American Muscle or American Hustle?

American Muscle or American Hustle?

I marathon watched the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction last night.  I love classic All-American muscle cars, known for their power, engineering ingenuity, and tremendous display of chutzpah and sheer style.  These cars sold at auction for incredible prices.  Because they rarely build American cars like that anymore, people will pay big bucks for the memory and the quality.  Those were cars that were lavished with the All-American tradition of big, bad, and beautiful.  I watched the bidders – mostly men, of a certain age, who idolized the classic American muscle car.  I’m betting they are as pissed off as I am at the state of American muscle.

There used to be a day when cars like this ruled the road and were admired and coveted by Americans.  Packed with all-American power, design, engineering and bravado.

Pussy gettin’ machine

Not cars like this.

Pussy driven machine

It didn’t take very long for me to compare the rare and classic All-American muscle car to the diminishing All-American non-automotive muscle in the world we live in now.

Remember when it was acceptable to have brawn and power?  When we were not in a declining, sissified state of cowering in the liberal sanctioned corner of political correctness and “tolerance”?


Remember when real leaders had real muscle?  Leaders that were ready and able to take on enemies.  Leaders that weren’t afraid to actually call them enemies?

Remember when it was more “American Muscle” than “American Hustle”?

“Let’s tear down that wall”


Not like this kind of muscle.

“I don’t have a strategy…but check my bike out!”

Or this.

“Watch out, ISIS!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with the de-muscling  of America.  I (and you) live under the self-righteous rule of liberal leftist weaklings and weenies who think America is too strong, too rich, and too exceptional.  They relish American failure and surrender, they want weakness, they want conformity.   Under their governance, there will be no embracing All-American freedom, values or ideas or giving “equal opportunity” to rise up to become exceptional and successful. Especially if you are a conservative.  Power is a dirty word.  Muscle is just too aggressive.   And when you disagree with them, you and the people who protect Americans are called racist.  Or worse.  Because to a puny progressive, there’s nothing worse than a strong conservative.  Show me a whiny, spoiled, self-righteous hipster special snowflake weakling weenie and I’ll show you a leftist who wants revenge.  And your money.  See how that works?

I know who the real heroes are in America.  The ones with muscle.  And I’m not just talking about physical strength.  I’m talking about Americans with courage, tenacity, and ethics.  And none of them are in the White House, Department of Justice, federal agencies, or most of Congress.  Sad, isn’t it? That our very own government has brought us down to the level of countries like…Venezuela.

Call me crazy, but I’m of the opinion that being powerful and aggressive has a good solid history of keeping America safe.

You have to use all kinds of muscle to get freedom and liberty and more importantly, to keep it.   This is something conservatives believe in.  They don’t believe in bowing to foreign leaders or refusing to call an enemy an enemy even if they are sawing off the heads of American citizens.  They believe in strong leadership and military might and that when we need to use it, we use it hard and fast.  We don’t believe in consulting with the United Nations or going to Twitter to deal with evil.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe that an enemy is just a friend who hasn’t yet “understood” that love and peace is the way to go, man.  Then when the bad guys show up to disembowel them, they scream for the Marines.

So….are we still capable of American Muscle?

Or are weenies, cool cats, weaklings, and hustlers going to continue to….hustle.

America Muscle makes a comeback

Weenies or Muscles.  We have to decide.  Or the Islamic State will decide for us.

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  • Kim Quade says:


  • Dejah Thoris says:

    Excellent treatise on awesomeness of America, liberty and how once again, the decline of America is a terrible thing for the world. The pussies who want to be average are going to get trampled by the Islamists who don’t care about feelings.

    The rest of us however, are going to live great lives not kvetching over “the war on women” or “rape culture” because I am going to lose my man in a couple years, after he saves and scrimps and gets by. Not certain what to feel about it, and I know her name.

    Her name is Hellcat. Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

    But maybe, and I am not certain, but maybe I can be her new friend too.

  • Chris in N.Va. says:

    Reminds me of a sickening, insipid, morally-preening Pious (er, um, I mean “Prius”) commercial that’s been running lately, wherein two latter-day-hippie parents are admiring the fruit of the womb (fruit of the loons?) who is waiting for the rain to begin before their little snowflake washes their car…..because he doesn’t want to waste water. Awwww, isn’t that SOOO sweet?

    Where-oh-where did this little mindful-of-mush munchkin come up with that approach to vehicle maintenance? I also notice that there are ZERO soap suds visible anywhere as the quite-serious Junior Deputy Planet Savior swirls the sponge to and fro — no doubt he is avoiding using any of those eeeeevil (and effective) phosphates to actually wash the dirt off the car. Well, actually the car looks pretty clean even before Mother Gaia blessed him with car-wash water…


  • Merle says:

    Finding muscle in the automotive world requires looking out side of the mainstream – think Shelby Mustang.

    Not too different from the political arena, is it?


  • Abner "Call me Abbie" Normal says:

    Actually, a lot of people are calling this the golden age of the American Muscle car. There is the Mustang, which has a 5.0L 435 HP 400 ft-lbs torque V8. There is the Camaro, which comes in both 505 and 560-something HP versions. The above mentioned Challenger (or, for those interested in a bit better ride, the same engine options are available for the 4-door Charger). If you really want to go out on the bleeding edge, there is the Shelby GT-350(R) for Ford fans, and the Corvette if you have the money. I see that Chevrolet is going to a mid-engined design for the Corvette in the near future, so you really have just about anything you want.

    The really great thing here is these are all no-compromise vehicles. Unlike their more storied brethren from the late 60s, the cars are comfortable, easy to drive, and they have all the usual amenities — a/c, power doors and locks, badass sound systems, the works.

    It is a great time to be buying a car.

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