Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Slapped With Federal Labor Complaint

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Slapped With Federal Labor Complaint

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Slapped With Federal Labor Complaint

Bernie Sanders is learning that he really needs to walk his socialism talk in real life. He can cheer on the airport worker’s strike all he wants. But closer to home, his campaign has not only been in the midst of a labor dispute over $15 hour wages, there is a federal labor complaint filed against his Presidential campaign.

Here is a demented elf type of a guy, who has swallowed the socialism cures everything apple whole. He wants to be President so he can use every single ounce of ‘other people’s money’ to pay for all of his pet projects. If those who actually WORK for him get shafted? Sucks to be them.

Let’s take a look at the story:

“Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign has been hit with an unfair labor practice complaint alleging illegal employee interrogation and retaliation against staffers.”

Wow. That’s not small potatoes. This is definitely adding more fuel to the fire regarding Bernie’s ability to manage campaign staff. So far, his management style means catering to his base (the voters). In regards to his campaign workers? Forget about it!

But wait! Bernie and the union reached a deal earlier yesterday! 

“Members of the union voted to approve a deal that would raise the annual salaries of field organizers from $36,000 to $42,000 and retain health-care benefits covering 100 percent of the cost of premiums, according to people with knowledge of the situation. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe sensitive negotiations.”

Here’s the kicker with this ‘win’ by Bernie’s workers. If they go above 50 hours a week, their wonderful $15 hour pay day starts sliding down hill. Sooo….there’s a catch! How the union negotiators missed that…OOPS.

What I also find ironic is that the union workers agreed to the current set up because they wanted to keep their health insurance. Golly gee …who is paying for that? All the wanna be socialists who are donating their OWN money, at least I presume it was theirs, to his campaign. In other words, his campaign workers are being paid and have health insurance because of the largess of others.

The charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ALSO include the following:

  • Unlawful discharge of an employee
  • Illegal disciplinary practices
  • Modified labor contracts without correct due process

Interestingly, the complaint can be lodged by someone who was NOT an actual employee of the campaign.

So, what does Bernie do last night?

The irony is RICH! Here he is telling potentially striking airport concession workers that justice, dignity, and a living wage are must haves! Yet his campaign workers would’ve been left in the dust if they hadn’t unionized and complained.

Forget about his campaign workers; the airport concession employees are the ones who deserve our attention!

Well no, Rashida, it isn’t about hating the workers and therefore not paying them what YOU deem is adequate. Nope, this is about pure economics, something you refuse to understand.

To run a successful business that employs people, multiple things need to be factored in. What does it cost to produce that certain widget? What are the costs of the materials that make up that widget? What are the costs of the facility, accounting, accounts payable/receivable, R&D, and inventory systems? Workmen’s comp, business insurance, and more. And THEN you get into how much your employees will be paid and at what level. Then, after all those calculations, let’s hope there is some type of profit built in that can be used to grow the business and HIRE MORE PEOPLE!

Neither Bernie nor Rashida understand any of that.

Speaking of Rashida, she’s giving Bernie some competition on his $15 wage gambit.

Oh cool! Let’s gouge us even more on ramp up minimum wage to $20. Thanks, but no thanks.

Ultimately it comes down to this.

That’s the problem with socialism. The upper echelon are never satisfied and will continue to gouge the workers for everything they can. Meanwhile the workers will either continue to complain or they will strike. Which, either way you slice it, ensures the economy coming to a screeching halt.

Bernie’s socialism has been hitting a reality snag in the last two weeks and it is DELICIOUS!

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  • Scott says:

    Bwahahahaha…….. snort…. wheeze…. Gasp…..Bwahahahahaha

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer idiot!

  • George V says:

    “The upper echelon are never satisfied and will continue to gouge the workers for everything they can.”

    So true. The Soviet Union leadership lived large while the average schmuck was stuck in his 1 bedroom apartment with bad heat, a cheap stove, and a diet of bread and vodka, and we ain’t talkin’ Panera and Stolichnaya quality. The only way to rise above schmuck-hood was to be noticed by a party apparatchik and brought into the folds of the party.

    50 years from now when the US of A is the United Soviet States of America the government will still be blaming Republicans and evil greedy capitalist corporations, sort of like the tour guides in Moscow in the 1970’s blamed the rotten housing on the devastation of WWII. Pointing out that the buildings were built after the war got you an icy stare and cold-shoulder treatment. I had a friend at work who took one of those tours and told that tale.

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