Biden History Of Racial Gaffes Sticking Around

Biden History Of Racial Gaffes Sticking Around

Biden History Of Racial Gaffes Sticking Around

Despite the best attempts by the Biden camp and the media, ol’ Joe isn’t shaking off his “you ain’t black” comment from last week so easily.

The first round of excuses came from the Biden campaign, epitomized by senior aide Symone D. Sanders – “it was a joke!”

Then the media chimed in, with the excuses coming from people like Nikole Hannah-Jones of the 1619 Project (which she then deleted) – we know what he meant because there’s a difference between “politically black and racially black.”

Then Biden himself chimed in with a phone call to the Black Chamber of Commerce with yet another excuse plus half-hearted mea culpa (but not an apology), calling his comments “cavalier” and that he shouldn’t have been a “wise guy.”

Well, a wise guy would just try and keep his mouth shut now, right? Joe Biden is not that kind of wise guy.

This interview with Dana Bash was a lot of softballs, and even this question was framed in a way that was giving Biden an out – “will this hurt the enthusiasm in the black community?” – and he still whiffs it. Of course Biden has taken the black vote for granted! That’s why he used South Carolina as his “firewall” and scored the Jim Clyburn endorsement that pretty much saved his butt in the primary! Biden was COUNTING on the black vote to pull him through, solely because he was riding the fabled Obama coattails. He wasn’t using New Hampshire or Nevada as his “firewall” against Bernie Sanders. He got the Clyburn endorsement and successfully played the Obama card (even though Obama wouldn’t endorse him until it was all over). Biden owes his current status as Last Democrat Standing to the primary voters of South Carolina. So how is it unreasonable for a popular podcast host to say “we have more questions, please come back again”? The only weird part was Biden’s reaction to that request – which tells us why he’s now deflecting and on this “I love black people” speaking tour. Even Clyburn is less than thrilled with Biden.

However, Biden has quite the long history of racially insensitive remarks – measured by the Democrats’ own metrics. Sean Hannity addressed this on his show, with a long list of Biden’s racial commentary.

Will this end up mattering to Democrats? Nope. They’ve excused Biden for this long, they’ll just keep going. They had a chance to throw him over when the Tara Reade allegations broke, and they ended up killing the #MeToo movement instead. They had a chance to go with someone else during the primaries, but the panic attack that ensued when Bernie Sanders began steamrolling the primary season came to a hard stop when the Democrat establishment, plus the South Carolina voters, united for Biden. They are now stuck with him, no matter what comes out of his mouth. The Democrats’ best hope is picking a VP candidate that will pull Biden’s strings à la “Weekend At Bernie’s,” and simply pose him behind the desk in the Oval Office and let him play with the drawers while the work goes on around him. How not comforting.

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