Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits

Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits

Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits

Anyone who has ever attended a non-defective school or university knows that using Wikipedia as a source is not just imbecilic, but in many cases prohibited, because the site can be edited by any frothing turnip with a computer and an agenda. However, Wikipedia can be a useful tool when searching for actual facts in actual primary sources. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has become a social justice zealot tool du jour to destroy anyone with whom these screeching simians disagree politically.

Despite its use being discouraged as a source in any reputable educational institution, Wikipedia does provide a general presentation of subject matter and allows the reader to quickly access associated data or relevant websites. It can be useful.

And now, contemptible, feeble-minded degenerates are weaponizing it – much like they have done with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media – against their political opposition in an effort to deplatform everyone they don’t like.

A few days ago author Michael Z. Williamson was informed that his Wikipedia page had been “speedy deleted.”

Why? Because apparently, none of the references on the page were “credible,” despite being around for more than a decade, and his actual numerous published works are not considered as valid evidence of relevance. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many books an author has published. They’re not relevant (unless the screeching social justice simians confirm that they are).

The page was, in fact, reverted, but some mouth breather from Sweden with the moniker Gråbergs Gråa Sång and an unhealthy fixation with Mike, kept changing the information. How desperate was this impotent creature to tank an author’s Wikipedia page?

This desperate. I’m imagining a balding, pasty, blundering virgin impotently pounding on his keyboard and wiping his nose with a stained, crusty handkerchief, while screaming in fruitless, froth-flecked rage. YMMV.

Screen capture; Wikipedia

Worse yet, this monkey trolled Mike’s Facebook page and proposed to ban him based on the comments he made there – a ban which has since been implemented.

But if you think this is just because Mike has pissed off some gender mafioso, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Source: screen capture Wikipedia history edit

Last year, Larry Correia fisked a condescending piece of… writing vomited by some screeching social justice simian who got offended because someone shared a meme on the Internet advising poor people to cook at home and instead of buying fast food.

Two days later, someone edited Larry’s Wikipedia page so that the very first thing it said was that he was a White Supremacist Author. The page was also edited to say that Larry wanted his “worthless and self published fantasy dreck” nominated for a Hugo Award. “The funny thing was,” Larry told me when I spoke to him about the incident, “I was the one defending the intelligence and dignity of poor people of any ethnic background, and the rich white liberal was trying to say they were too dumb to boil water.”

Baen authors Tom Kratman, Sarah Hoyt, and John Ringo have also been targeted (the flaccid attempts against Ringo will go over about as well as the pantshittingly inept ones against Larry – that is to say they will be a fail), ostensibly for their refusal to act in accordance with the screeching social justice simian diktats and soothe their chafed labia by acknowledging that mayonnaise is a gender.

Reasons for the deletion range from petty to outright unhinged, claiming primary sources are insufficient and even questioning the military service of Mike Williamson and Tom Kratman! Apparently, even an article in Stars and Stripes about veterans forging successful careers in science fiction is insufficient evidence that an author is significant enough to warrant a Wikipedia page and Baen publishing – a giant in science fiction and fantasy that’s been in existence more than three decades – is apparently a “vanity press with little editorial/production standards that can’t even keep straight what year they awarded one of their fake awards.”

But really – like everything else they do – their efforts to destroy the reputations of their political enemies stem from their feelings of inadequacy compared with creators who not only produce literature people want to buy and read, but are infinitely more successful at their chosen art than these squealing mediocrities are at whatever it is that they choose as their so-called “professions” (often involving begging for money on Patreon and serving overpriced beverages at whatever hipster coffee house allows them to wear torn Che t-shirts and neckbeards as a uniform).

“To an extent, it’s like erasing historical figures,” Sarah Hoyt told me. “They try to erase us because our accomplishments make them feel theirs are tiny. It’s stompy-foot, fuck fuck games of people too stupid to excel at their supposed profession,” she added.

