#Brexit: Britain Votes Leave, Cameron Resigns, What Next? [VIDEOS]

#Brexit: Britain Votes Leave, Cameron Resigns, What Next? [VIDEOS]

#Brexit: Britain Votes Leave, Cameron Resigns, What Next? [VIDEOS]

In a move that many truly didn’t think would happen, British citizens cast their votes in favor of leaving the European Union. The voter turnout was one for the record books and puts US voter turnout to shame.

In fact, the voter turnout was around 70% with the final vote showing Leave winning by 51.9% over Stay’s 48.1%. The charts at this link make for a fascinating read on voter mindset across all of Great Britain.


When was the last time US voters had that kind of percentage? Far too long ago. But I digress. It was interesting watching some of the reaction and commentary last night. There is, understandably, significant concern regarding jobs, welfare, healthcare, and more after the results became clear.

Like Prime Minister David Cameron? He campaigned hard for Britain to stay in the EU, and drafted President Obama to help. Which encouraged President Obama to lecture Britain on what would happen if they voted to leave, vowing something along the lines of “you’ll be at the back of the queue” on any future trade deals. Needless to say, Obama’s little lecture was not well received. Did it have an effect on voters? I’d venture to guess that it had some influence, but overall the British voters were very well informed of the positives and negatives regarding Stay or Leave, and David Cameron’s efforts to keep Britain in the EU just weren’t enough.

Yes, you saw and heard correctly. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation and has urged that a new Prime Minister in place by October of this year. Nigel Farage, a former commodities broker and leader of the UK Independence party almost thought a Leave victory wouldn’t happen.


So what’s next? Well, if you listen to the talking heads and those who were urging Britain to stay, you’ll hear that the markets are going to tank and 401K’s are going to go bust. Big time scare mongering is already happening. Many aren’t thrilled with the results. The Economist editors calls it a ‘tragic split.’

HOW quickly the unthinkable became the irreversible. A year ago few people imagined that the legions of Britons who love to whinge about the European Union—silly regulations, bloated budgets and pompous bureaucrats—would actually vote to leave the club of countries that buy nearly half of Britain’s exports. Yet, by the early hours of June 24th, it was clear that voters had ignored the warnings of economists, allies and their own government and, after more than four decades in the EU, were about to step boldly into the unknown.

The pound has tumbled to its lowest point against the dollar in years, decades in fact. Markets are understandably jittery, the remaining 27 EU block countries will now have to adjust to a new time/space continuum, and Obama’s likely not thrilled that his lecture didn’t work.

So what next? Does this mean that Britain is completely out of the EU as of this morning? Not so fast. It will take time, years in fact, to untangle decades worth of financial, political, trade, and perhaps even military connections between the EU and Britain.


In a very real sense, British voters chose sovereignty and nationalism over being part of the crowd. The European Union and in fact the world was just handed a very interesting wake up call. How the aftermath is handled by all parties involved will be the true test in the days to come.

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  • GWB says:

    it was clear that voters had ignored the warnings of economists, allies and their own government

    Because they have come to realize that those folks are lying to them – covering up either duplicitousness or incompetence.

    Interesting that the last 40 years have been pushing to a western concept of logic/reason becoming the new religion, and that religion providing the “divine right” for the new aristocracy – politicians and bureaucrats – to hold their place.
    And now, the people are seeing that their new gods are shams. Their divinity isn’t even a decent gilding, but fake gold laid over brass. So the people are revolting (Darn right! They stink on ice!) against the false gods.
    The aristocracy is doing its best, of course, to create false crises to encourage the people to look to them once again for salvation. But the people (some decent majority of them, anyway) really don’t seem to care.

  • Nina says:

    “They stink on ice!” – may have to borrow that one. 😉

    The scare/fear mongering that has increased in volume since the vote is, IMO, continuing to solidify the reasons to LEAVE

    • GWB says:

      That’s from a classic Mel Brooks movie: History of the World, Part I (about 1:25)

      As to solidifying the reasons to leave…. The EU is regulating electric tea kettles and toasters out of existence. *TEA KETTLES*. *TOASTERS*. Because they’re “energy inefficient”.

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