Lightfoot And Foxx Bicker, Chicago Shootings Continue

Lightfoot And Foxx Bicker, Chicago Shootings Continue

Lightfoot And Foxx Bicker, Chicago Shootings Continue

One would think Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot and Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx would be BFFs in their affinity circle, but it seems as if a catfight is a-brewing. It all started with a deadly shootout last Friday.

It may be a while before Lightfoot and Foxx “go back to the old days“. Lightfoot stumped for George Soros-backed Kim Foxx back in 2020. It seemed as if both Lightfoot and Foxx embraced the same progressive agenda that has kept the violence going in the Windy City. That is, until recently:

With regard to the current incident, one person was killed and the shooters outside the home fled during the incident. This was also witnessed by police officers and caught on a city street camera. But prosecutors from Foxx’s office declined to press murder charges, saying there wasn’t enough clear evidence to support a case due to grainy video and uncooperative witnesses, according to The Chicago Tribune. After so many violent shootings, it seems as if Mayor Lightfoot actually wants to do something about this particular incident. Why? Who knows? But Kim Foxx doesn’t think there’s enough evidence. Lightfoot disagrees and thinks not bringing about charges will invoke more “chaos”. Foxx belts back that Lightfoot’s remarks are “inappropriate” and “wrong”. And “a disservice to the communities who’ve been impacted by this violence.” What were these remarks? Read on:

They shoot up a residence in broad daylight, and there’s no consequences. We have to understand how it’s possible, when this kind of shootout is captured on film, that there are no charges of any person.”-Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

It’s like Lightfoot is surprised at this. This gang-related violence, happening in her city. Shocker, I know. How many others before this have gone without consequences, Lori?

And while Lightfoot points fingers at Fox, it’s worth noting that a year into her “anti-violence” plan, nine of the targeted neighborhoods have seen an increase in crime.

Foxx claims to have sprung the suspects because of an insufficient burden of proof. You see, she wants to hold up “honesty and integrity” of investigations because “witnesses won’t talk” and “videos are grainy”. We must not forget the “integrity and honesty” with which she operated in the Jussie Smollett debacle. Yeah. Remember that guy? The one who faked a hate crime against himself? Foxx’s office made all charges in the 16-count indictment against Smollett disappear. Poof. Gone. So spare us, please, on integrity and honesty bit, won’t you, Ms. Foxx?

Back to Lightfoot who has now, after years of violence, expressed concern over one of MANY incidents. Why, pray tell, would Lori Lightfoot wait until now to get tough on crime?

The plan, ‘Our City, Our Safety,’ proposed flooding the 15 most violent community areas with resources — not just violence intervention programs but help with jobs and housing and health.

But nearly a year into the effort, gun violence is up in at least nine of the areas. The numbers are far starker when you look at how crime has risen since 2019, when Lightfoot took office, before the current spike in gun violence swept the city and the country.

Fatal shootings in West Pullman are up 566% from this time two years ago, North Lawndale 201%, South Lawndale 160%, Chatham 116%. Only three of the areas targeted by City Hall are down from 2019: West Englewood, Roseland and Humboldt Park.”-David Strut, The Chicago SunTimes, July 2021

As we ping pong again back to Foxx, well, she is biting back at Lightfoot and the claims from others that her office is not doing enough to fight crime in Chicago. Even though out of more than 13,000 citywide shootings that have occurred since Foxx took office, fewer than 2,500 have resulted in an arrest, according to The Chicago Tribune.

You see, it’s complex and more nuanced than that. Chicago is not without issues.

It’s not soundbite-able to say we have issues of divestment, we have issues of trauma, we have issues of mental health, we have issues of housing, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, that what we’re seeing in the rise in violence here in Chicago is happening in New York, is happening in LA, is happening in Louisville, Kentucky; Albuquerque, New Mexico,” Foxx said. “So, when I say to look at the context, I believe we should be data-informed. We should stop with the anecdotes and tell the truth.”-Kim Foxx

We need to end the finger-pointing and blame game and get serious about addressing the spike in gun violence.”-police superintendent, David Brown

Why do something about the crime in your city and state when you can easily point fingers at other fellow Democrats with the same crummy policies? Just a few other incidents have racked up during this war of words: three teens were stabbed outside of a Chicago High School. Another teenager was killed in a North Side shootout. Those are just some incidents that occurred last night. More will happen today.

They have issues, says Foxx. When your ideologies speak disparagingly about law and order, the family unit and they are steeped in racist constructs that fuel economic oppression and create more tension and hostility, it is no wonder violence has increased. These progressive policies are a disservice to these communities that are impacted by this violence. These people are a disservice to these communities impacted by this violence. The only thing we see that is inappropriate and wrong here is the fact that Lightfoot and Foxx deem it more productive to bicker about and not come to any concrete resolutions to come together to curb crime in these communities. The tragedy is that individuals will continue to vote them into office. The cataclysmic reality is more will die as this pettiness and inaction continues.

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