And she is correct. These mental midgets exist in their own oozing, clap-addled echo chamber, and anytime some leftwing site with more than a dozen readers sees it fit to pay attention to their squawking, they loudly clap themselves on the back and tell themselves they’re relevant, when in fact, they’re nothing more than nonentities who are sometimes indulged by the left when they’re politically useful.

Although I hate ceding any ground to these worthless, squealing, socially deficient shit weasels because they’re not worth the time or effort and will eventually fade into obscurity where they belong, Mike Williamson is correct when he warns of the coming culture war which will eventually end in violence.

As far as my Wikipee page, on the one hand I want it gone because they’re neither mentally fit nor capable of an honest presentation of me or my work. On the other hand, if we cede control of social media, and it is a social media, to these fat, self-aggrandizing, pompous never-will-bes, we hasten the later stages of the culture war that will turn into mass violence. But it cannot pretend to be a credible reference if it ever was. It’s literally impossible to note a negative about Howard Zinn on the page about him. It will be deleted and you will be banned. The “Antifa” article is protected, and no violence can be ascribed to them, nor even to having actually occurred. Unless the non-existent leadership of a disorganized group endorse it, it can’t be ascribed to them. How convenient. Jealous, cliquish little nothings desperately protect their lust objects from any criticism whatsoever, and can’t allow anything they disapprove of to see daylight. They’re the plywood fort in the back lot where the uncool kids go to look at their wangs and tell each other how awesome they are, and only the right kids can join.

As far as that culture war and its impending violence, they obviously aren’t capable of the kind of thought as to how such progresses. Like whining children, they want what they want, and they will whine, scream and throw things until they get it, or else.

The “or else” might destroy society. And while they think that’s what they want, they forget that they’re consumers, not the producers, and large numbers of them will wind up dead in the process.

And while the black-clad neo-fascist cowards of Antifa have no problem attacking one small, gay, conservative journalist, they will fold like cheap lawn chairs when the right fights back, complain about violence, and ask you to give them money.

There will come a time when normal people will have had enough. We will have had enough of being accosted and many times assaulted in restaurants based on our political views. We will have had enough of every word being policed and misconstrued by tech giants who use their Internet dominance to silence those with whom they disagree. We will have had enough of neurotic, barely functional in polite society malcontents exploiting technology with their pudgy Cheeto-stained digits from the relative safety of their mommies’ basements messing with our lives and our livelihoods, working to destroy our reputations, and isolate us and our work from the world.

And when that happens, they won’t like the results.

Note to all who are tempted to get into the fray on Wikipedia: Please don’t, unless you’re an experienced editor. There’s no need to clutter the debate in there. Thanks!


Featured image: Wikimedia Commons; licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Written by

Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Jeff P says:

    Very true!!!

  • Moldylocks is Emily Rose Nauert, and very, very white, despite all her cultural appropriation.

  • Julie Pascal says:

    How are some of those “edits” not actionable in the sense of libel?

  • That they blithely assumed this organized attack would either be un-noticed or endorsed indicates the stainless steel walls of the echo chamber they live in.

  • GWB says:

    I had heard about this at Sarah Hoyt’s blog or the Mad Genius Club or one of the others. It’s amazing how far these folks will go to destroy a handful of people who make them look bad merely by existing and achieving what they have.

    As to Wikipedia….
    I think it’s still sorta OK for research. But this sort of thing makes it unreliable for even the most innocuous stuff.
    Much like keeping a republic, you have to have an educated and moral (without being moralistic prigs) crowd to have a crowd-sourced information site. A crowd without those things is just a mob, and no one ever asked for a mob-sourced encyclopedia.
    (BTW, if you go looking elsewhere on the internet for info, realize that a lot of webpages simply copy and paste from Wikipedia. So, yay, internet.)

    • John C. says:

      I used to say that Wikipedia was a good reference for noncontroversial topics, but it’s getting to the point that, to some people, there is no such thing as a noncontroversial topic anymore.

