Breaking up with Barack

Breaking up with Barack

Breaking up with Barack

It’s no secret that Obama is poison.  Even hard-core Chicago liberals are ditching The One:

“How things have changed.

When Obama gave his victory speech on Nov. 4, 2008, in Chicago’s Grant Park, the crowd was positively euphoric over his improbable win.

President-elect Obama told jubilant Chicagoans on that magical evening that “change has come to America,” and boy, did it ever. The funny thing about change, though, is that it’s always changing.

With Obama dogged by record-low approval ratings, Emanuel announced Thursday that the city had abandoned plans to name a new elite high school after the president, according to the Chicago Tribune.

To be fair, the decision has more to do with the fact that the $60 million school the city had chosen to name after the first black president was built in a wealthy, predominantly white part of town, which did not sit well with African-American leaders.

“If they’re going to name a school after President Obama, they should put it somewhere else,” South Side Alderwoman Carrie Austin told the Tribune. “Either in Roseland, where he got his start, or in the Hyde Park area, where he lived and has a home. To put it [on the near North Side], that just doesn’t look right.”

Considering a 2013 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll said race relations in the country have plummeted since Obama was first elected, it seems only fitting that the disagreement centers on race.”

His polling numbers are dropping fast and even the “The View”  is acknowledging he might be a bit of a goober:

“WHOOPI GOLDBERG: But you know who might be afraid, President Obama child. The latest approval ratings seemed to have sunk lower than George Bush’s levels. Partly because more than half of Americans are disapproving of the way he seems to be handling terrorism. Now ISIS is a big threat that keeps growing. Does he have to — does he have the wherewithal to get us into another war after trying to get us out of a war for eight years?”




Even the San Francisco Gate is feeling all angsty about Obama’s haphazard approach to immigration:

“Still, Bush had a plan: guest workers, legal status and border security. He challenged members of his own party; sent Labor Secretary Elaine Chao and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez to Congress often to work out a bill; enlisted Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Vice President Dick Cheney to make the argument that – after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 – reform made us safer; and repeated the unpopular but honest claim that illegal immigrants did jobs that Americans won’t do. Yes, Bush should have done more to get immigration reform through Congress. Yet at least he was in the arena.

Spinners are going to spin. Nevertheless, on immigration reform, the last two presidents don’t compare. Bush tried and failed. But Obama failed to try.”

“Spinners are going to spin”.

And that apt quote is the perfect introduction to a simply marvelous new video of a young lady “breaking up” with Obama. Because there is no bigger “spinner” than Barack Obama. As much as I enjoy reading about and listening to the regrets Obama voters have, this video makes me chuckle the loudest. Because when you fall in love with an inexperienced, narcissistic, lying chump, because you thought he was charming, handsome, hip, cool, and full of “promise”,  it never works out.

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  • Jodi says:

    Sure. But does it translate to Breaking Up with the Communist, I mean Democrat, Party? Doubtful. They just want to hang with the cool kids.

  • The incredibly frustrating thing is Catherine… if his approval rating is so low, yet no mainstream news outlet reports it (like they loved to do with their Bush derangement syndrome), does anyone know it? God help us if we don’t take the senate in November.

  • Well, Whoopi, you can content yourself with the fact that Obama may be trying to get us into another war, but it is not war-war. And Obama’s approval ratings may have sunk, but they have not sunk-sunk.

    (sorry … could not resist … just spent the past Wednesday until today marking nearly 200 exams, and may have injured my brain in the process …)

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