Biden Admin Told To Dump Covid Booster Shot Campaign

Biden Admin Told To Dump Covid Booster Shot Campaign

Biden Admin Told To Dump Covid Booster Shot Campaign

Dump the booster shot campaign. That’s what the medical advisors are now telling the Biden Administration.

But wait just a minute! Wasn’t Joe Biden just on national TV publicly getting his booster shot while sitting in front of a fake WH office set …in the White House? Why yes, yes he was.

But now, as Politico reports, Biden’s medical advisory team told folks from the FDA, the CDC, and that odious little troll Fauci, that the Administration should dump the booster shot campaign.

A vocal contingent of prominent doctors and scientists is pressing the Biden administration to scrap its plans to provide booster shots to all previously vaccinated adults, according to five people familiar with the matter.

Several of these outside experts, including some who advised President Joe Biden’s transition team, objected to the administration’s approach during a private, off-the-record call last week with federal health officials. Current U.S. data on vaccine performance does not justify using boosters widely to reduce the risk of breakthrough infections and slow the virus’ spread, the experts said.

They told officials on the Sept. 27 call — including Biden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci; White House policy adviser Cameron Webb; and the heads of the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — that the shots should be given to people most at risk of severe Covid-19 to reduce hospitalizations and deaths.

Doctors, nurses, law enforcement, Border Patrol, and NBA players as well as many others are being forced to get vaccinated or face being fined or fired. Yet, in reading the above the medical advisors are tacitly admitting that the rates of vaccination across the U.S. are so good that boosters should ONLY be utilized for those truly at risk for the virus.

Boy howdy, this mixed messaging is EPIC!

Especially since the White House is pushing vaccines and boosters as hard as they can.

The plan released by our nation’s doctors allows for states, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, health insurers and others to prepare for the administration of boosters. In the beginning weeks of the initial vaccination program in December 2020, the country lost precious time because we were unprepared to administer shots. By planning now, we will be able to quickly get booster shots into the arms of eligible Americans once approved.

A booster promises to give Americans their highest level of protection yet. Three-shot vaccines are common (Hepatitis B, Tetanus) and offer some of the most durable and robust protection.

Implementation of this plan depends on authorization of boosters by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recommendations by the CDC’s independent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Love the passive aggressive ‘blame Trump’ line in there! Especially since the vaccines had only been available for about 5-6 weeks PRIOR to Joe taking office. But then again, nothing is ever Joe’s fault is it?? 

Guess what? The FDA isn’t ready to authorize booster shots for all. 

As is noted above and from medical professionals that Politico talked with, the data just does NOT support booster shots right now. 

Yet Biden is still going to push not only the vaccines, but the booster shots. His administration is all about mandates along with shaming those who aren’t vaccinated. Which has led to far too many private companies forcing vaccines on their employees. 


Furthermore, the Administration has signaled that federal employees with exemptions could STILL be fired if their job is supposedly one that can’t have Covid safety protocols in place. Yeah, sure. Tell that to all the Border Patrol agents who’ve been exposed to thousands of illegals who aren’t being tested nor vaccinated against the virus! 

I think it’s great that medical professionals are taking a step back and trying to inject a dose of reality into the Biden Administration. What I don’t think is great is that much of the politicized public health community says they are confident, per Politico, that the Biden Administration is being truthful in it’s decision making!

If that is the case, then why are members of the medical community making the case that the booster shot campaign needs to be scrapped? 

Lest we forget, this is what Joe Biden promised.

Now, as we find that there is infighting surrounding the Covid booster shot campaign, this news ALSO makes the Biden Administration look…really bad. 

Congrats to the Biden Administration. You weaponized and politicized the virus, the vaccines, and now the booster shot campaign. If this was your idea of ‘Build Back Better,’ you’re doing one helluva job there Joey. 

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  • ROP says:

    Probably more have died with covid than from covid. More people are dying FROM the shot!
    38000 that is known and more each day. As we fall headlong into a totalism.

  • ROP says:

    ABC, CDC, NIH and other alphabets , cooking the numbers to push there Marxist agenda

  • Bruno says:

    I’d feel better if I thought they were confused, instead of malicious. But what can you say about insisting on policies that get people fired, while excusing their own constituencies?

  • Gemna says:

    I’m disturbed by how Biden announced booster shots before the FDA and ACIP discussed and also by Biden’s CDC director overriding ACIP’s decision. ACIP only recommended the boosters for 65+ and 50+ with high risk conditions. They allowed it for 18+ with high risk conditions with a loophole of self-attestation. I don’t generally have a problem with allowing, like we have off-label use of prescription drugs, but that is not what ACIP does (plus more vaccines should be sent to developing countries sorely in need). This was clearly a result of political pressure and it still wasn’t enough so the CDC director overrode the council to add risk based on occupational exposure.

    It makes me very concerned about what will happen with vaccines for under 12. Pfizer’s trial for adults had somewhere around 40,000 people, but the trial they submitted for children only has a few thousand. This is not enough to establish safety, especially given the rate of myocarditis in teens. I do think its a good idea to offer to children at high-risk while waiting for a larger study. Before this recent decision, I would fully trust ACIP to make the right decision, but now I’m not so sure I can and CDC director may just override again anyway. Even if they only allow it for all children instead of recommend, will that stop school districts and states from mandating it for all students?

    Also, its ridiculous that evidence for boosters and vaccines for children is based on antibody levels, yet there’s no option for people to test antibody levels to prove immunity post-infection.

  • Pyrthroes says:

    As early as 2018, a consortium of British, U.S. and ChiCom-military Wuhan Institute bio-engineers led by UK’s Peter Daszak requested DARPA (Pentagon) funding for gain-of-function (“weaponized”) viral agents released as SARS-CoV-2 (“Covid”) pandemic strains in late 2019. Sequencing a synthetic mRNA viral genome obscured the pathogen’s “designer origin,” supplying “plausible deniability” for global demographic-economic assault.

    As Belgian vaccine developer Geert Vanden Bossche predicted, mutated antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants predominate in “breakthrough cases” (infections despite vaccination). In other words, because vaccine antibodies suppress natural immunities, vaccinated individuals are more susceptible to Covid-variant infections than are unvaccinated.

    Not only do vaccinated individuals induce resistant forms of Wuhan Flu, but vaccines’ targeted antibodies require equally untested booster-shots for each antibody-resistant variant, a potentially lethal “addictive treadmill” to Big Pharma’s multi-$100 billion advantage. Among other things, “weakened immune systems make patients more vulnerable to ordinary cancers.”

    Sorry about Australia… elsewhere, concerned citizens –not lockdown/quarantine commissars or stupefied mask fetishists– tell Fauci/Daszak’s crisis-mongering scoundrels: We will not comply.

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