    • Ken Mitchell says:

      Nope; Wikipedia isn’t useful for ANYTHING beyond bare scientific data, and probably not even for that. Give them another year or two, and you won’t be able to trust basic physical constants at Wikipedia.

  • Jonathan M says:

    I’ve said for a decade now that the next internal conflict will be either cultural and/or socioeconomic. It is literally inevitable at this point unless a disaster (natural is highest order of probability) of epic proportions occurs… I for the life of me cannot understand why these Starbucks’s drinking whiny snowflakes are incapable of seeing the writing on the wall…

    • Desdichado says:

      @Jonathan M: Oh, they’ve seen the writing on the wall. “Conservatives” have been saying for literally decades that someday, someone, somewhere will have had enough. Just not today, and not me, and that’s not who we are. It’s fair to say that the Left has seen the writing on the wall much better than the Right has. The Left knows that the conservative ideology is overrun with nice guys who are too afraid to actually stand up for their rights, because that would involve actually fighting back, and you can’t do that when you’re in a submissive moral headlock, which the Right has allowed the Left to hold them in since the time of FDR.

      That is exactly why conservatives have never managed to conserve anything, even the little girls’ room. It’s why the only things that they even bleat about wanting to conserve was radical Leftism from a generation ago, not anything that’s actually part of the true American fabric. It’s why they cover their ears and run for their fainting couches because Trump’s demeanor isn’t “Presidential.” It’s why they fear being called “racist” more than anything else in the world and still brag about destroying the Constitutionally guaranteed right of free association in the name of “civil rights.”

      Conservatives are worse than useless if they can’t actually conserve America as an inheritance for our posterity to enjoy as we enjoyed it (more or less) as an inheritance from the Founding Fathers.

    • polijunkie100 says:

      Most likely it will be a combination of the inevitable natural disaster, bureaucratic incompetence, excessive debt, and did I mention bureaucratic incompetence? In short, a perfect (shit)storm. It’s like waiting for the tsunami. The water has already receded from the beach and you can vaguely see something big on the horizon, but you don’t know exactly when it will hit.

  • 370H55V says:

    “And when that happens, they won’t like the results.”

    Yeah, I keep hearing this, but the time is long overdue for action. Still waiting for the SHTF.

  • John Drummond says:

    Learn it, use it, love it. Quit visiting sites that hate you. Quit driving traffic to them.

    • Ben Triplett says:


    • I do use it. Trouble is, Infogalactic relies on Wikipedia for articles it does not already have on Infogalactic servers. I don’t know how well the Starlords over there vet the content borrowed from Wikipedia, so a lot of the nonsense being edited into Wikipedia will eventually leak over into Infogalactic.

      A lot of people don’t use Inforgalactic because of the guy who created it, but what he actually did is show the rest of us how it’s done: Create a clone of Wikipedia where this sort of nonsense just isn’t allowed. This is legal, though I don’t know Web tech well enough to get a sense for how much effort/server space/money would be required.

      • Jeff says:

        Forgot to mention this: Google does not index Infogalactic, and I suspect it would not index any clone that is not under direct and complete progressive control. (I’ve done some tests.) So it’s not as simple as using Infogalactic or creating another Wikipedia clone.

  • Nitay Arbel says:

    The trouble with any crowd-sourced effort on the honor system is that a few people with no sense of honor can and will ruin it for everybody.

  • Fiscal Con says:

    Nathan Domingo sucker punches Antifa woman? I don’t think so. Go to 0:15 and slow it down. The woman definitely is in an offensive stance with arms raised and moves forward against him. He is simply taller and strikes over her fists. She has been watching too many woke superhero movies where the woman can dish it out on the men.

  • Tom Kratman says:

    Frankly, Marta, I won’t be especially sorry when it’s gone. This was my answer to them, since deleted:

    My, my; I’ve certainly run into some petty and vindictive, to say nothing of Orwellian, characters in my life, but I think Steven Slater takes the cake. Imagine it; nursing his little grudge for not being allowed to call me a fascist in public for about 4 years until he finally found a way to make me an unperson. How lucky I am that Room 101 is only fictive or I am sure he’d have nominated me for that, too.

