Ben Carson: Colorado’s Delegate System Like Jim Crow [VIDEO]

Ben Carson: Colorado’s Delegate System Like Jim Crow [VIDEO]

Ben Carson: Colorado’s Delegate System Like Jim Crow [VIDEO]

Is Ben Carson trying to out-Trump the Donald in the realm of stupid statements?

Being the faithful advocate that he is for Donald Trump, Carson spoke out on Friday about his dismay with Colorado’s delegate selection system, all because it did not provide a victory for Trump. And that just can’t be fair.


So, in Dr. Carson’s mind, Colorado’s system is like Jim Crow.

Yes. He went there.

Carson was reacting to a memo from RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer, who wrote in a memo, “The rules surrounding the delegate selection have been clearly laid out in every state and territory. And while each state is different, each process is easy to understand for those willing to learn it.”

Nope, said Carson. The process was “rigged.” And just like those old racist Jim Crow laws.

“Yeah, well, you know, during the Jim Crow era, those were the rules too. They were written, everybody knew about them. Didn’t make them right,” Carson fired back in an interview with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC.

After comparing the Colorado rules to Jim Crow laws Carson then backtracked, explaining that he was “not saying they were the same.”

Oh, well that clarifies it then.

With that statement Dr. Carson is of like mind with another purveyor of such asininity, namely conspiracy nutjob  radio host Alex Jones, who promoted the same drivel on his program this past week.

But another radio host struck down the whining of Jones, Carson, Trump and company.

On his broadcast from Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh rhetorically asked,

The Colorado process has been known for months and months and months. I’m serious here. Not trying to make a point with it. I’m actually asking a question.

Why not complain about this two months ago? Why not call attention to it last month, two weeks ago, two months ago? Why wait until after the results to start complaining about how it was rigged? It’s not as though something happened in Colorado that nobody knew was gonna happen. It’s not as though they changed the rules in the middle of the process during the weekend. So why complain, why call attention to it now? Why not do so a month ago? Why not back in September or October or whenever the Trump campaign found out how Colorado was gonna manage its affairs here during the primary?

Many of us have held deep respect for Dr. Ben Carson. We’ve been inspired by his story of overcoming obstacles to achieve the highest pinnacle of his medical career, by his faith, and by what we saw as his principled life. Now with comments comparing a state’s election rules to Jim Crow, it appears that he’s become just another one of Donald Trump’s pawns, mouthing whatever party line Trump has concocted for the week.

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    This political season sure has made it easier to keep track of all the people I respect as that number keeps shrinking.

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