Best Resigns After Seattle City Council Vote

Best Resigns After Seattle City Council Vote

Best Resigns After Seattle City Council Vote

The news came down last night. Seattle Chief of Police, Carmen Best, announced her retirement from SPD in an e-mail sent to police officers.

Best’s announcement comes after Seattle City Council approved cutting less than $4 million of the department’s $400 million annual budget this year. The cuts could reduce the police department by as many as 100 officers through layoffs and attrition.

Anti-police protestors wanted a 50% reduction in the Seattle Police Department budget. Luckily for the sane residents of Seattle, they didn’t get this. But they did get a 14 percent cut in funding to SPD and associated services. Instead, All voted in favor. With the exception of one Kshama Sawant. We’ll get to her and the rest of her slimy crew in a moment in a moment.

In a message last night, Carmen Best announced her retirement effective September 2 of this year:

I am confident the department will make it through these difficult times. You truly are the best police department in the country and please trust me when I say the vast majority of people in Seattle support you and appreciate you.”-Carmen Best

Sigh. So much to unpack here.

There’s Jenny Durkan’s response to all of this.

Her grit, grace and integrity have inspired me and made our city better. These last months, I knew Chief Best was the person to lead our city through this challenging time, to reimagine policing and community safety.”-Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan

Really, Jenny? Spare us the crocodile tears. Perhaps if you let Best and her department actually do their jobs in Seattle, you would not have a police chief that is resigning.

Jenny Durkan, YOU did this.

Then there’s councilmember, Teresa Mosqueda, calls this “a beginning to taking the important steps to righting historic wrongs“. And, Seattle City Council plans to cut more.. This is just a “down payment”, they say. Oh, joy.

Teresa Mosqueda, YOU did this.

The proposal includes cuts to mounted patrol officers, school resource officers, community outreach, the public affairs unit, Harbor Patrol, SWAT, and more. It also eliminates up to 100 sworn officer positions across various teams via layoffs and attrition (including 32 patrol officers), beginning in November 2020.”-The Dori Monson Show, KIRO Radio, Seattle

There goes the neighborhood. That’s Seattle City Council’s “downpayment” for its residents. “Righting historic wrongs” by eliminating community outreach such as the SPD Navigation Team. Think the homeless problem in Seattle can’t get any worse? Think again. Been to Ballard lately? Seattle City Council is fighting in the name of “justice” by cutting SROs in schools. What could possibly go wrong there? Oh, that’s right. Jay Inslee, OSPI and his teacher union buddies want the kids out of school for an indefinite period of time anyway so why have SROs? And when it comes to “righting historic wrongs”? Look no further than Seattle City Council. They will trim 100 sworn officer positions from Seattle PD. No word on whether or not these will be all white officers as Councilmember Lisa Herbold suggested a few weeks ago, but we doubt it.

And while Seattle Chief of Police, Carmen Best resigns, Kshama Sawant does not think this is enough. Alas, we get to the one councilmember who voted against this “downpayment” of sorts. Sawant did not vote against making budget cuts to SPD because she wants the police force in Seattle to stay in tact. Quite the contrary:

Today I voted against what is euphemistically called the City Council’s ‘Balancing Package’ to the 2020 budget, because the only balancing that is happening is on the backs of working people, especially in Black and Brown communities.

This budget fails working people.

This budget fails because it cuts tens of millions of dollars from the essential work of the city across departments like parks, roads, and libraries, rather than increase the Amazon tax on the wealthiest in our city in order to eliminate the need for austerity.”-Kshama Sawant

As if the Amazon tax wouldn’t fail working people who rely on the giant that is Amazon for jobs? As if a lack of leadership in the city police department will not fail the working people of Seattle? Moving right along…

This budget fails to address the systemic racism of policing, trimming only $3 million from the bloated department’s remaining 2020 budget of $170 million just weeks after 6 of the 8 other Councilmembers publicly declared they would support defunding SPD by 50 percent, as our Peoples Budget and the Justice for George Floyd movement have demanded.

This budget fails to shift the misplaced priorities of the Democratic political establishment. It continues to hand more money over to the bloated police department than to eldercare, homeless services, and other human services, affordable housing, neighborhoods, and arts and culture combined.

A budget that does not meet basic social needs and that continues to throw money at a racist, violent institution is a failed budget.-Kshama Sawant

You can read more here.

Kshama Sawant, YOU did this.

So much for women sticking together, huh? We have Jenny of The Summer of Love and Oblivion who stuck her head in the sand for too long, and Teresa and Kshama gunning for Carmen Best’s department. We have a city council in Seattle that gave in to a massive temper tantrum of overgrown toddlers who protested. What did Seattle gain from this? Really, what did the city gain? We already know people lost lives because of the protests. We already know “tourism” was up when the CHAZ/CHOP was erected (because it was a “thing of beauty” and “something to see”) with the various and sundry idiots who came in from out-of-town and trashed the place.

We need to give honorable mention the other Seattle City Council members who played a large part in this. Lisa Herbold, YOU did this. Tammy J. Morales, YOU did this. Alex Pederson, YOU did this. Debora Juarez, YOU did this. Dan Strauss, YOU did this. Andrew J. Lewis, YOU did this. And Lorena Gonzalez, YOU did this, too.

Remember their names. These are Seattle’s city council members who caused police chief, Carmen Best to resign. Vote them out. And you thought The Jungle was bad in Seattle? We ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  • GWB says:

    cutting less than $4 million of the department’s $400 million
    a 14 percent cut in funding to SPD and associated services
    Where did the extra 4% come from?

    the SPD Navigation Team
    For when people get lost? (Hey, they named the team.)

    increase the Amazon tax on the wealthiest in our city
    Wait, aren’t Amazon employees really badly paid? Oh, never mind, the wealth of the company is totally un-related to the wages paid the employees. I keep forgetting that basic factoid of “economics”.

    the bloated police department
    Now, there is an area where I might agree with the nutball. I think a great many urban police departments are bloated. Of course, the reason is that those urban areas are run by Democrats, so 1) no gov’t is too big, 2) the bigger the budget, the more opportunities for graft, and 3) they encourage criminality with their indoctrination centers and their idiotic pedagogy that does things like let gun felons walk out the door.

    As to Chief Best herself, here’s what I wrote on Legal Insurrection:

    “Chief Best has been abandoned by local leadership”
    Everyone is making this out to be some sort of betrayal of the woman, but it isn’t. She’s just the first metaphorical ally up against the wall. She’s been beating the liberal drum right along with the rest of them in Seattle for 28 years. She’s simply getting what she’s supported, but good and hard.

    Unless you can show me wrong, I have ZERO sympathy for her. NONE.

  • Ace O'Dale says:

    When I lived on the east side of the state (Pullman, home of WA St Univ) we referred to that collection of cretens as the Seattle Silly Council. Apparently, having solved all there own problems, they would often pass resolutions that would apply far beyond the municipal boundaries.

    These people fully believe they deserve to rule. More than simply being voted out of office, they need to experience first hand the misery they have brought upon their constituents.

    • GWB says:

      Ah, so you’re also familiar with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, motto: “Seattle, Intelligent as a Post”?
      (I lived on the far east side of the state a couple of times. Folks there were always glad to be well away from Seattle and Olympia.)

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