    In the first place, while I’ve made some minor efforts to eliminate the libels against me – one or two of which, if memory serves, began with B’rer Slater – I didn’t originate any of the article. That was his first lie in this go round. Rather, it was done by an accountant and fan from the Atlanta area named John Jordan. I am sure the record can be checked for this, though I am not sure John’s still alive. Last I’d heard he was in assisted living, I think following a stroke.

    His second lie is that the thing’s here as a promotion page. If I’ve sold as much as a single book from my wiki entry I would be very, very surprised. Book sales really just don’t work that way, as near as I can tell. His third lie is that it’s unsourced. Just check the sources for yourselves. No, sorry, though; I’m not giving you my DD 214 to peruse.

    Wiki has a reputation already for being MiniTru incarnate. Oh, yes, you do; don’t fool yourselves. You’ll do what you want and nothing I say will make the slightest bit of difference. It won’t make a bit of difference to my writing career, either; see sentence 3, paragraph 3, above. Aren’t you people even slightly embarrassed that the would-be Winston Smiths of the world, one of them named Steven Slater, use you like this? Just curious.

    Oh, and just so you know what a paragon of truth, objectivity, and virtue Slater is, this is taken from his wiki page: “He is an SF (except of the work of Tom Kratman) and horror fan and plays with toy soldiers. Tom Kratman has claimed that Mr Slater has, despite his self-stated belief that one should campaign against ideas and not people, chosen to baselessly attack Tom Kratman over comments that Mr. Kratman made after becoming aware of a 2015 Hugo Award nomination.[1] In response to Mr Slaters inclusion of accusations made by third parties on his bio page. Mr Kratman obviously thinks Mr Slaters opinions are of note. The Daily Mail consider his opinions worthy of note [2]. He has no pets, none of whom are called Algenon. He does however own a Plush Cthulhu, which the Daily Mail does not consider of note. He is not always 100% honest…”

    It would appear he has something of an obsession. How sad. How pathetic.

    • Nicki says:

      GEEZE, if he was anymore petty, I’d think he was a Bob Bateman sock puppet! (welcome to your blast from the past, Tom!)

  • […] validation Why I do not use Wikipedia: Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits. . . […]

  • — There will come a time when normal people will have had enough. —

    I’ve been seeing this statement and its equivalents quite a lot on conservatively-inclined websites. But it triggers (pardon the word) a question that really must be answered: Why haven’t we “had enough” yet? We’ve been denigrated, insulted, slandered, “doxxed,” misquoted and misrepresented, silenced, harassed in public, harassed in private, and physically attacked. If that isn’t “enough,” what will it take?

    I now go armed in all places and at all times, including Sunday Mass. That’s how serious the situation has become. It seems to me that if we haven’t yet “had enough,” it will take either mass bloodshed or an actual pogrom against conservatives to elevate matters any further.

    I’m open to counter-evidence and counter-arguments.

    • TRX says:

      > Why haven’t we “had enough” yet?

      We’re not all getting there at the same rate.

      If you start talking about how the Left operates, most people will look at you like you’re describing your visit to the Mother Ship. If they haven’t personally encountered or had their nose rubbed in it, it sounds like some kind of conspiracist fantasy.

    • Nicki says:

      We are a lot more tolerant than they are.

      • GWB says:

        We also have things like families and jobs, that we can’t just abandon to march on Washington (or Seattle, or Portland, or … wherever). Not until there’s no other choice. So we suffer at the hands of the idle who CAN do those things, or who can spend all day on Twitter forming outrage mobs and such.

        When there’s no other choice, the progs will come to understand how they have hardened us, and it will not go well with them.

        • I have the impression that the vileprogs are relying rather heavily on our reluctance to abandon those things, as you said, because they are idle, and are often tacitly backed by the state in the Woke areas. They are free to target our families, friends, homes and livelihoods with impunity, because they are well aware that it is difficult on our part to prove malice and the courts need quite a bit of it.

