Buttigieg Decides He Should Look At The Supply Chain

Buttigieg Decides He Should Look At The Supply Chain

Buttigieg Decides He Should Look At The Supply Chain

Wow. If this awesome display of leadership from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is any indication, our troubles are over!

Yes, that is sarcasm, and by all that is holy, if the Democrats think THIS dweeb is the future of the party, they are hosed.

If you will recall, Pete Buttigieg took paternity leave after the announcement that he and his husband had adopted twins. He then disappeared for paternity leave while the supply chain broke and shipping containers began to stack up at the ports. What really was the icing on the paternity leave cake was that there was NO official announcement that Buttigieg was out. Thanks for illustrating the usefulness of your taxpayer funded Cabinet position there, Pete!

Meanwhile, the supply chain was and continues to be a huge problem for everyday Americans, especially when compounded with sick days off for COVID-19.

The recent impact of Omicron on the US supply chain has caused grocery prices to increase and could soon impact the supply of meat and eggs, according to billionaire Gristedes CEO John Catsimatidis.”

“Omicron is taking its toll at different levels of the supply chain, whether it’s the warehouses, whether it’s the selectors, the drivers, the loaders — and as they call in sick, there are interruptions in the system,” Catsimatidis told Todd Piro during an appearance on “Fox & Friends First.”

Catsimatidis went on to say that many of these interruptions will continue over the next six weeks as the COVID-19 variant impacts the labor market. The United Refining Company owner added that the Northeast in particular is seeing the price of various products, including eggs, poultry and beef, go up because of low supply and high demand.”

The grocery store issues are the most obvious, because every single person can see the empty shelves in front of them.

But no part of the supply chain has been able to recover yet.

Builders are scrambling to find new suppliers, stock up on building products and use substitute materials. Some are scouring retail big-box stores for products they can’t find through the normal supply channels.”

That was the case with builder Epcon Communities in Dublin, Ohio, which bought metal shower grab bars online because they weren’t available through its typical commercial suppliers, said Stew Walker, Epcon’s vice president of construction. The company’s electrical subcontractor resorted to buying electrical boxes in hardware stores, he said.”

“From one week to the next, the only thing we know is that we’re going to get notified of something else that is unavailable,” Mr. Walker said.”

Epcon sold some homes last year without gutters and downspouts, then installed those features after buyers had already moved in, Mr. Walker said.”

Concerns about the supply chain were obvious in early 2020. Late last summer, it was obvious that the ports had turned into traffic jams, with companies unable to get their goods from port to market. This, of course, coincided with Buttigieg being on leave and the White House in general being completely blasé about what was happening.

Their tune changed quickly, but nothing changed on the ground. Now, in January, months after the alarm bells were sounded in the media and by the American people that the supply chain was knotted beyond belief, Pete Buttigieg is going to do something about it!

Are you not just BLOWN AWAY by the levels of leadership here? What does Pete Buttigieg think he can do with a photo op visit?
He’s going to LOOK LIKE HE CARES. Which is the most important thing right now, because the reality is that no one person, not even the Secretary of Transportation, can just push one magic button and solve the backup at the ports. These issues have now overwhelmed the system, and it looks like Buttigieg was just hoping that the chain would unknot itself. Well, it isn’t, and there are Democrats looking at him and thinking that he could replace Kamala Harris – not for vice president, but as candidate-apparent in 2024. I can’t say that he’s impressed anyone between his record in Indiana as mayor, to his ability to live off the taxpayer as Secretary of Transportation. Which means the Democrats are going to make sure that they keep propping him up. So be prepared for a nice glossy photo-op visit, Los Angeles and Long Beach. Pete Buttigieg is coming to stare at your shipping containers.

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