And I Just Got Dumber

Celebs Want Me to “Vote 4 Stuff”… And I Just Got Dumber

Celebs Want Me to “Vote 4 Stuff”… And I Just Got Dumber

Say, Leonardo DiCaprio’s not aging too well, is he?

Jammie Wearing Fool spotlights this new PSA from a bunch of Hollywood brain trusts urging young voters to — ready? — vote for “stuff”. This entire brilliant idea was spearheaded by DiCaprio. His production company, Appian Way, produced the short video. It features celebrities such as Sarah Silverman, Amanda Seyfried, Ellen Degeneres, Tobey Maguire, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, and Selena Gomez.

Every presidential election, celebrities constantly feel the need to bleat about politics. The idiocy of these little PSAs, which always pop up on election years — and only presidential election years, because these political scholars either don’t realize that there are elections every two years or think those other ones don’t matter — never cease. And they always, always claim to be bipartisan. But the “issues” they say matter (climate change, immigration, reproductive rights for women) are liberal all the way.

Mostly, though, this PSA is insulting. It basically says that young voters are too dumb to understand actual political issues, and that politics needs to be dumbed down for them… reduced to text-speak and “stuff”. You’ve got to use cutesy gimmicks and talk to them like idiots in order to get them to vote, apparently. And then we all wonder why young voters don’t vote more.

Newsflash, celebs: young voters may not rock the vote as much as we want them to, and they may not be passionate about politics. But for most of them, that will change one day. You, meanwhile, will spend the rest of your life being dumber than a bag of rocks. Don’t try to pull young voters down to your level. They’re better than that, and if they aren’t yet, they will be one day.

ETA: MK Freeberg points out that this is a perfect example of disenfranchising legitimate voters. Sure, young voters who idolize Jonah Hill, and do nothing but smoke weed and party their way through college, will surely identify with this video. But those aren’t really the voters you’re trying to reach. Any legitimate voters — and there are some young voters who aren’t stupid, and do care about politics — will be insulted by this video. It won’t encourage them to vote. If anything, it will have the reverse effect. Way to go, Leo. Way to go.

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  • Susan Johnson says:

    Celebrity news distracts from the reporting of important news like our failed government run public schools, the bad economy, the debt, the Afghan war etc. Quality reporting of issues could make the young generation more passionate about voting. But when CNN, ABC, etc report on Miley Cyrus’ ugly haircut and not in depth analysis of issues we get a dumb electorate.

    Now the celebrities get on their high horses and tell the young to go out and vote when their crappy movies and drivel pop music has already lowered their IQs!

    How ridiculous! This HollyWeird video will do nothing to increase voter participation. It was just another move to pad their already highly inflated egos.

    Cool blog btw!

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