          So to the rest of us out there, it really does feel like ‘our threshold is really, really high, higher than it should be.’

  • Teleros says:

    Learn to use InfoGalactic already:

    That, or make your own alternative to Wikipedia. Stop whining about what the SJWs are doing, but doing nothing yourself.

  • Murdoch says:

    The Wikipedia Neckbeards might be virgins, who knows?
    But the Impotence lies on the other side.

  • slp says:

    Why do you use “virgin” as a slur?

  • Jay Stang says:

    Why are y’all still on Wikipedia? There is an alternative. Stop moaning and whinging about Wikipedia and use Infogalactic. This is why you lose constantly and repeatedly. You don’t act.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Gosh, if ONLY there were an alternitive to the vandalism of Wikipedia….
    Links back to THIS piece,
    (This joint precedes Voxday on my daily “usual suspects” surf)

    (para) Some places, where Wiki is discouraged
    I consider ANY claims of Wikipedia as “authoritative”, grounds for Dunning- Kruger branding iron to the forehead.

  • Jacob Gittes says:

    Then you’d better start using the alternatives to the converged tech monopolies, because guess what? The only option is to FIGHT BACK with everything you have.
    Vox Day has created Infogalactic.
    Use it.
    Stop being whinging babies, and actually do something.

  • Monalisa Foster says:

    Wikipedia relies on donations does it not? If you’ve donated, ask for your money back and tell them why.

  • Bob says:

    I have used Wiki for my blogposting, I have never used them for political post so I was never aware that there was a bias…until now. I have bookmarked “infogalactic” and will use them for my background material. As far as the conservatives pushing back, most will not until the box cars come to take us to the “FEMA” reeducation camps. It is something in our DNA to obey the rule of law until it beyond a shadow of a doubt that the rule of law and an orderly society is totally gone. I have seen a new word crop up a few weeks ago, it is called “Bugaloo” it is becoming prevalent from the social media side. I have a gut feeling that the push comes to shove moment will come after the 2020 presidential election if Trump loses due to fraud or his supporters are attacked at rallys, it will push people closer to that moment. I honestly don’t want to participate in Civil War 2.0 but the safety valve is the voting every 4 years. If the liberal left is successful in removing that safety valve from the conservatives, then people will no longer participate in an orderly society and when that happens, the emotional stake that people have to the society and the body politic at large will be extinguished then bad times will come.

  • Chad Irby says:

    The biggest problem with WIkipedia is that it effectively gives any moron access to the Big Red Nuke Button.

    Yes, there are some safeguards, and yes, it can be undone, but there’s a certain sort of mindset that lights up like a Christmas tree when they find out that they can request deletion of an entire subject – without obvious repercussions.

    For a long time, the easy move was “not significant.” Just claim that a subject wasn’t significant enough, and you could often get away with it.

  • buddhaha says:

    Murdoch, why do use “neckbeard” as a slur?

    You’ve accepted the hipster esthetic, have you also accepted hipster politics of left=cool?

  • Codex says:

    Since the culture is upstream from politics, everyone who writes novels, makes comics, does comedy, or otherwise builds an Alt-narrative IS fighting back. And we should support them and not the vile progs who hate us.

    Buy their stories, watch anime instead of Hollywood, Unauthorized nstead of TV. Read and review Indy writers and comics.

    And the hilarious thing is, that when we do it right, instead of “…oh you won’t like it when we…” people WILL like it. A lot. Because it will be funny and fun and beautiful and good.

  • DeepThought says:

    Stop whining about Wikipedia, conservatives
    And start using Infogalactic:

  • The Greay Man says:

    Why are you not using ?

    Register an account and start editing. It works great but it needs more people contributing.

    Don’t let the ugly fat slobs who spend days and hours editing Wikipedia for free beat us.

  • Nicki says:

    I see the fucktard who shall not be named has dispatched a bunch of monkeys to promote his alleged “greatness.” Meh. Boring.

