LAUSD 2020-21 School Reopening Plan: Child Prison

LAUSD 2020-21 School Reopening Plan: Child Prison

LAUSD 2020-21 School Reopening Plan: Child Prison

Back in mid-March schools were summarily shut-down with little notice. With Wuhan coronavirus fast disappearing, sending students back to school looms on the horizon. Today Los Angeles USD, the largest school district in the nation with over 730,000 students, released their “reopening guidelines” – a 43 page tome of dense bureaucratise. It’s not pretty.

Sixteen students to a class. One-way hallways. Students lunch at their desks. Children could get one ball to play with — alone. Masks are required. A staggered school day brings on new schedules to juggle. […]

The safe reopening of schools in California and throughout the nation compels the reimagining — or abandoning — of long-held traditions and goals of the American school day, where play time, socialization and hands-on support have long been essential to the learning equation in everything from science labs and team sports to recess and group work.

Oh? Really? Compels?

What would a day look like for a, say, 8 year-old in the third grade? Get up in the morning and your parents take your temperature (schools are to encourage parents to do daily health screenings). Your arrival time at school is within a strict time window and through a monitored entrance so you can’t stop and chat with any friends. Hallways are now marked “one way” so you now are directed on a circuitous route to your classroom. It’s a pretty sparse room – only 16 desks spaced 6 feet apart. To help you remember, the floor is taped off to make sure you stay centered in your space, facing forward. You notice the bookshelves are empty as all shared reading material has been removed. The reading circle is gone. All the puzzles, art supplies and other things your teacher used to bring in so you could have something else to do if you finished your work early are gone, too.

The mask you had to put on when you got out of the car itches and your teacher scolds you for touching your face, makes you get up to go the sink to wash your hands beneath a large poster showing you the proper way to do it. Back at your seat you miss some of what your teacher is saying when she calls on you because she’s speaking through a mask. You want to ask her to say it again but can’t tell if she is happy or angry because all you can see is her eyes. Saved by the bell, your class is lead out (maintaining the 6 feet!) to the play yard. But you can’t use the swings or jungle gym or play with your friends. You must learn to …

“That is a big challenge because our nature is to play together and the socialization is so important at that age,” said Cerritos Principal Perla Chavez-Fritz. “Maybe hula hoops and things that the students can play together alone.”

… stay in your 6 foot square and bounce a ball for yourself.


End of recess and you’re all taken to the restroom and monitored to make sure you’ve all washed your hands correctly. There’s now plexiglass partitions between the sinks so with your mask and the partitions even a quick “hi” to your friend is impossible. Indeed, you’re not allowed to excuse yourself and go to the restroom during class without someone to properly monitor you.

When lunchtime comes you have to stay at your desk in your classroom. Your best friend is two rows ahead of you so you can’t say anything to her without the whole class hearing. You eat your lunch in silence, even eating the things you had asked your mom to pack because you wanted to trade with your friend. Sharing of food is forbidden and will get you sent to the principal’s office.

One more round of “playing together alone”, then back to class. You can only use your assigned supplies bagged at your desk and discover you don’t have a green crayon. The student to your left has two but he’s not allowed to give you one.

The end of the school day finally comes. Classes are released in a staggered schedule, you follow the one-way floor markings (no stopping to chat with friends allowed!) to wait for your mom to pick you up. No one sees how sad you are behind the mask you’ve worn all day.

Even felons in state prison have library books and exercise equipment.

Why yes, the “guidelines” for Los Angeles Unified Prison District do have a disclaimer that This frame work is not intended as a directive but who honestly believes that if any one of LAUSD schools says “hell no, we aren’t putting 6-year-olds in masks for six hours a day!” they will be allowed to opt out?

This isn’t science regardless of the bloviating …

“Our main priority is health and safety,” said Debra Duardo, the superintendent for the L.A. County Office of Education, which provides services and financial oversight for the county’s 80 school systems. “Unfortunately some of the things that children could enjoy in the past, they’re not going to be able to do that.”

… by a $301K/year bureaucrat. Children are at a lower risk for the Peking Pox than any other demographic.

But breaking children of their spirit, their individuality, even the bonds they form with friends, is something long part of certain educators’ agenda. Indeed, parental choice is something loathed with a passion by professional educrats who would ban charter schools and homeschooling in a heartbeat as covered by VG Deanna Fisher here.

Parents have been homeschooling their children, to greater or lesser success, for two and a half months. Hopefully they’ve reached out to other parents to share tips and resources. As these child prison guidelines are rolled out across the nation – as I believe they will given the influence of large districts like LAUSD – those connections need to be expanded and strengthened. Nothing talks like money and if parents refuse to send their kids back to public schools under these conditions, the districts will have to pay attention. Also, homeschooling offers a lot of resources and referrals so children will get the outside activities (sports, field trips, etc) that will no longer exist at public schools under prison guidelines.

Healthy adults are now finally releasing themselves from house arrest. They should be careful not to allow it to continue for their own children at what amounts to as child prison.

