Buttigieg Really Does Stink At His Job

Buttigieg Really Does Stink At His Job

Buttigieg Really Does Stink At His Job

If you didn’t have to fly anywhere today, consider yourself fortunate. For the first time since 9/11, the United States had outgoing flights grounded because the NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) system went and crashed, and it took until 9 am Eastern time until flights were allowed to take off.

That doesn’t mean that NOTAM is fixed – only that the FAA started moving some flights again because the eyes of the country were on them.

As you can see, NOTAM is kind of important to the FAA, as it serves as a large-scale traffic alert system providing vital information to airlines and their crews. Keeping it online is obviously essential. This seems like a job for… drumroll please… the obviously intersectionally qualified former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg! The guy who totally fixed the supply chain problem at the ports! The married gay man who went on paternity leave in the middle of that same supply chain problem and didn’t say anything publicly! That civil servant who champions bike riding out of the trunk of his car! The politician who had never run anything but South Bend, but LOVED trains, so Joe Biden gave him the job after Buttigieg showed his fealty after dropping out of the primary in 2020! Buttigieg, whom many liberals are hoping will have the backing and the drive to replace Biden if the old man decides not to run! (Yeah, that doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.)

Buttigieg likes to talk a tough game when it comes to his job, especially when it comes to telling people what to do. His solution for high gas prices? Buy electric cars, peasants! His solution to airline staffing problems? Fly the airplanes OR ELSE! The sanctimonious Secretary of Transportation has skated by in his job up to this point, so suddenly, when NOTAM goes down and everyone, including Joe Biden, looks to him for an explanation, we get gems like this.

The chain of command works something like this: Biden is at the top, and gets his information from Buttigieg and tells him to fix it, because it is HIS department. Buttigieg is then supposed to figure out what happened, why it happened, give the FAA whatever assistance they need to stop it from happening, then report back. Why? BECAUSE THAT IS HIS ENTIRE JOB. And justifiably, people want answers from him.

The answers so far? Not many.

Buttigieg is still considering that a cyberattack could have happened, but says there is no evidence for it. And after his comments about Southwest Airlines’ and their system failures over the holidays, Buttigieg dodges directly addressing the question of whether or not the FAA should have been upgrading their systems – and as many have pointed out, the money exists.

And he’s not above using a politician’s excuse, either.

There have been a whole lot of transportation issues and failures over the last few years, which is exactly WHY someone with either experience in managing a large bureaucracy, or someone with extensive knowledge of transportation issues, should be Transportation Secretary. Pete Buttigieg was given the job because Joe Biden owed him for his political support, and because he was a gay married man who looked good for the Democrats on TV. Appearances and intersectionality does not equal competency. The transportation issues of the last few years – the supply chain, the gas prices rising, airlines facing problems post-COVID lockdowns, and Amtrak as well – are not being aggressively addressed by Buttigieg in his role as secretary. Why not? Because this was supposed to be an easy job that would allow him to add a title to his resume, and would let him posture in front of the cameras while he waited for the next political role he was considering. And he may have been mayor of South Bend, Indiana, but he and his spouse made a big move to Michigan last summer, where he registered to vote.

The Transportation secretary and former South Bend mayor has changed his residency from Indiana to the Wolverine State, where he plans to vote this fall, a spokesperson confirmed.”

Buttigieg’s move was for family reasons, specifically, his husband’s family, a Department of Transportation spokesperson said. “Moving to Chasten’s hometown of Traverse City allowed them to be closer to his parents, which became especially important to them after they adopted their twins, often relying on Chasten’s parents for help with child care,” the person said.”

But the move also has another significant benefit. With two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor, Michigan is a much more hospitable state for a fellow Democrat with political ambitions. It’s also in the running to replace Iowa as the first presidential nominating contest. Buttigieg has been grip-and-grinning the state’s politicos as well, visiting the annual Mackinac Policy Conference in recent weeks.”

Sounds like someone is trying to position himself for the future. Meanwhile, his present job is currently crashing and burning around his ears, and if he thinks his fellow Democrats aren’t going to remember this during a primary, he has another thing coming.

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  • John Holton says:

    What’s even more worrisome is that the Department of Transportation has 50,000 employees, and none of them seem to be able to solve these problems. I don’t expect the Transportation Secretary, who’s a political appointee, to be able to fix the problem, but for God’s sake, I expect SOMEONE to be able to…

  • Lloyd says:

    “Petey” is simply not up to the job…a job he got only because he is “Petey” He has demonstrated that he is incapable of handling the job given to him by Biden. Shame on Biden for appointing him…Shame on “Petey” for accepting the position.

  • Scott says:

    “and if he thinks his fellow Democrats aren’t going to remember this during a primary, he has another thing coming.” Gonna disagree with ya there Darleen, all the demorat sheep will line up and support him in whatever he wants to do. They care far more about ideology than competence, and are incapable of critical thinking, they just do as they’re told…

  • Wfjag says:

    Mayor Petey sucked as Mayor of South Bend.
    Mayor Petey sucks as Secretary of Transportation.
    In 2024 (& I doubt that Senile Joe will actually be able to run), Mayor Petey will run on the promise that he can make Biden and Harris look competent by comparison.

  • Bucky says:

    Butt-edge-edge was confirmed in the Senate by an 87-13 vote. Lots of RINO’s casting diversity votes because to vote no would be homophobic right? Some of the 13 no votes were actually concerned about Mayor Pete’s experience for the job. Which brings us to the current situation.

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