    • Just going to bounce off the point given about using alternatives or creating your own:

      Use Cloudflare’s anti-DDOS services if you do make these alternatives. The Established do not like competition, they see it as defiance and escaping their control. Cloudflare has been resistant to taking down sites on the mere accusation ‘Conservative hatebigot must deplatform.’ As long as there’s nothing illegal on your site, you’re good, and since I reckon most of us aren’t even remotely criminally inclined…

      Making viable alternatives from scratch usually means that there is a financial outlay (whether it’s building your own server-expensive; or website hosting and various other security concerns), and given they’ve made it very, very difficult for conservatives to crowdsource to make these alternatives, there will also be need for alternatives to the financing side of the problem, or there will be someone taking the early financial blow.

      Also, don’t expect full content management systems to be cheap if you want one shiny brand new built just for your site and never used by anyone else. There are several out there that aren’t as popular as WordPress, but using the WordPress software (which is, if I am not mistaken, FOSS) and self-hosting on your own webhost (which gives you more freedom and control than using’s hosting services) can give you a basic start.

      The early versions of these alternatives will probably not be shiny or pretty, or even remotely easily used and will likely only spread through word of mouth, and despite what folks say about wanting to jump to other alternative versions, we’re all rather used to a certain level of convenience, that often determines whether or not it will actually happen. There ARE breaking points (for example: a number of folks I know that aren’t in these social circles jumped from Windows to a Linux distribution that suited their needs best) and it’s a matter of luck that gets people connecting to your alternatives. And once you get a certain level of traffic, well, you might need to upgrade your services (it usually takes a while though, so you should have time to prepare for it.)

      There’s also a certain (and, I feel, healthy) distrust of ‘new’ alternatives, at the very least, ‘will my email and any personal details be hacked’ level of distrust. Trust is built up, not immediate.

      Unless folks are willing to embrace what could often be rather inconvenient learning curves, it’s going to be slow going for any alternative social media and communications.
      Most of us just want a place where we can discuss things, share news, etc. but we’re getting driven out of the places that either were built for that purpose, or those places get shut down.

      (Miss ya, Nicki! Hope all is well with you and yours! ^_^ )

      • GWB says:

        Well said.

      • Nicki says:

        Hey!!! Miss you too! Hope everything is wonderful on your end! 🙂


        • The baby girl is getting cuter and more adorable each day, as well as improving in health. Per the sign I have hanging at my work area, I’m on “Life is trying to run me over” with the Life Things, but while exhausting, it’s bearable. Considering things as they were before, I’ll take that as absolutely-bloody-awesome.

          *grin* Also, I occasionally am able to earn a bit of money drawing anime cheesecake girls for folks, so it’s not all workworkwork.

          TL:DR: I LIVE! HA! AND IT’S GOOD!

  • TRLane says:

    Wikipedia staff are known to be corrupt:

    Gamergate exposed a larger disinformation network that they belong to:

    8chan has a running list of Wikipedians behaving badly:

    Reddit is keeping track of things too:

    And everybody knows:

  • […] fact is that this elite does not preserve, for they see no need to preserve. Only that which they like should remain, and if that means that something useful — like Wikipedia, or decent internet searching, gets […]

  • […] Yesterday brought two ah… interesting developments. First, apparently the left continues to emulate their hero, Stalin, in doing their best to de-exist people who upset them. Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia Edits.  […]

  • Wikipedia is toxic because it provides a centralized resource that anyone can edit; the whole idea of the internet is to be decentralized. When you have a centralized group blog like Wikipedia, it becomes overrun by SEO consultants, ShareBlue, foreign agents, and endless Leftist “activists” with blue hair who live in basements on mental health disability payments.

  • TBeholder says:

    See also:

    I, however, am puzzled as to why anyone would WANT to retain a page dedicated to oneself on a resource where its main purpose would be a target for poo-flinging exercises of SJW monkeys with keyboards.

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