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  • DM says:

    Questions for Fools
    Please feel free to add to my list. Feel free also to correct any grammar or unclear questions. My questions are not intended to give any of the petty tyrants any ideas.

    1) If indeed the masks &/or gloves were trapping the virus supposedly in the air, then why are there no Red Hazardous waste bins all over for mask &/or glove proper hazardous waste disposal?

    2) Also logic should tell anyone (with half a brain) that if virus were in the air it would not just land selectively on the mask &/or gloves. Therefore clothes & exposed skin & hair would be contaminated (wear a burka). Doesn’t that mean that if one does not disrobe before entering their house & hose off with hot water & disinfectant then burn clothing, they are brining virus into the home?

    3) Purchase items on your outing? Shouldn’t they be disinfected before taking in your home & your vehicle completely disinfected?

    4) Also if one might become infected during a trip to WM or anyplace else then why are we not told to self quarantine for 14 days after each time we venture out?

    5) If #4 is true then you must not come in contact with your house mates for 14 days?

    Just a few questions that should be ask of anyone advocating for the silly mask & glove routine.
    “Keeping an actually sick person at home is quarantine. Keeping a healthy person at home is tyranny!”

    • Denver says:

      All of these rules are from the “this all is arbitrarily unscientific but we gotta do something” school of thought. I want to scream about the 6-feet rule. This is pure magic. On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind partitions between urinals in public restrooms. Why they design urinals so exposed is beyond me. And don’t get me started on those weird half toilet stalls without doors where your feet stick out into the room. I saw those once, and I wasn’t having it.

      • GWB says:

        Well, the 6-foot rule isn’t strictly magic thinking. It’s just the return of miasma to medical thought.

        Then there’s the people who think the virus can walk through the holes in your mask material………

  • Nina says:

    Oh my word! Doctors around the country are already warning of the major increases in depression, suicide, and other mental health issues.

    It seems quite evident that LAUSD isn’t taking into consideration the mental health and well-being of the children here. Isolation is a freaking DETRIMENT to their growth and stability. And that is what this “plan” reeks of.

    Furthermore, children lunching at their desks. Who provides the food and how will it arrive at their desk? Wanna bet they like the CDC idea of individually plated meals magically showing up.

    The costs for this?? Unimaginable.

  • Norman says:

    My question is with all the reduced classes where are they getting the additional teachers on short notice?

  • Pam says:

    I wonder if there is a 42 USC 1983 civil rights lawsuit here, a class action no less. In light of all of the new “data” regarding a child’s likelihood of dying (hit by lightening), the data questioning whether children even transmit, the data that the virus does not transmit from surfaces and data regarding the health risks of masks how is it the government is compelling me to send my child to school and submit him/her to this treatment? How is this rationally related to health?

  • Dan in MD says:

    First this is all theater. Second the schools will follow the guidelines exactly because that way the teachers and admins cannot be sued or fired when the lawsuits come.

  • Bronx says:

    They have been racing to try to make Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron” a reality for some time. Distracted, depressed, despairing drones are easy to control, and as anyone with any experience with the school bureaucracy knows, CONTROL is the the thing they crave. All the rhetoric about ‘the children’ is simply window dressing.

    They may have bitten off more than they can chew, however. In the African American neighborhood, the mothers of tomorrow (12th grade girls) aren’t having it. Much of the draconian measures put out have exposed school for much of what is often is: a waste of time. I presented a short John Taylor Gatto film ‘Classrooms of the Heart’, and many of the students saw the school fraud right away. I will link to an actual response:

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    And if kids go crazy because of this, it’s okay, there’s always Ritalin!

  • GWB says:

    Our main priority is health and safety
    No, it isn’t. Your main priority seems to be Eliminating ALL Risk. Which is impossible in this world, with human beings.

    But breaking children of their spirit, their individuality, even the bonds they form with friends, is something long part of certain educators’ agenda.
    Anyone here ever read Brave, New World? Seems the CDC read it as a how-to.

    Nothing talks like money
    What money? Sure, the schools get some funding based on the number of students, but they will simply divide up the tax money differently to ensure the maximum number of union jobs. They absolutely won’t suffer monetarily if they have anything to say about it.

    so children will get the outside activities (sports, field trips, etc)
    No, they won’t. Not if the authorities continue to enforce the more general house arrest. Bringing your kids (and other families’ kids? Fuhgedaboutit!) to a museum will be tantamount to getting a scarlet letter for you and them.
    If there’s freedom wiggle room? Well, yeah, homeschoolers will be right in that gap!

    I certainly hope the stupidity in March and April (and now, May) has helped put another deep wound into the Cult Of Experts as it relates to teaching. Parents need to see that it doesn’t take a specialized degree to teach your kids history and math and reading/writing. At least not if the parents got a decent schooling, at all.

  • Vaughn Simon says:

    I think I will finally join a new minority (intersectionally speaking) the deaf and hearing impaired. I simply don’t understand what people say the first time when they wear a mask. I suppose we can demand the government provide hearing aids for those of us who could use them, but the really deaf are completely left out. Also, I assume the bureaucrats who wrote the damn thing were considered essential during the “lockdown”.

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