Will There Be Blowback for Boebert and Gaetz?

Will There Be Blowback for Boebert and Gaetz?

Will There Be Blowback for Boebert and Gaetz?

Now that we have a Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, we shall move on with getting down to business. But will there be blowback for Boebert, Gaetz, and the other holdouts?

The high drama played out on C-SPAN late Friday night, so we will not re-hash it all here in this post. But one does wonder if there will be some blowback for Boebert and Gaetz and the other members who caused a ruckus within the conservative coterie.

Now the question is, will the 20 representatives face blowback for their “selfishness” in forcing the changes the American people wanted?

“Any vote against [McCarthy] damages the conference and our ability to govern,” Georgia Rep. Austin Scott said amid the negotiations. “Those opposing McCarthy are putting their selfish motivations over what’s best for our nation.”

Holdout representatives could face a number of consequences for their admittedly successful obstinance, including unfavorable committee assignments and other disadvantages at House procedure. – Just the News

As a matter of fact, Alabama Representative Mike Rogers said as much before being physically restrained. During that near-brawl moment, Mike Rogers got in Matt Gaetz’s face to say, “Matt, you’re finished!”

They probably knew there would be repercussions from the good ole boy network for any future positions they might want, yet they still forced the issues. Funny way of being selfish. Good on them.

Meeting, Committees, and Caucuses Oh My

Matt Gaetz’s website shows that he serves on the Armed Forces Committee, the Judiciary Committee, and sub-committees. He is a member of 14 different caucuses.

Lauren Boebert serves on the House Committee of Natural Resources and the Budget Committee. She has held the chair, co-chair, and vice-chair in six different caucuses.

I wonder if there is enough time in the day for these meetings, committees, and caucuses to do any real work?

Again, Mike Rogers promised to block any hardliners from committees. He also said that what he said to Matt Gaetz after the 14th failed vote, and was caught on camera, was a big ole nothing burger. He is shrugging it off as just being a late exasperating night of heated discussions.

What Now?

So maybe now that everything is over, Kevin was finally voted in, and the Representatives have had the weekend to cool off, maybe they can forgive and forget and get to work for the people.

Hopefully, no grudges will be held, and everyone has kissed and made up. It looks like Mike Rogers and Matt Gaetz have.

That’s really sweet, ya’ll. And you know what? I’ll take it. I will take this as a positive for the future.

Maybe the only blowback for Boebert and Gaetz will be they won’t get invited to future cocktail parties. And that should sit well with everyone.

Monday, the work begins.

Feature Image: GPA Photo Archive/CC BY-NC 2.0

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  • Bucky says:

    IMHO Congress Critters put their egos ahead of everything. certainly ahead of the People’s business. It would be very surprising if there is no blow back against the hold outs. RINO’s treat their own worse than they do the Lefties.

  • Joe R. says:

    Will there be blow-back on the live-turds that didn’t hold out?

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  • Taylor says:

    Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert are Putin loving Zelensky hating critters.

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