Biden Speech, Take Two: All MAGA’s Fault

Biden Speech, Take Two: All MAGA’s Fault

Biden Speech, Take Two: All MAGA’s Fault

Why would Joe Biden want to give a big speech less than a week before Election Day? What could he, Ron Klain, and Democrats possibly hope to accomplish with this speech?

I mean, we already had a speech trying to “save the soul of America” that ended up looking like the rantings of a scoldy dictator from a bad dystopian movie, so what were his handlers going to have Joe Biden try this time around? Were we going to get “fireside chat Joe”? Would he wear a sweater that he got from Jimmy Carter?

Oh. So this was going to be the Red Sermon, Take Two, brought to you by the Democratic National Committee. The powers that be cleared out a homeless camp from the front of Union Station so Grandpa Joe could go pre-emptively complain about “election deniers.” Considering the red wave that is being anticipated on both sides, is this meant to be a warning to Democrats to not whine if they lose? *snort* Sorry, I crack myself up.

Biden was shoved out in front of a bright blue curtain with several flags set up as a backdrop right on time, for a change. What didn’t change was the message. This was apparently meant to be a kinder, gentler take on the infamous Red Sermon. The problem is that this is a completely tone deaf speech to be giving less than a week before the election. It was tone deaf in early September, and it isn’t any better now. Insisting that “democracy is on the ballot” and that “extreme MAGA” is a danger to democracy is not resonating with voters, who are concerned about the amount of money leaving their wallets every time they fill up their cars or go to the grocery store.

The whole of the speech can be seen here:

It only lasted a little over twenty minutes, and started off with the attack on Paul Pelosi. Biden is holding to the media and the Democrats’ line – any violence against Democrats is always the fault of Republicans.

Yeah, very few in the media are asking why the Capitol Police were not paying attention in the slightest to the cameras at Chez Pelosi. But this is the cycle. When a Republican congressman is shot and nearly killed, or a Supreme Court justice has an assassin show up at his house, Democrats say “meh, crazy people.” Here’s a question – if Paul Pelosi had not been attacked, would Joe Biden still have given this speech today? Is this just craven opportunism, hoping to make some political hay off a crazy person attacking an elderly man? You make the call.

The rest of the speech wasn’t much better. Biden kept repeating that “democracy was on the ballot,” and that we needed to think long and hard about who we were voting for, because this is the first election since January 6th. *cue dramatic music* However, there didn’t seem to be any self-reflection on the “mega MAGA” candidates that Democrats supported through the primaries because they thought they would be easier to beat. And yet, Joe Biden gives this speech. Perhaps Chuck Schumer should have listened to Joe Biden. So, who will be to blame when the red wave ends up backfiring on Democrats?

And that was the whole of the speech. Attack on democracy, January 6th, Trump, extreme MAGA, election denial, it takes a long time to count ballots so be patient, blah blah blah. Twenty-plus minutes of this drivel, and not one word about what is on the minds of the American public.

Biden, with the help of the DNC, is basically begging for his political life here. If he loses the House and the Senate, his political career is over. He will be a lame duck with no hope of running for re-election. But he doesn’t have anything to run on.

So, after all this pretty talk about accepting election results, will Democrats gracefully accept the red wave that is incoming? Looking at you, Stacy Abrams. We will find out in less than a week if Democrats can practice what they preach.

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  • Biden’s speech had three purposes:
    1. To reinforce the ongoing demonization of the MAGA movement;
    2. To prepare the ground for a massive, nationwide act of electoral fraud;
    3. To encourage Democrat partisans to obstruct persons on the Right from voting!

    Will it succeed in any of those purposes? Unclear. But the purposes themselves couldn’t be clearer.

  • Stephen C says:

    We can watch TV from the kitchen table. That’s how our family rolls. Last evening we didn’t watch FJB’s train station speech, same old same old. We were eating pizza, and complaining why the price keeps going up.

  • Carol Marks says:

    That’s the thing though, he is warning us to accept the results because he already knows the result. They win. I’m not so confident in the “red wave.” God help us.

  • LTC Ted says:

    It would be cruel to speculate that Capitol Police Lieutenant Byrd was in charge of the Pelosi’s security detail. Were that the case, Mr. P is lucky he wasn’t shot through the busted OUT window.

  • The Original Greaser Bob says:

    There has never been an attempt on the life of a speaker of the house. If it makes her feel better granma Nan can hire Brinks to look at her boring ass lot. Lord knows she has stolen enough money form us that she can afford it.

    But giving her another freebee? Letting lose weaponized delinquents from the Capitol cops? Whose only qualification when hired was an agreeable voting record? Setting them loose to shoot San Franciscans, and/or carelessly leave service weapons about for the illegal aliens to discharge haphazardly?
    Licensed to kill!?

    [Edit] NO!
    Although it’s highly unlikely to happen again (never had a Speaker fatality in 249 years), if it did, who cares about Speaker of the House? We could trot out a fresh one tomorrow.

    Speaker of the House ain’t worth wasting manpower on.

  • Barry Meislin says:

    “….his political career is over….”

    One might like to think so…but his career as “Executive Order MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE”—already well under way—will really take off….and become stupendous, incredible, unbelievable…

    OTOH, “his”???
    Who exactly is this “he” and “his” and “him” we are talking about…?

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